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"The Reluctant Gourmet" - 5 new articles

  1. Robert Sauce Recipe
  2. Turkey Stock Recipe
  3. Chasseur Sauce Recipe
  4. Madeira Sauce Recipe
  5. Chicken Stock Video
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Robert Sauce Recipe

A Classic Mustard – Wine Sauce to Serve with Pork Robert Sauce is another fantastic sauce with demi glace as a base ingredient. Actually it is derived from the classic French Espagnole sauce, also called Brown sauce and is one of the 5 Mother Sauces. I have seen various pronunciations for Sauce Robert but I […]

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Turkey Stock Recipe

How to Make Turkey Stock From Leftover Turkey Turkey is an excellent source of lean protein. It is tasty, and since it has a fairly mild flavor, it can be presented in many ways through the use of different herbs and spices. One thing turkey is not, however, is small. Purchasing a turkey is a […]

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Chasseur Sauce Recipe

Also Called The Hunter’s Sauce I may be saying it wrong but I pronounce it “sauce (cha-SURE)” and love the sound of it when I say it. Sort of like saying “Worcestershire sauce” or as we say in our house, “whats-this-here-sauce”. Sauce Chasseur is the perfect sauce to serve with wild game including rabbit, venison, […]

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Madeira Sauce Recipe

How To Make a Classic Madeira Wine Sauce in 20 Minutes or Less “A good base lightly flavored with Madeira will produce one of the greatest of all sauces.” Raymond Sokolov, The Saucier’s Apprentice Madeira sauce is one of the classic French brown sauces prepared with Madeira wine, peppercorns and a few other important ingredients.  […]

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Chicken Stock Video

Source: Food How to Make Chicken Stock Video With all the chicken stocks and broths on the market today, why learn how to make a good homemade chicken stock? Simple, chicken stock made at home in your own kitchen is going to be better than anything you can buy on the market and most […]

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