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Malta – massacre on Migration. A message from Chris Packham

“For many years I have lobbied the UK’s bird charities to campaign to raise awareness about the slaughter of migrant birds on Malta. I have equally tried to stimulate television programme makers to cover the issue – both without success – a sad reflection of our complacent and risk adverse times. “Well, I’ve finally run […]


This spider is pretending to be a beetle

Jumping spiders are known to imitate ants – and some of these clever mimics can be found in the UK. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a beetle-mimic. The species is Coccorchestes ferreus which is mostly found in New Guinea, and very rarely on mainland Australia.


Enough with feeding the ducks.

Look, we have to talk about this feeding the birds lark. I know the RSPB tell you to do it, and the WWT make it a tourist attraction in itself.  But neither of them would have any truck with feeding white bread to ducks.  Just look at what I saw today at the peaceful nature […]


Spurn Spawn!

By Ruth D’Alessandro, The Wildlife Gardener “We’ve got loads of frogspawn. Would you like some for your pond?” is the question most asked of the Wildlife Gardener at this time of year. And when my answer is a firm “No thank you”, the response is usually “Why not? I’ve got far too much.” In the […]


Squirrels on crack – the Ranger’s special investigation.

This one you must have seen. In 2005, according to the Currant Bun, Brixton grey squirrels were becoming addicted to crack cocaine. The story went global, being picked up by the Guardian, countless blogs, and even Fox News. Almost all, including most of the US sources, reported something along these lines: Crack squirrels are a […]


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