Slight Fear of Commitment Roast Chicken and more

Slight Fear of Commitment Roast Chicken

I'm Proud Of Myself For Not Ordering Takeout Tonight Roast Chicken

Did you know that there’s a special chicken you eat when you get engaged.? A chicken so treasured, so perfectly roasted, so exclusive, so only for people with fresh diamonds on their fingers that it’s actually called Engagement Roast Chicken. Yea… it’s for people who have decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives with other people. Boy oh boy… engaged people have it GOOD!

Or wait… maybe I’m understanding it wrong. This is the sort of chicken you make for your significant other in order to prove your potential as a promising wife and partner. In that case, I’m going to need A LOT more information about you, sir, before I make you this chicken. Do you do dishes? Do you do laundry? Again… do you do dishes? Do you understand the concept of a retirement fund. How do you act during football season? Why do you watch the TV so loud, like seriously? Put down your fork and let’s get down to brass tacks. ... Read the rest of this post..... »


A Few Notable Notes and I Dipped Your Chips In Chocolate

Chocolate Dipped BBQ Chips

Hey friends!

We need to talk about a few things. I’ll keep this short because it’s Wednesday and you look super busy. Actually, your hair looks fantastic, but your body looks busy (and otherwise perfect)… but busy. Besides, I really have to get back to watching Bachelor in Paradise… which is actually one of the things I was going to talk to you about so we’re moving along quite well.

First things first. We need to talk about Snapchat. The old people (I’m talking about me and my 30something year old peers) have descended upon Snapchat… so technically it’s officially OVER, but we’re going to ride the wave to shore like the adult professionals we are. Joining in on the weirdness now would be your best bet. I’m joythebaker on Snapchat if you want to follow me. It’s weird. Spoiler alert: I’m weird. So… I’ll see you there? Great / I’m sorry.

Second things second. Crinkle Cut... Read the rest of this post..... »


Buttery Layered Buttermilk Biscuits

Buttery Layered Buttermilk Biscuits

Now, you know I love a biscuit! Now that I live in the south, I take my biscuits more seriously than ever. Buttery and tender, up for just about any pairing from coffee to chicken. I hold my biscuits to very high standards, they must be buttery and rise tall, the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with just a hint of crunch on top and a doughy tenderness inside.

Because I hold my biscuits to very high standards, I’m always looking for ways to enhance the magic. The answer: better butter and a fold or two.

Let’s go back to basics and make a better biscuit!

Buttery Layered Buttermilk Biscuits

The fewer the ingredients in baked goods, the more important it is to use really quality ingredients.

We’re using Land O Lakes® European Style Super Premium Butter for these biscuits.

You guys, this butter is fantastic! European-style butter extra creamy and higher in fat than traditional butter made here in the US. Extra creamy and more fat makes for extra flakey biscuits. We’re going to... Read the rest of this post..... »


Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello, my friends! I’m happy it’s Sunday. I’m happy we’re here together. Remember last week when I was like aaaahhhh I CAN’T DEAL! Well.. it was a beast, but I’m a fighter. I’m back in the mix feeling positive. Thank you for your kind words.

How have we come to the end of our Summer days? I can hardly believe it, and I need to get hustling on my Summer Bucket List. I know that our summer days are coming to a close because all of the college kids have come back to town to live it up (and presumably get educated) at Loyola and Tulane. It’s nothing but flip flops and snapchat everywhere I turn Uptown. I wish I were kidding.

I hope you are relentless in your enjoyment of this day. It’s a good one and we’re lucky to be breathing in it.

Here are some of the things this week has brought us:

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in the southeast. Here’s a map of... Read the rest of this post..... »


Six Ways To Make Instagram Both Beautiful and Bearable

Joy the Baker Instagram Tips

Hey friends! Can we talk about Instagram? Does it feel like it’s gotten out of our hands? Like everyone is everywhere doing everything (with cocktails) and we’re… distinctly not? Instagram has become a beautiful and nearly unbearable place. Here are my tips to contributing and carrying on.

• First, we all owe one another an apology. I’ll go first. I’m sorry I make everything look perfect on Instagram. In fact, nothing is perfect. Everyone is, in fact, doing the same thing.. hiding their pain and disguising their anxieties behind various overhead shots of coffee and doughnuts. I’m sorry. I’m guilty of the same. Let’s forgive people in advance for their perceived perfection, see past it and love each other anyway.

• Let’s be generous with our likes. I mean, why not? We follow each other for a reason and that reason is probably that we like each other, or you have cute kids, or a sweet looking cat, or go on... Read the rest of this post..... »


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