Apple Buttermilk Beignets and New Orleans Originals and more

Apple Buttermilk Beignets and New Orleans Originals

Buttermilk Apple Beignets (1)

I‘m really excited to spend my first holiday here in New Orleans.  There’s a chill and a palpable spirit in the air.

New Orleans is such a unique place, it’s only natural that I would want to dive all the way into the holiday spirit here.  I’m hitting the streets to put together a casual holiday gathering with my friends at NYDJ.  In order to make it feel as special as New Orleans, I’m stopping in at some of favorite local shops:  LoomedNOLA for sweet and cozy gifts, Keife & Co for amazing wine, and St. James Cheese Company to make the perfect cheese plate.

No New Orleans gathering at my house would be complete without freshly-fried beignets.  They’re best enjoyed from scratch with your friends gathered around a heaping plate of fresh fried dough and powdered sugar.

I hope you find loads of holiday inspiration here!  Add a little New Orleans spirit to your holiday!

zNola Originals

Loomed Nola is my favorite textile store in New Orleans.  They sell... Read the rest of this post..... »


Let’s Leftover!

Thanksgiving leftovers

The day after Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite day to eat… Chinese take-out food.  Anything that I didn’t boil on a stove or bake in the oven myself, please.  Anything that doesn’t taste like sage or pumpkin, please.  No pie, thank you.  I can’t with the cold gravy, ok?  Chinese take-out all the way.

If you, however, are the kind of resourceful and reasonable person that is  lovingly committed Thanksgiving leftovers, might I suggest a few things?

•  First.  Waffle the heck out of your mashed potatoes.  Melt cheddar cheese on top.  Sprinkle chives.  Take all the credit for potato genius.  Go on go on!  Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles!

•  Second.  Dutch Baby it!  This super simple, puffed, buttery, almost doughnut-y breakfast pastry is fantastic topped with any sort of fruit you have on hand.  I’m thinking cranberry sauce, orange segments, and a sprinkling of ground cloves!  Berry Dutch Baby Pancake!

... Read the rest of this post..... »



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

These are the days.  These really are the best of days.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the email, the bills, that thing you forgot to do but remember as soon as your head hits the pillow at night, the travel, the tasks, the endless lists, the all of it all.

But these are the days, whether we recognize them as the greatest or not.  They’re here just before they’re gone forever, and it’s out very important work to enjoy, cherish, and relish each one.

I’ve been busy entertaining my family this week in New Orleans.  Essentially I’m making them EAT ALL THE THINGS.  It’s an unwieldy, impossible, and truly decadent endeavor.  We’re laughing a lot, we’re swatting at each other, telling old stories about frizzy bangs and embarrassing falls.  This morning my family and I bet on ponies, cheered at their hustle, and admired their beauty at the Fair Grounds Race Course.  I left wanting to be a jockey  (waaaay too late for that) or a... Read the rest of this post..... »


Inside the Baker’s Kitchen + Creamy Spiced Squash Soup with Parmesan Thyme Popovers

creamy spiced squash soup

I‘ve been thinking a lot about comforts.

As I’m preparing to host my first Thanksgiving in New Orleans, I’m thinking a lot about exactly how to make my guests feel comfortable.  I’m thinking beyond moist stuffing and sweet cranberry sauce, because comfortable house guests require much more than one fancy meal on a Thursday.

I’m gathering baskets filled with filtered water, fancy soaps, good hand cream, extra toothbrushes just in case, extra blankets for the bed, a lavender spray for the bathroom, and a refrigerator full of snacks and comforts.

It’s essential and ultra luxurious… and since I don’t often host a house full of family (loud, hungry, crazy crazy family), it would be fair to say that maybe I’m going a bit overboard.

I’ve made a giant batch of this creamy squash soup and added a bit of ground clove and freshly grated nutmeg to highlight the sweet squash.  Salty pancetta breadcrumbs add a bit of crunch, and the... Read the rest of this post..... »


Let It Be Sunday

beall the wines

Happy Sunday, my friends!

I’m glad you’re here with your whole Sunday self.  This Sunday list has become my favorite post to write each week.  I treasure this time we have together to talk about world news, Uber, our personal finances and… Tinder.  Always with the Tinder these days.

I hope you’re happy and caffeinated, or at least well on your way to both.  I think you are tremendous and I’m glad we’re friends.

The Internet, smaller:

•  Tell me all of your passwords.  Do they include your cat’s name, the name of your imaginary unicorn, your first apartment number, plus an exclamation point?  Me too. From the NYTimes, The Secret Life of Passwords.  Memories, meaning, cat names, and all-the-way-on-the-inside jokes.

•  Important update regarding our morning beverage: Bone Broth is the new cup of coffee.  I’ve experimented with broths before.  I tried this Miracle Mineral Broth.  Turns out, less is more.  Turns out, more... Read the rest of this post..... »


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