Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts and more

Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts

Brown Butter Baked Pistachio Doughnuts

That first bite of doughnut… that very first taste is success, surrender, satisfaction, joy, and celebration all wrapped up into one bite.  It’s the anticipation that makes it so great!  And the brown butter, obviously.

These doughnuts feel like an extra special treat because they’re topped (as all things should be, really…) with browned butter glaze and chopped salted pistachios.

Where brown butter and pistachios combine, the gates of Heaven open wide and welcome you in with open arms.  Not literally… but that sure is what it feels like!

Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts

It’s time to make an extra pot of coffee.  Call a friend.  Pull up a few chairs and relish in it all.  What a lovely life when doughnuts are fresh and pretty.

Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts

The beginning works thusly:  flour, sugar, salt and baking powder, browned butter, and eggs.

Baked Brown Butter and Pistachio Doughnuts

I always add a dashing dose of freshly grated nutmeg to my baked doughnuts.  Just enough to keep things... Read the rest of this post..... »


11 Little Ways To Get Through This Monday

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Welcome!  Here we are, all up in another Monday.  Before we get bogged down by the possibly overwhelming details of the day, here are a few tips to get us through the day and set us up for the week.  It’s like we’re holding hands through this one… but it’s not awkward or creepy…. it’s cool.

•  Don’t skip breakfast.  Hangry 10am email responses are not a good look.  This Toasted Oat and Coconut Muesli is easy to make, super healthful, and a great weekday morning hangry fighter.

•  Look good / Feel good!  I try to reach into the back of my closet on a Monday morning.  I reach for a dress that may have fallen out of my regular rotation but used to be a look good / feel good staple.  I try to take a few extra minutes to make myself feel pretty for the day…. maybe that means a bit of eyeliner, a cute dress, a spritz of perfume, or… simply not forgetting my deodorant.  Feeling confident walking into a Monday goes a long... Read the rest of this post..... »


Let It Be Sunday

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I’m thankful for this weekend.  I walked to the farmer’s market to get tomatoes and peaches while the gettin’ is still good, found a still-warm crusty loaf of bread to compliment the produce, and treated myself to fresh chèvre and farm eggs.  They feel like little treasures… and I’m going to eat them all.

This week felt so FULL, right?  A lot of feels to feel.  Take a moment to acknowledge all of the things we need to process in a week:  what’s for breakfast and what the heck is for dinner, what’s going on with Jay-Z and BeyBey, how should my brain work out what’s going down in Ferguson, how did I manage to run out of coffee, why is a four-year-old eating at The French Laundry, I want that sweater, I want that lipstick, I want to know why people are so horrible, I’m not brave but James Foley was, where is my wallet, I can’t find my phone, I recognize that person from somewhere, why am I yawning so much, laundry, blog,... Read the rest of this post..... »


Muffuletta Pasta Salad

muffuletta pasta salad / joy the baker

Some might say that you haven’t lived until you’ve had a muffuletta sandwich at its birthplace: Central Grocery in New Orleans.

For those of you who have yet to live (dramatic,right?), a Muffuletta is a sandwich made when a soft loaf of Italian bread is topped with olive spread, a pickled Italian vegetable medley called giardiniera, salami, mortadella, ham, and provolone.  The sandwich is also often has parsley, vinegar, and olive oil, and is pressed together to marry the flavors.  It’s a dang good sandwich.  There’s no denying it.  The muffuletta was made popular back when New Orleans was just a youngin’  by the lunch habits of Italian immigrants, and ooooh how thankful we are for (among other things) their sandwich sensibilities.

Muffuletta Pasta Salad by joy the baker

Before I dive into full-blown muffuletta-land, I’m doing to tinker around with a pasta salad version.  There’s lots of chopping and cubing.  It’s meditative, don’t fight it. I... Read the rest of this post..... »


Homemade Steak Sauce

Homemade Steak Sauce

I’m not the meatiest of carnivores.  I’m in it for the toppings.

I’m most interested in a steak when it is topped with a ludicrous amount of A-1 sauce and/or bleu cheese.  Hamburgers with exactly toooo much cheddar cheese.  Yes, please.  I’ll sign up for lobster because of the clarified butter.  And most every East LA taco truck is amazing because of its seasoning, sauce, and salsas.

Join me in saucing just about anything and everything.

My refrigerator is filled with a menagerie of little jars filled with sweet, sour, and spicy sauce concoctions.  Butter too… obviously lots of butter.

Steak is a special occasion in my refrigerator.  Because it’s Summer.  Because I’m experimenting with being a grown-up lady who grills over charcoal.  Because I made a fancy-pants Homemade Steak Sauce…  it’s a very special occasion.  STEAK!

Homemade Steak Sauce

Serving suggestion:  on grilled skirt steak, in abundance, like... Read the rest of this post..... »


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