Colleen and Sean both knew in their hearts they had found “the one,” and often would talk about spending their lives together. Sean sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds for an engagement ring to embody the four magical years he had spent as a couple with ...

Colleen and Sean: A Proposal in Paradise and more...

Colleen and Sean: A Proposal in Paradise

Colleen and Sean both knew in their hearts they had found “the one,” and often would talk about spending their lives together. Sean sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds for an engagement ring to embody the four magical years he had spent as a couple with Colleen.

After marveling through the extensive collection of engagement ring styles on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website, Sean opted for a custom platinum three stone, three halo setting with a vividly stunning 1.735 carat Black by Brian Gavin center stone. He included a square halo around the center stone, along with half halos around the side stones – complete with a unique engraving on the inner rim of the platinum band.

With ring-in-hand, Sean planned to surprise his bride-to-be with the proposal of a lifetime.

“I knew I wanted to propose in Kauai,” Sean beamed. “We go there every New Year’s Eve and I knew it would be the perfect way to ring in 2017.”

The beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai has always held a special place in their hearts, and there was no question that they would return to the island for this life-changing moment. Sean arranged for family and friends to be there for the proposal, making the experience even more extraordinary.

“We have family and friends in Oahu,” Sean said. “They flew in for the ‘New Year,’ but little did Colleen know that they were all in on the secret. They were there for the proposal!”

Sean convinced Colleen to get her hair and makeup done for “New Year’s Eve,” so they could take photos with friends later in the evening. Colleen was picked up midday for her beauty appointments and was unsuspecting of Sean’s true plans for the day.

“We were walking on the sands of the North Shore for a while when I noticed all of my family and friends were dressed up down the beach,” Colleen described. “As I got closer to where everyone was standing, that’s when I saw the photographer and the guitar player playing Train’s ‘Marry Me’ in the background. I finally came up to Sean and I realized he was wearing a Ti leaf – that’s when it hit me! He pulled me aside from everyone and we both instantly started crying happy tears. He proposed, hands shaking and all, and he placed the stunning diamond ring on my finger. Of course, I said yes!”

“The ring Sean picked out is so sparkly and gorgeous,” Colleen described. “It’s definitely one-of-a-kind!”

“I can’t wait to come back to beautiful Kauai,” Colleen explained. “We’ve always loved going to Kauai on vacation and now we became engaged on Kauai. It’s a no-brainer that we’re going to get married on Kauai. I’m so excited to have our reception on the front lawn of my parents’ house.”

We could not be more thrilled for these two lovebirds and are especially honored to have been a part of their picture-perfect proposal. One of the most gratifying moments for the Brian Gavin Diamonds team is creating a stunning diamond engagement ring like Sean and Colleen’s ring that will forever symbolize their love for one another.

Visit our website to see similar engagement rings like Colleen’s radiant custom halo ring.

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Peridot’s Big Moment in 2017

In case you missed the memo, Pantone’s official Color of the Year is greenery. Greenery represents revival, restoration, and renewal—all attributes perfectly symbolized in Brian Gavin Diamonds’ peridot jewelry collection. The peridot color ranges from a lovely light green to a deeper olive-hued gemstone. The year is still young and our peridot pieces are right on trend for 2017’s Color of the Year.

Cushion Peridot 14K White Gold Halo Ring

Peridot is most commonly known today as August’s birthstone, but this sparkling gem’s history dates back to ancient Egypt. Believe it or not, pharaohs would fashion this beautiful gem in sacred jewelry and carved talismans.

Legend says that miners would wait until dark to search for peridot gems because the stone’s glowing radiance was easier to spot after nightfall. As time passed and we grew into the modern era, Peridot stones took on the symbol for the sixteenth year of marriage.

Brian Gavin Diamonds has a wide selection sensational Peridot pieces like the Cushion Peridot Halo rings in 18K white gold. If you favor yellow gold, you’ll also adore our Peridot Pendant that’s perfect for the upcoming spring season.

Cushion Peridot 18K White Gold Halo Ring

Cushion Checkered Peridot Necklace

A little splash of greenery looks just as fantastic in earrings. To show a sense of greenery’s refreshing subtlety, the Cushion Checkered Peridot Studs are an amazing find. When in doubt, our leverback earrings are a nice alternative to a simple stud. These colorful gemstones are versatile enough to add a small pop of color or make a statement depending on the look.

Cushion Checkered Peridot Studs

Cushion Checkered Peridot Leverbacks

Greenery sets a remarkable theme for the year and we’re onboard with Pantone’s winning choice. To see more glam and glittering gemstones, check out our gallery.

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Karen’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Karen longed for a pair of spectacular diamond earrings but nothing glimmered enough to catch her eye—and then there was BGD. After three long years of hunting for the perfect set she had envisioned for her 30th wedding anniversary, Karen came across Brian Gavin Diamonds and was love struck. Her lengthy search final came to a dazzling conclusion.

Karen chose our Four Prong Basket Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold—the minimalist elegance of these classic-style earrings magnetized her in what we can only deem as “love at first sight.” When Karen raced to tell her husband about the gorgeous earrings she found, he didn’t waste any time to get them on her ears.

“I had been doing research for about three years to educate myself on diamonds and to know what to select,” Karen explained. “I tried local jewelry stores and online, but I was never able to find anything that spoke to me until [I saw] Brian Gavin.”

“I was so impressed when I received a call after I chose my pair, letting me know that a better matching diamond from the Black by Brian Gavin series had been found,” said Karen. “I couldn’t say no to better diamonds!”

She selected a pristine pair from our Black by Brian Gavin line of luxury diamonds. The diamond line has created a true breakthrough in light performance, with the finest stones cut to Brian Gavin’s impeccable standards. The Gavin Effect™ cut follows a meticulous and proprietary process to optimize secondary angles, symmetry, and reflective potential. Karen and her husband can attest to the incomparable beauty of these hypnotic stones.

“When my package arrived with my amazing earrings, my husband's name and my name were printed on it. There was even a personal note from Brian himself—it made me cry happy tears,” Karen exclaimed.

We were honored to create Karen’s stunning stud earrings and are so happy her long journey led her to us. From engagement rings to anniversary earrings and everything in-between, our team loves every part of finding dazzling creations for all occasions.

Have you fallen for Karen’s ear candy? Visit our website for other stunning diamond earrings to choose from.

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2017 Engagement Ring Trends

Choosing the perfect engagement ring to propose with can be a nerve-wracking process. With the constant changes in fashion trends, there can be an added dose of not knowing which style to choose. The selection at Brian Gavin Diamonds eases the process by offering a selection of rings that are always on trend.

Brian Gavin Diamonds features an abundance of engagement ring options that keep up with the evolution of fashion. From sleek and modern, to romantic and traditional – there’s a style to match everyone’s taste. However, here are a few of our favorite on-trend engagement rings to ring in 2017.

Vintage Inspiration

The launch of the new 810 Collection offers customers a new selection of antique-style engagement rings, each completely customizable. One beauty to note is the 810 engagement ring in 18K rose gold. With a romantic feel, the diamond is set in a 6-prong head with a floral geometric halo. Engrave a special message inside the band for an added way to personalize this stunning ring.

Fit for a Princess

Fishtail Pave for Princess

Princess cut diamonds are a classic staple that say, “I love you,” and the Fishtail Pave for Princess in 18K white gold is no different. This stunning piece in the Truth Collection features a princess cut center stone set in a Truth head with Brian Gavin Signature melee stones ¾ of the way around the band. Pair this beauty with the matching Fishtail Pave Band for a dazzling addition on the big day!

Elegant Eternity Bands

Tapering Novela

The Tapering Novela in platinum is a Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring not to miss. The band has eternity style melee diamonds leading up to the main event, the classic center diamond. This engagement ring exudes elegance and tradition with a fun multi-diamond quality. See more elegant pairings for this ring as a part of the Novela Collection on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

Delicate Diamonds

Legera Pave SIx Prong

Delicate and dainty diamonds will never go out of style. The Legera Pave Six Prong engagement ring in a platinum finish is the ideal option for the bride who treasures classic gems. This ring is also available in 18K rose or white gold. This gorgeous engagement ring is featured in the Legera Collection with other amazing finds.

Goddess Glam


For a different take on the traditional engagement ring, the Athena in 18K white gold is a glamorous choice! Unique pear-shaped side stones surround the center diamond, creating a goddess-like engagement ring. A fitting choice from the Olympus Collection, this ring is stunning in all lighting and shows personality.

Curvy Classics


Take a different approach to the classic solitaire with our Kayla setting, encrusted with pave diamonds.

For more trendy engagement ring finds, visit the wide selection of diamonds on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

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Mark and Mary: A Match Made in Heaven

Mark was ready to find the love of his life…and that’s when he met Mary. Who knew that a chance meeting online one January day would lead him directly to his soulmate?

“During our first weekend together, I felt totally at ease and an incredible feeling of being at home with Mary,” Mark explained. “For the first time in my life, I was with someone I could be myself around. Everything just seemed so right,” he continued.

Mark and Mary

Months passed, and the couple became inseparable. Mark had made up his mind. Mary was the woman of his dreams. There was no doubt she was the one he wanted to spend his life with.

Finding a Magnificent Ring

He immediately sought out an engagement ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds that would express his devotion to Mary. Mark began working with the BGD team to find the perfect setting and diamond that would emulate their true love. He knew she was his missing piece and he was ready to change their lives forever.

After browsing through the selection of diamonds, Mark decided on a classic and traditional style. He chose a Four Prong for Square engagement ring in platinum with a dazzling princess cut diamond. As a finishing touch, he opted to engrave a special message on the inner rim of the band, truly making it a one-of-a-kind ring.

Four Prong for Square Platinum 2

After a brief wait in anticipation, Mark picked up the ring from the FedEx office and was overwhelmed with its beauty. He was thrilled that he finally had it in hand. It turned out more stunning than he had ever hoped for. Mark set his sights on planning the ideal way to ask Mary the big question.

An Exceptional Day

For Mary, it was another ordinary day. She had just settled into the work day when she received a text message from a coworker letting her know her boyfriend was at the office. Clueless as to why he would show up at her place of work, she told him where to find her.

Four Prong for Square Platinum 3

“He made it to the office where I was working, and asked to speak with me,” Mary exclaimed. “I was wondering why and was rather nervous, but then he told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. That’s when he presented the ring to me! I was very surprised since I certainly was not expecting to be asked then and there. I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough!”

Happily Ever After

“My ring is a beautiful and classic solitaire that sparkles with the joy that my fiancé and I feel toward our anticipated life together,” said Mary. “I’m so excited to be Mark’s wife and to start our life together.”

Four Prong for Square Platinum 1

These two truly are a match made in heaven, and we could not be more excited for their journey together as man and wife. We are thankful to have taken a small part in creating such an unforgettable moment.

For more dazzling engagement rings like Mary’s visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds.

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