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What I'm reading: A Loyal Companion by Barbara Metzger and more...

What I'm reading: A Loyal Companion by Barbara Metzger

I'm over at the Clean Romance Reads Cafe blog with a Regency romance recommendation for today.

A Different Place

I’m over at ChristiansRead blog talking a bit about a hopefully successful way for me to be more consistent with my Bible reading.

I’ve always struggled with discipline in my Bible reading. I’m terribly inconsistent and I want to become more diligent and consistent in my time in the Word. So I decided to try to apply this information to my quiet times.

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How can I pray for you during this Christmas season?

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I asked God to make me a prayer warrior, and I realized I was missing out on the chance to pray for all of you, my online friends! So how can I pray for you, especially during this busy, stressful, lonely, joyful, heartwarming Christmas season?

Prayer requests can sometimes be private things, so to keep your privacy, I’ve made a form you can fill out that will keep your requests just between you and me. Also please be sure to fill out the form again to update me if you sent me a prayer request in the past. I’d love to hear how you’re doing.


Christmas in the Regency

I was over at ChristiansRead blog talking a bit about Christmas in the Regency time period but also a personal challenge I have for myself for this Christmas season.

Regency Christmases are not well documented, since it was not as huge a celebration as it would be in the later 1800s during Queen Victoria’s reign, but the things I have been able to dig up all have a common theme. Christmas is all about large gatherings, usually with family, often including friends and neighbors.

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I forgot to mention it in the blog post, but I have a nice Snapdragon scene in The Spinster's Christmas. :) It's probably what sparked my slightly unhinged interested in the game.

Christmas Traditions

I’m over at the Clean Romance Reads Cafe blog today talking about some of my Christmas traditions, which admittedly aren’t “traditional” but are fun. :) What are some of your Christmas traditions?

I was thinking today about Christmas traditions. I had always thought of “Christmas traditions” as things like antique tree ornaments, or certain family games, or special Christmas dinner plates—stuff that’s been passed down for generations. … But I realized that “Christmas traditions” aren’t necessarily things that we own, or things that you’d usually think of as a “tradition.”

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