Vintage Outdoor Furniture from the Mundane to the Obscure and more

Vintage Outdoor Furniture from the Mundane to the Obscure

Mid-century outdoor furniture came in every shape in size, from your every-day vinyl laced umbrella sets to iron-wrought masterpieces by the likes of Harry Bertoia. Upon studying different styles, we have found some pretty obscure designs with no record of who designed them or where they came from. Below are some recognizable brands like Salterini and Van Keppel Green, along with others that seem to have no designer on record. Feel free to chime in if you can name the designer and year of manufacture for the unlabeled styles below!


Loop Chair by Willy Guhl, 1954. Photo courtesy of Houzz.


The 1966 Adjustable Chaise is part of Richard Schultz’s 1966 Collection. Photo courtesy of Knoll.


Walter Lamb collection, 1940s. Photo courtesy of Remodelista.


Designs by VKG and Conover. Photo courtesy of Esoteric Survey.

Vintage Outdoor Set

Vintage outdoor set, designer unknown. Photo courtesy of Houzz.

Old Patio Furniture

Walter Lamb collection, 1940s. Photo courtesy of Design Addict.


Vintage outdoor set, designer unknown. Photo courtesy of Modern Austin.


Van Keppel-Green designed ‘Series 400’ in 1958. Photo courtesy of Van Keppel-Green.


‘Orange Slice’ design by Maurizio Tempestini for Salterini, 1960s. Photo courtesy of Etsy.

Alcoa Sales Brochure ext2

Vintage outdoor set, designer unknown. Image from a Charles Goodman sales brochure, 1957, via Our Care-Free Home.


Acapulco Chair, 1950s – designer unknown. Image courtesy of Acapulco Chairs.


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Event Spotlight: Palm Springs’s Modernism Week “Preview” this October

For the first time, Modernism Week of Palm Springs is holding a “Fall Preview,” which features a sampling of popular events and tours, as well as a scaled down Modernism Show and Sale of popular dealers from around the world. Tickets went on sale August 1st and some events sell out fast, so you better grab yours now!

mod2palm-springs-vista-las-palmas-luxury-real-estate palm-springs-modernism-swiss-miss la-palm-springs-modernism-20140729-001 finalDSC_8551 DAL_8943-700x467 28-096

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The Tract Home Next Door

While some declining tract homes from the mid-20th-century have seen better days, tract housing that has been well maintained over the years is now top-dollar real estate. Here are a few tract neighborhoods that are still thriving in the Los Angeles area.

Mar Vista Tract

Modernique Homes screen-size

The Mar Vista Tract development was planned in 1947 for a hundred houses on a 60-acre site. The first stage was 52 houses, which turned out to be the final stage. By rotating the one floor plan in different directions, architects Gregory Ain, Joseph Johnson, and Alfred Day were able to create a sense of variation between the houses.  Garage placement in relation to the house also gave each house its own individuality.

Gregory Ain Tract Homesmar_vista_tract photo 5b-Exposure photo 2-Exposure Easy Chair and Daybeds

Photos courtesy of Mar Vista Tract.

Park Planned Homes in Altadena

Gregory Ain Homes

In 1946, construction began on a community of 28 single-family homes on Highland Avenue of Altadena, CA. Designs for the neighborhood, streets, and homes were a collaborative effort by Ain, Johnson, and Day in an effort to bring modern architecture and lifestyle to the masses.

gregory-ain-altadena-girl-houseAlta Dena Tract Homesgregory-ain-park-planned-home-2853-highview-ave-altadena-courtyardFiberglass Shell ChairsScreen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.11.58 PM

Photos courtesy of Gregory Ain – Park Planned Homes

“Balboa Highlands” Eichler Tract of Granada Hills

Eichler Brochure

Designed by noted architects A. Quincy Jones, Frederick Emmons, and Claude Oakland, the Eichler tract known as “Balboa Highlands” was constructed from 1962-64 by developer Joseph Eichler, who built thousands of homes in Northern California. It is the first post-World War II neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley to achieve historic district status.

IMG_8016 IMG_8009 IMG_8021DSC_0201

Photos courtesy of Balboa Highlands.

Malibu West

The Malibu West tract, built in 1962 near Pacific Coast Highway, is made up of traditional and modern homes, many restored to their original design. To some, these midcentury houses may look like knockoffs of the famed tract homes built by Joseph Eichler, but Malibu West was built by Nisan Matlin and Eugene Dvoretzky, award-winning architects (now retired) who built Malibu West before Eichler had established his signature houses in Granada Hills. (source: Los Angeles Times)

malibu-west-homes-for-sale-1024x1024 Malibu2 hm-malibuwest27 A1Overview

Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Times.

Lincoln Place in Venice


Lincoln Place is not exactly a tract hosuing development, but it was built under similar ideals of delivering modern design to the masses. Architect Ralph A. Vaughn built the apartment community in 1950 as part of the World War II- work force housing, financed under Section 608 Title VI of the National Housing Act of 1934.

612545 612528 584198 581826 581824

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Inspire Me Monday: Modern Beach Houses

There’s still a few weeks left to enjoy warm weather and sunny skies! If you’re planning a late summer getaway, this is the way to do it. Get inspired with these modern beach houses and interiors.

Brad-Pitts-Malibu-beach-houseRudolph-Schindler-Lovell-Beach-House-640x499mid_century_modern_malibuimage012white_modern_beach_house_01 terrigal-house-5 sxnj_1308548926_image_lg_110524_holman_house_0001 square-like-design-house-brilliantly-echoed-layers image010 image009 image008 fish-12-615x300 exterior-gorgeous-modern-beach-house-design-idea-with-white-black-wall-glass-windows-and-green-yard-wonderful-modern-beach-house-design-ideas beach-style-kitchen Beach-House-Design NEW

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52 New Colors in 52 Weeks: Azure Fiberglass Shell Chairs

New Fiberglass Shell Chair Colors

Today’s new fiberglass color is like a tropical vacation where the reef runs shallow under warm blue waves and brightly-colored fish play peek-a-boo in crystal-clear tide pools. Our Azure Fiberglass Shell Chair is that perfect shade of cerulean that’s vivid without being loud, and just soft enough to mimic the blue of warm tropical seas.


Take your own tropical getaway with Azure Molded Fiberglass Chairs, now on display at the Los Angeles Showroom and on the Modernica website. You can also peruse some blue-toned inspiration below and on our Azure Pinterest Board.

59e2de70f5b7fda31c75dfad4637594egreece3bluer_solo-6_MG_65344cc00eb51cac2bdb3cba4ebb054a5f52 436875 greece1_solo-11a1_MG_26532484d616b98502c3b173a2bc05c9654d388177af539539e957f524585080d09f fb29cb414b95488fef204bcf852c1684 doganin_mavi_canlilari_16_MG_6560blue-coral d61daa3c49dc1dd57db8b82af07623fd azure-damselfish 216df547d5d618593369e0e509d731e432__05_sm

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