Is there really such a thing as a “gift that keeps on giving”!?! That's a good question – and in some cases the answer is YES. There are gifts that keep on giving. Giving in the form of warm hugs (like a cute little lap dog!). Giving in the form ...


Give the Gift That Truly Keeps on Giving…MyFreezEasy Membership (and Discount!) and more...

Give the Gift That Truly Keeps on Giving…MyFreezEasy Membership (and Discount!)


Is there really such a thing as a “gift that keeps on giving”!?!

That’s a good question – and in some cases the answer is YES.

There are gifts that keep on giving. Giving in the form of warm hugs (like a cute little lap dog!). Giving in the form of a beautiful smile (like braces or a retainer or teeth whitener gel). Giving in for the form of saving money or perhaps sanity….

AND…that’s where MyFreezEasy comes to mind.

The reason that I think that a MyFreezEasy membership makes an amazing gift is because it helps in so many ways. It helps you… get organized, put together 10 meals in an hour, and stay ahead of the nightly dinner battle. It helps you free up time, so you can spend it on other important things, like your family and your hobbies. And it helps you spend less money on groceries!

MyFreezEasy will give back time, money you spend on groceries, and will give you all kinds of warm fuzzies…when you get dinner on the table without all the fuss!

If you’re already a member, I’d love for you to consider gifting a membership to a friend.

If you’re not yet a member, I’d love for you to “gift a membership to yourself” (What, I’m the only one who gives themselves gifts during the holidays???), or forward this along with a giant “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE” to someone who has no idea what to get you! 😉

Special discounts for gifting a MyFreezEasy membership are here >>>>




Erin’s Holiday Gift Guide & 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways (Start Next Week!)

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Ho-ho-ho and happy holidays!

‘Tis the season for yummy cookie making parties, online shopping sprees and Christmas Card preparations! I have some excellent ideas for the busy home chef in your life in my 2016 Gift Guide.

But before we get to those, I wanted to announce that our “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways” will start next week!

We will be giving away MyFreezEasy Annual Memberships, $5 Meal Plan Annual Memberships, Free Registration for my upcoming Grocery Budget Makeover class, goodies from ShopFreezEasy store, Utensi’s Long Handled Wooden Measuring Spoons, my favorite planner and more…

The giveaway fun will begin on December 10th!

Now, back to my 2016 Gift Guide…

I wanted to pull together a few of my favorite things…some my own products and some goodies that I just love and can’t live without in the kitchen and in life. Let’s get to it, shall we?

#1 – FreezEasy’s Freezer Meal Bag Stands


Watch above to see how handy these freezer meal bag stands are for your freezer meal prep!

They are like a second set of hands in the kitchen. Or a third arm. And they are ridiculously helpful when making freezer meals. (As you see in the short video above!)

I use mine for prepping freezer meals, and I also use them for drying baggies that I plan to reuse. I turn them inside out, rinse with hot water, wash with soap and hot water, then hang them over the bag stand (still inside out) to dry. Boom!

(NOTE: I don’t reuse baggies that have had raw meat in them!)

These Freezer Bag Stands are the perfect stocking stuffer.

(And shipping is free!)


Order from ShopFreezEasy here.

#2 Utensi


You’ve heard me talk about these before, and I’m gonna keep talking about them. Because I *heart* them.

I love anything with dual functions…and I love anything that’s cooking related. And I love beautiful wooden spoons, too.

And I especially love these Long Handled Wooden Measuring Spoons from Utensi! 

COUPON CODE: 5DDFAVES  <— use this coupon code to get $5 off each set of spoons you order.


They Measure. They Stir. They are Beautiful. And they are the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Order from Utensi website here.

#3 MyFreezEasy’s Magnetic Dry Erase Planners


Stay organized with your meals.

Don’t forget about the amazing meals you’ve stashed in your freezer.

Have your meal plan on display, and maybe (just maybe!) your kids will stop asking “What’s for DINNER, MOOOOOOM?” 😛

These dry erase fridge magnets are the perfect addition to the fridge of the busy home chef!


Order from ShopFreezEasy here.

#4 Easy Lunchboxes

We pack 3 or 4 of these every day of the week. They have survived the daily bashings that the boys give them. We still have a few from 2 and 3 years ago, that are still going strong!

One note: they are not leakproof, but I don’t send any leaky type foods in their lunchboxes so this has never been an issue for me. They do offer small little dipper containers for sauces-dips-syrups-ketchup, etc. Those are leakproof.

We are big fans of Easy Lunchboxes!

Order from Amazon here.

#5 “E-Lume” Crockpot

I have had this slow cooker for years. I adore it. It cooks perfectly – not too hot and doesn’t dry out meats. It’s programmable (a MUST – do NOT buy a slow cooker with a dial knob!), it has a ceramic insert, and it has a well-temped warm setting.

Order from Amazon here.

#6 The Purposeful Planner


This is my planner. I adore it. You can see how well laid out and simple it is. It has just the right things on each page, for each day…fitness, water, to-do/schedule, dinner. That’s it…that’s all I need. Simple is better.

I use it to plan my freezer meal prep sessions, as well as add meals that are already in the freezer to our meal plan…based loosely on the insanity of each day’s schedule.

Take a look and see if you think the Purposeful Planner will work for you. Then order one from

P.S. I just saw yesterday that the 2017 planners are IN and they are shipping out now!

#7 Instant Pot

Just jump on the Instant Pot train. We are working on some Instant Pot resources, how-tos and meal plans. But in the meantime, watch for some deals, get yours and get started with some simple meals or sides!

Order from Amazon here.

#8 Zaycon Fresh – Bulk Meat Purchases

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

Give the gift of meat???

Erin – you’ve lost your mind.

No – no, no I haven’t. Hear me out…

Meat is expensive. It’s certainly the most expensive part of any meal. It’s VERY convenient to get it in bulk (if you have the freezer space). And Zaycon Fresh is my favorite spot for bulk, quality meat orders.

Whether you’re using your holiday gift card $$ to get meat (yes, I have totally done this in the past…I’m treating myself to the convenience of bulk meats and easy meals!), or giving a gift to a son/daughter, niece/nephew…consider the gift of Zaycon Fresh.

Learn more and sign up here. (If you want to order as a gift, consider emailing their team…they are very responsive and will help you out!)

#9 Williams-Sonoma Dish Towels


I gave up paper towels a long time ago. It’s now one of our ongoing family jokes. My dad saw a recent tweet of mine about “7 Paper Products to Stop Buying” and he called me immediately…to tell me he was signing me up for an Amazon Subscribe & Save subscription for paper towels. (He would do that!)

I insisted that he didn’t, because I wouldn’t use them. They just aren’t a part of my “kitchen MO” and maybe you should give them up too.

I have not done a cost and savings analysis, but I know that I have saved hundreds over the years by investing in dish towels. GOOD, QUALITY dish towels.

Like these pictured above from Williams-Sonoma. The price tag might be hard to swallow at first, but if you think about how many paper towel sets that would be, they seem cheap all of a sudden!

2 big sets of paper towels = price of set of W-S towels

W-S towels last forever. I’ve had some last YEARS. Yes, years.

Keep doing the math and all of a sudden paper towels are sounding really expensive.

(As for laundering them, if they aren’t too dirty…they just go in with the jeans or towels or school uniforms. If they are really soiled, then they get their own turn in the washing machine. I do at least a load of laundry every day, so it’s not hard to keep fresh dishtowels in my kitchen.)

Add them to your wishlist, or get some for yourself. They holiday sets are 20% off! (I might have just ordered a set!)

Order from Williams-Sonoma here.

These are my favorite-ist things this year and I hope you found a gift that’s perfect for the busy home chef in your life!

And, stay tuned for our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways coming up soon!


Zaycon Fresh ~ 15% off Ground Beef & Chuck Roast PLUS Freezer Meal Plans

Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

You’ve heard me gush about Zaycon Fresh, and I’ll keep gushing about it. Especially when I see these amazing prices. Better than grocery store prices! And amazing quality too!

I love this company, their products and the fact that I can ‘drive through’ on my way home from picking up the boys from school and have 40 lbs. of chicken to prepare and get into the freezer.

To take advantage of this Ground Beef AND Chuck Roast deal:

  • Sign Up for Zaycon Fresh
  • Find a pick-up location near you and select the chicken breasts option
  • Use Code: BEEFDEAL when you checkout to get 15% off either: USDA Choice Chuck Roast, Fresh 93/7 Super Lean Ground Beef, and/or Fresh 80/20 Ground Beef
  • Add reminder to your calendar for your pick-up time and location (don’t worry, they will remind you too!)
  • Deal expires 12/3, so don’t wait in getting your order in!

This code (BEEFDEAL) will take 15% off order to bring the total on your next meat purchase! <—– THAT IS AN OUTSTANDING DEAL!!!

Now, while you wait for your meat to arrive, I HIGHLY recommend getting set up with a MyFreezEasy membership so that you can create/build a meal plan for the 40 lbs. of ground beef that will soon be yours!

You will THANK YOURSELF, if you set up all of this beef you received as meals vs. just throwing it into the freezer without any meal prep.

With the MyFreezEasy membership, you can pick from all of the different chicken meals that we have available – set up your meal plan with your Zaycon order in mind, print out the shopping lists. Then, the day before your Zaycon Fresh order pickup, I would go shopping for the other ingredients you need to make all these chicken meals for your freezer. MyFreezEasy has done all of the work for you!


Save MONEY with the 15% off Beef Deal from Zaycon Fresh.

Save TIME with the Meals Plans for Zaycon Fresh from MyFreezEasy!

Save SANITY by doing all the MEAT meal prep and getting your freezer loaded with amazing MyFreezEasy MEAT meals!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting $5 Dinners!


41% off New Blendtec Designer Blender ~ $238 on Amazon’s Cyber Monday!!!

Blendtec Deal of the Day on Amazon! (Also, the 6-qt KitchenAid Stand Mixer is another deal of the day!)

If I had to invest in 2 things for my kitchen, they would be these items. (And by invest, I mean…spend more money for amazing quality to get amazing results.)

1. A Weber grill.
2. A Blendtec blender.

No one is telling me to say that. They are just great brands that yield amazing results. Perfect grilled food. Perfectly blended smoothies, or soup, or ice cream.


That’s not to say that I’m not going to be on the lookout for an amazing deal. Because Blendtecs are expensive.

But they are not that expensive today! Last year I saw them as low as $280, and I’ve never seen them this low!!!

I should also add this is a NEW blender, not a reconditioned or refurbished blender! If you have a thing for “new,” then get this blender now

Tap here for the $238 Blendtec Blender!!!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Amazing Digital Rice Cooker for $24 ~ Kohl’s Black Friday!

There are some crazy great deals when you “stack” the sale price with the extra 15% off and the opportunity to get $15 back in Kohl’s Cash, when you spend $50!

Here’s how this deal works…

Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
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