Paid Chores vs. Non-Paid Chores {Plus Our New Chore System for the Boys!} and more...

Paid Chores vs. Non-Paid Chores {Plus Our New Chore System for the Boys!}

Chores for Boys

Teaching Tyler how to be the “Dish Fish”

We recently implemented a new chore system for the boys…and there is no money attached to these chores. I know that’s a hotly debated topic, and while I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’d also love to have a productive conversation about chores!

First off, our boys do have certain chores that they earn a small payment for completing. We teach and show them exactly what is expected of them and we ‘inspect’ their jobs to make sure that they did them to completion. They have thrived with having these ‘jobs’ that they earn money for and my oldest son even used a good chunk of his savings to pay for a portion of some new ‘brand name’ basketball shoes that he wanted!

We recently implemented a ‘non-paying’ chore system to round out the paid chores, and have found it to be very helpful in showing the boys that there are some things you are just expected to do as being part of this family, and there are some things that you can earn money from completing. It’s a great balance and I think a great answer to the hot question of ‘Should You Pay Your Kids for Chores?’

Examples of what we pay the kids to do:

  • Rake leaves
  • Pull weeds
  • Pick up dog messes
  • Other clean up the yard activities

The 3 Chores that we expect them to do without payment:

  • Laundry Bomber
  • Dish Fish
  • Vacuum Sucker

Let me explain these names…they were chosen by the boys and they think it’s ‘fun’ to do their jobs.

Laundry Bomber - This is the guy who gathers all the dirty laundry from the 3 main hampers upstairs and ‘bombs’ it down to the first floor. We have a ledge that they throw the dirty laundry over into a giant pile downstairs, then they kick it into the laundry room and help me sort it.

These are boys we’re talking about here, so there has to be a little fun and adventure involved. Since renaming this chore and giving them the freedom to ‘bomb’ the clothes over the ledge, I have had ZERO complaints about getting the clothes into the laundry room.

Dish Fish – This is the guy who rinses the dishes and loads the dishwasher. We sometimes help with any ‘tough dishes,’ but for the most part the Dish Fish (usually Tyler!) gets to play in the water and get a job done at the same time.

Vacuum Sucker – This is the sucker who gets to vacuum. (See what I did there!) We are in the ‘play outside all the time’ season, so we are vacuuming a lot. When one is fishing dishes, the other is bombing laundry, it’s not hard to get the other one sucking up all the dirt and leaves from the carpet and floors. We’re all in this together!

I realize there are many other chores we could have them doing, and we do ask them to do often…but there are our main 3 that we have assigned to the 3 older boys. I’m all about the simplicity of this system!

Your turn! What do you think about paid vs. non-paid chores? What kind of system or plan do you use for chores with your kids?

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