How to Save on Electricity With Direct Energy When we first moved to New Hampshire several years ago, we quickly discovered that many things, such as electricity, are handled differently than what we were used to. Thanks to deregulation in New ...

How to Save on Electricity With Direct Energy #DirectEnergyNewHampshire and more

How to Save on Electricity With Direct Energy #DirectEnergyNewHampshire

How to Save on Electricity With Direct EnergyHow to Save on Electricity With Direct Energy

When we first moved to New Hampshire several years ago, we quickly discovered that many things, such as electricity, are handled differently than what we were used to. Thanks to deregulation in New Hampshire, we are allowed to select the energy company you prefer. In my town, Eversource is responsible for energy delivery to homes, but we have an energy choice about which company supplies that energy. We have a neighborhood social media page, and people often ask questions about this and are eager to find out how they can utilize this freedom to help lower their energy costs.

One of the supplier companies that we’ve found is Direct Energy. For my fellow New Hampshire residents, you can visit the Direct Energy Website to get more detailed information about the services they offer, in addition to the benefits they provide and products they have available. If you live in other states, I encourage you to check them out too, to see if they’re able to offer services to your area, and help you reduce your rates too! Because Direct Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America, serving almost 5 million customers, they’re able to provide great rates.

How to Save on Electricity With Direct EnergyAmong my neighbors, the biggest complaint they’ve had with various energy suppliers is the difficulty in account management. With Direct Energy, that’s not an issue, because they have an online account management system so you can access your account and all of your information there 24/7. They have an excellent customer service department dedicated to customer satisfaction and you can connect your account with Plenti to earn rewards every month for additional savings! Direct Energy is the ONLY energy provider partnering with Plenti, and you can earn at least 1,000 points when you sign up. Plenti is amazing because they partner with such a wide variety of companies, businesses, and programs allowing you to earn points at multiple places using a single card, then allowing you to spend them at other places or redeem for some fantastic rewards.

How to Save on Electricity With Direct EnergyNew Hampshire Disclaimer:

*Savings refers to the current difference (of up to 34%) 12-month fixed price offer of 7.19¢/kWh and Eversource New Hampshire’s current Fixed Rate for Basic Service of 10.950¢/kWh, and does not include any other component of your electricity bill such as delivery or taxes. Eversource New Hampshire’s fixed rate is effective until December 31, 2016 and may change at that time. There may be no savings following that date. Direct Energy’s rate includes energy charges only and excludes delivery/transmission charges, taxes, and all other utility-related charges.

Switching to Direct Energy is easy and can save you up to 34% a month over the traditional utility Eversource, with a fixed rate plan! You can potentially save an additional 10-12% on heating & 15% on cooling by taking advantage of the free Nest Learning Thermostat that Direct Energy offers for residential customers. We had something similar to the Nest when we lived in Oklahoma, and it saved us a good bit of money each month. The Nest is able to learn your schedule, and then programs itself to adjust temperatures during times you are away or asleep. It will learn your energy history, and you can use auto-schedule and auto-away to help adjust energy usage as appropriate. I appreciate that they offer many tools, such as online usage insights (so you are buying LESS of what they sell). When you can view and analyze how much energy your home is using, you’ll be more informed about where and how you can reduce your energy usage – saving you more money!
How to Save on Electricity With Direct Energy
How to improve energy savings and be more energy efficient:

  • Visit Direct Energy to determine eligibility for using them as your Energy Supplier.
  • Get out your previous electric bill and compare the price per kWh with your current energy supplier
  • Enroll and sign up for Plenti to get additional benefits
  • Install the Nest Learning Thermostat in your home
  • Change your filters regularly. Dirty filters aren’t efficient.
  • Monitor your Online Usage Insights to determine your actual energy usage
  • Using the tools provided by Direct Energy, make a plan to reduce your energy usage
  • Check your insulation, age/condition of roof, age/condition of windows,
  • Install Thermal Window Treatments
  • Use Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
  • Adjust thermostat to be cooler inside in winter, warmer in summer. Adjust clothing layers & utilize blankets to compensate for temperature differences.
  • Utilize fans and space heaters if your family spends most of your time in 1-2 rooms. No need to heat/cool the entire home when you aren’t using all of the rooms. Close the vents in rooms you aren’t using.

For more information, be sure to visit the Direct Energy Website, “Like” Direct Energy on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and ...

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Maximize your Tax Refund & Upgrade your electronics with Samsung at Walmart

This post, Maximize your Tax Refund & Upgrade your electronics with Samsung at Walmart, was sponsored by Samsung as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Samsung at Walmart

I do most of our household shopping at Walmart each week, to stop up on the items that are essential. I typically park in the same general area of the parking lot, use the same entrance each time, and shop the store in a pattern. I like to go up and down each aisle to explore and see what’s new, and the extra steps are great exercise!

Tax Season is upon us which means we will be getting a refund because we’ve planned carefully to make that happen (we’ve had years where we owed, and that stinks, so we took steps to avoid that!). When I’m looking around the electronics section, it’s fun to see what new items have been released, and how they can fit into our lifestyle. We personally own many Samsung products and have for many years, so we tend to shop those first because we trust them to perform as promised based on our own personal history. I think it’s important to maximize your tax refund so you can upgrade your electronics with Samsung at Walmart!

Maximize your Tax Refund & Upgrade your electronics with Samsung at WalmartCheck out the Verizon J1 and Straight Talk Galaxy 7 at Walmart.

With one tweenager and two teenagers in the house, they are all at an age where they need a mobile device. The appropriate age for children to get their own mobile device can vary from child to child, household to household. Although my kids are all in the same middle school, they each have different clubs, activities, and sports teams that they belong to. This helps me feel more secure as they’re scattered about because they can call or text me at any time if they need something, if there is a change of plans or location for a game, and if pickup times or location change at the last minute. They like it because they can keep up with their friends. Of course having a device is a BIG responsibility, so we discuss what our rules are ahead of time, they know we check and review things, and there are consequences for irresponsible use. The Straight Talk Galaxy S7 is a popular choice.

Maximize your Tax Refund & Upgrade your electronics with Samsung At Walmart!Galaxy Tablet E 9.6

The Galaxy Tablet E 9.6 is a favorite of mine. With 16 GB it has plenty of storage for my needs. It’s very reasonably priced too! It’s great for use at home, and on the go. I can read, check social media, take pictures and video of the kids during their activities, listen to music or connect to Wifi and watch a show at the gym, and more!Maximize your tax refund & upgrade your electronics with Samsung & Walmart

Finally, they always have amazing deals on Televisions and Home Audio Systems too! We have multiple Samsung televisions and a sound bar in our home. The quality is great, and they offer a variety of types, sizes, and resolution options.

Samsung TV's at Walmart

This is a picture of the Samsung TV section of my local Walmart. I wanted to highlight for you just how helpful the information on the display is. They have televisions mounted on the wall so you can see the size and image quality. There are graphics next to them to show the main features of the various models, so you can compare and contrast, locating the model that will best meet the needs of your family. I enjoy browsing the options online at the Walmart Website, then stopping in the Electronics section of the store to test them out in person. The prices are great too! When you shop online, you can select free in-store pickup, and they’ll have it waiting on you. Some models even come with Free Shipping, so if you have a small car, you don’t have to worry about how to get it to your house!

I am so impressed with the Samsung 60″ 4K UHD Television. With 4K technology, it has excellent picture quality! When this technology first came out, I had no idea what the differences were, compared to HD TV. However, when I was shopping in the store, the salesperson showed me HD on one model and 4K on the one above it, and I could clearly see a difference. This model is also much slimmer than older models and can be mounted on the wall. We no longer need a huge, bulky entertainment center taking up valuable space, we can just mount the television on the wall to save space, get a better view for the entire room, and it’s safer with little ones around so they don’t knock it over (or draw on it with markers/crayons, get fingerprints on the screen, pull on the cords, etc).
My favorite feature though, is probably the Smart View. You can watch your TV on your mobile device – cellphone or tablet, with the Smart View App! For families like mine that are on the go so often, this is fantastic!

I encourage you to visit your local Walmart or now to start exploring the great Samsung Electronic items available, so you can take advantage of the great prices during the tax refund season. Once you have an idea of what your return will be, you can decide which items best fit your budget and meet your needs. Taking...

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