Hedge Outdoor-Wall & Hanging Planters with Style and more

Hedge Outdoor-Wall & Hanging Planters with Style

It’s so nice to see something that is truly original.  When designer Cora Neil approached us with her new planter concept, we were blown away.  It had everything we love…hanging planters, wall planters and TONS OF COLOR!



Started as a project at Art Center College of Design, Cora always wanted to create a garden in any space.  And so began the Hedge Outdoor project and subsequent Kickstarter campaign.


Creating a Hedge Planter

Creating a Hedge Planter


Hedge planters are  shaped, welded, grinded, and powder-coated in the US (all in the Los Angeles-area, to be precise) by skilled craftspeople with decades of experience under their belts.


Mini Wall Pendants

Marion Wall Pendants



Hanging Gertrude and Beatrix Planters

Hanging Gertrude and Beatrix Planters in Fig


Cora’s designs spoke to so many people that she actually raised five times more money than she had projected on Kickstarter.  Way to go.


Matching Powder Coated Hardware come with every planter

Matching Powder Coated Hardware come with every planter


And it’s no wonder with her attention to detail. Each piece has all the necessary hardware provided…and it matches!


Hedge-Blog 82014-10-22


The three colors she has chosen, Fig, Marigold and Tangelo work beautifully in unison.


Beatrix Planter in Marigold

Beatrix Planter in Marigold


Gertrude Planter in Tangelo

Gertrude Planter in Tangelo


And her sizing and graphics are compelling and wonderfully complimentary.

We are lucky at Potted to be the first retail store to carry these amazing planters.  We know that won’t last long so we’re going to enjoy it while it lasts.  Come on in to see them for yourself and if you can’t, you can also shop online here.  But hurry, we’re almost out.

(note: all photos shamelessly stolen from Hedge Outdoor’s Website)




Potted Is On The Move!

It’s hard to believe that at the end of this year, Potted will have been open for 10 years.  I guess the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss,” really does hold true.  Mary and I had absolutely no idea what we were doing or getting into when we purchased this old pottery store and might not have done it if we had.  But I guess it’s like having a kid, isn’t it?  If you really knew how much pain, sweat and tears raising a child takes, no sane person would ever do it…Boy am I glad I’ve never considered myself a sane person.



Here is December 2004 (that’s my sister Susie waving in the background).  Then called Los Feliz Pottery & Statuary, the place was hardly a design destination.  Our landlord Andy Sliger (who finally passed at 96) and his wife Ruby ran the business for close to 60 years.   Andy was a very sweet and kind man, so much so that we didn’t even get upset when he made our husbands sign the lease too (because we were women) or when he made us redo our signatures because he said they were too messy.  Were we really going to explain to a then 92-year-old-man that we were capable women who could sign our own leases (messy or not)?  Learn to pick your battles, I say.



Here we are looking from the front door to the back of the store.  It’s not even recognizable any more.  The door leading to the side yard wasn’t there and everything was just a big mess of inventory.  I think it took us almost a year to get rid of all the old things.



This is the side yard.  I especially love the lions in the foreground.



And here’s what it changed to circa 2006 (after we hand plastered & glazed the walls, put in a side door, ripped out the dropped ceiling, moved the cash register to the back and got rid of every plaster David we could find).  It was a lot of work, let me tell you.  And since that time the store has kept growing.  We came out of the recession stronger than ever and literally bulging at our seams.


Potted-starts-Remodeling 13

What our receiving area looks like when we get in our Spring pre-buy of Fermob.  You almost can’t move in the back.  And so…


Potted-starts-Remodeling 6

We have rented the medical building next door (and yes, that means we can use the parking lot now!)  But a medical building, you ask?


Potted-starts-Remodeling 5

Well the front room is really lovely and we are going to put our “offices” over here which means that marketing, website and landscape services will operate out of this very cool 60′s reception area (you can actually see through the marble wall on the right.)  We’re thinking of making those exam tables into desks but they are virtually impossible to move so perhaps we should rethink.  Anyone need three freakin’ heavy exam tables from the 40′s?


Potted-starts-Remodeling 4

Of course every Outdoor Living Store needs their own Laboratory (we really do, actually…how do you think we come up with our new designs?)


Potted-starts-Remodeling 3

And all the exam rooms will now be holding lots more inventory so maybe we will actually have the Fermob chair you want or the Loll table you’ve been coveting without having to wait for them to be ordered (but, you know, sometimes you will have to wait).


Potted-starts-Remodeling 10

What this means for the main store is we’re looking to open up this wall from the front to the back and add almost 400 sq. feet of showroom space.  And everything is going to get a facelift (except me and Mary.)


Potted-starts-Remodeling 11

Right now this is what the back looks like (though we’ve already started to take things out).  We’re adding a skylight and it’s going to be beautiful.  Hoping to be done by October and then we can really start the celebrating.  My daughter (because I was not sane and did have a child and Mary was even more insane and had two!) used to say she didn’t have a birthday, she had a “birthday season.”  And so we will enter the “birthday season” in December to celebrate 10 years of running this crazy, wonderful business we call Potted with different events and opportunities to celebrate and share our good fortune with you, our wonderful customers.

So stay tuned…




Video: How to plant succulents

Annette walks you through how to plant a lovely succulent arrangement in a practical, straight-forward manner. She talks everything from choosing pots appropriate to plant size to aesthetic considerations based on plant variety.

This video covers simple techniques for the beginning green thumb and may remind you of some specific succulent considerations for containers if you are a more experienced gardener.


Artist John Bell’s Abstract Take on Cactus and Succulents

As some of you may know, I come from the world of movies. I was a screenwriter and my whole world was film. Never in a million years would I have imagined that one day instead of geeking out on every movie I could get my hands on I would instead be geeking out on every plant I could get my hands on. So imagine my great delight when artist John Bell contacted me with his absolutely stunning new series of plant drawings he has dubbed “Cactus Abstractus.”

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Hmm, but what’s the connection you ask?  Well John’s background is actually the movie world.  After graduating from Art Center in Transportation Design in the “olden days” (my daughter’s term, not mine), he quickly caught the film bug and moved to Northern California to join George Lucas’ team at Industrial Light & Magic.  There he worked as an Illustrator and Visual Effects Art Director on films such as Star Trek IV, Innerspace, Tucker, The Rocketeer and Back to the Future II & III. Later he worked for Spielberg on Jurassic Park. You get the picture…he worked on a lot of cool movies.

John-Bell-artist 7

This is a drawing from Rango. His unique and wacky style helped to create many set designs throughout the years.

John-Bell-artist 1

Here is another set design drawing.  I can’t help but think of Ren & Stimpy.


John-Bell-artist 13

In some personal work he shows a comic book quality that is really amazing.

John-Bell-artist 4 John-Bell-artist 3 John-Bell-artist 2

And this series of hot girls and insane cars is definitely a nod to his origins at General Motors where he once worked in their Advanced Concepts Studios in Detroit.

John-Bell-artist 11

I really love the almost Soviet-era style he shows here in some of his personal charcoal drawings.

John-Bell-artist 10

And this charcoal drawing is just…too cool.  So it’s only natural that from this man’s mind would come “Cactus Abstractus” (I don’t know why I want to add “the musical” after that but I just do).

John-Bell-artist 16

This is one of the prints we didn’t actually get because we chose to pick the vertical pieces but I just love it. Not being a big fan of botanicals (or at least traditional ones), I would hang this anywhere.

Adobe Photoshop PDF Adobe Photoshop PDF

Here are a couple of prints that we did purchase and I think the aeonium is my absolute favorite.  To see and purchase the entire collection we got, click here.  Each original image is centered on a sheet of 13″ x 19″ 100 lb stock acid-free paper and is signed.

John-Bell-artist 9

Here’s John and here’s…

John-Bell-artist 8

…his alter ego. Okay, I’m just making that up but sometimes I wonder about the minds of artists. John’s is an amazing one. So glad he chose to turn it to the world of cactus and succulents.


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