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Release of NACMAP Version 5.0 for Business Data Visualization and Mobile Assets Tracking

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Visualize Business Data More Easily - Release of NACMAP Version 5.0

NAC Geographic Products Inc.  announced the release of NACMMAP Version 5.0 - a standalone NAC enhanced business data mapping and real time assets tracking software. The NAC enhanced mapping software can read data directly from online database servers, local database servers, Excel files, CSV files, its native UDF files, online created-on-fly...


New CMaps Analytics Transforms Consumer Maps into Embedded Analytics Experiences

New CMaps Analytics Transforms Consumer-Grade Maps into Embedded Analytics Experiences for Enterprise Apps. Today, Centigon Solutions, a leading enterprise software provider of location intelligence extensions for SAP BusinessObjects, has expanded their presence to the entire Google Maps for Work ecosystem, with their next generation CMaps...


David Huff, Pioneer of Retail Geography, Passes

It's with deep sadness that I learned of the passing (obituary) of Dr. David Huff, formerly a professor of business administration at the University of Texas, Austin. Huff passed away on August 30th. David Huff, for those that have studied retail geography and market analysis, knew him best as the individual who developed the model for forecasting market share and retail...


Modeling and Simulation: AEgis Technologies Builds Core Capabilities in Era of 3D

Viewers of the recent Olympic Games probably saw 3D building models used by NBC TV. Those graphics were developed by AEgis Technologies. On its 25th anniversary, co-founder, president and CEO Steve Hill sat down with Editor in Chief Joe Francica for an update on where his company is headed.


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