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Meet the Unknowns in the 20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers of 2014

In July a magazine called CIO Review published its 20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers 2014. We’ll tell you who they selected, but more importantly, we’ll tell you why you should be aware of some of the lesser known companies on the list.


The Top Five Things You Need to Know about Drones and GIS

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are in the news almost daily. This article by contributing writer Bill McNeill provides a basic overview of the technology and the exploding market potential for UAVs.


Paragon Software Systems Addresses Unique Needs of Convenience Store Deliveries

Big Box Retailers Creating Smaller, Localized Stores  DALLAS, TX – August 20, 2014 – Paragon Software Systems, Inc, a leader in vehicle routing and scheduling optimization software, offers solutions to address the unique needs of convenience store deliveries. As many big box retailers are building smaller footprint stores in local neighborhoods,...


Alteryx 9.0: “Data Scientists Not Required!”

Alteryx announced its new release earlier this year.  Directions Magazine interviewed Paul Ross, vice president for product and industry marketing, to discuss how the more user-centric design of the 9.0 version allows for decision making closer to line-of-business managers, accomplishes fuller data blending, and allows direct integration of social media data feeds....


Yellowfin 7.1 to deliver a beautiful Location Intelligence experience with native base layers

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, is poised to make multilayered analysis for Location Intelligence “quicker, simpler and easier than ever before” when it releases the next iteration of its BI platform, Yellowfin 7.1, according to CEO, Glen Rabie. Yellowfin 7.1 will be officially released via a series of...


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