Dealing with grief is never easy and more

Dealing with grief is never easy

  The Australian, November 28, 2016  Ruth Ostrow Many years ago I had an unusual experience. I was singing in a gospel choir and one of the men in the group had lost a child at some point before I joined. Nobody confronted the issue so we just left him be and skirted around the grief as […]


Depression may help you shed your shell

Feeling blue? Make like a rock lobster and shed your shell Rabbi Abraham Joshua Twerski. The Australian November 23, 2016 Ruth Ostrow @ostrowruth There’s a video on YouTube you simply must see. Abraham Joshua Twerski is a US rabbi and a psychiatrist specialising in substance abuse. He says the lecture he gives that people most […]


Trump Brexit shows contempt on the rise

For a relationship to survive, replace contempt with empathy. The Australian, November 18, 2016, Ruth Ostrow @ostrowruth WITH 50 (angry) comments Donald Trump does it a lot: eye-rolling; an upper lip raised on one side; sarcastic, condescending or belittling tone of voice, arrogant head movements. These are indicators of the emotion known as contempt. And it’s the […]


Intro to Total Success

THEY are from the big end of town: the high-profile men and women whose skill and single-mindedness drive some of the nation’s top businesses. Hundreds of thousands of Australians rely on them for employment and guidance. But out of the office, they find meaning in a rich and varied experiences. Total Success is a six-week […]


How to keep your brain young

Slow the process of ageing One revolutionary tip for longevity is the silly walk, a la John Cleese and Monty Python. Ruth Ostrow, The Australian, December 8, 2014 WE don’t have to age — or at least grow old as fast as we do. That’s the finding of researchers in the US, where a group of specially […]


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