How a Homeschool Mom Grades a High School Essay and more...

{Newsletter dated 6.15.2015}

We have been in a history sort of mood. Wait! We are always in a history and geography sort of mood.

So this past week, I created the third set of history cards in my series, which is history cards for the French and Indian War

The first free set of history cards are Westward Ho and then I made Titanic history cards.  I will be plodding along and creating cards for all my unit studies. I am hoping you can use them like I do too.

I started this series because having taught several unit studies already with my older two boys, sometimes I want Tiny to look over the units and learn a few facts at a glance. 

Tiny may or may not do the unit studies and lapbooks that I did with the other two boys. I want to do unit studies he wants to do, but with the history fact cards, we can put them on an O ring and he can learn a few facts interactively about other topics.

Also, I created a new curriculum planning form, which I am totally crazy about because I feel I have been needing it for a while. 

It is the pre-homeschool year planning checklist.

Like any momentous event (and homeschooling a new year in my house is momentous every year), I needed some sort of countdown so that I could plan what I wanted to accomplish while we took a break from school.

One place or form that I could look at and use as a check off type of list before my year starts is what I was missing.

After I took my notes off my journal pages, my objectives page and my year at a glance page, I needed to put all those hand written thoughts and to-dos on one page.  Also, I needed to plan them by weeks ahead of time to get them done before we start our year.

Hope you like the newest baby in my 7 Step Homeschool Planner forms. Check it out.

Also, I know that many middle and high school kids tout they are hands-off learners.

I know, I have one kid that would prefer to read a book and rolls his eyes at the mere mention of hands-on learning. But check out my argument article on 3 Reasons Hands-on Geography is Important in Middle and High School.

And for goodness sake, what is the rush on homeschooling? Why the hectic pace? I have some thoughts to save your sanity through the years.

Don't forget to check out all the articles below I have for you today. I always have something for the new bee homeschoolers too.

More than anything, thanks for following each day, each month and now each year! It means a lot..

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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