Summer Loving Free Curriculum Planner Cover and more...

Summer Loving Free Curriculum Planner Cover

I get pumped up at the end of the year when I can start creating the curriculum planner covers early because I love for you to have tons of options when creating your unique 7 step homeschool planner.  The truth of it is too I get plain giddy when I can add new fonts and […]

3 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Homeschool

Homeschooling is an ideal choice for most kids.  Especially for kids being bullied, for those that have a compelling desire to move ahead academically and for those that are struggling with learning, they all benefit from homeschooling But there are 3 reasons you wouldn’t want to homeschool and I have on more than one occasion […]

Complete Trail of Tears Lapbook

It sounds a bit insane, but this has been the easiest and hardest lapbook we have ever done. On the one hand it took us twice as long to complete The Trail of Tears lapbook because when we arrived here in Ecuador we had nada.  No school supplies, no file folders and not even scissors. […]

4 Ways to Not Plan the Most Boring Homeschool Field Trip Ever

Besides changing the monotony of a hum drum day, homeschool field trips are learning adventures.  Maybe it’s how captivating I find the challenge of adding in all the homeschool subjects on any field trip we take or maybe it’s the charge we get after we meet up with other families that makes us wanting to […]

Appreciating the Culture of South America Through Dance

Though we were excited to read many books and travel brochures before we escaped here to South America, appreciating the culture of South America through dance was an unexpected living moment of history for us. Cuenca recently celebrated their independence and the full party and parade came right down the street we were staying on. […]