Learning American History through the Life of Wyatt Earp Part 2 and more...

{Newsletter dated 5.25.2015}

Yikes! Where has the time gone? I am planning for my second homeschooler to graduate and I admit it, I have been over emotional lately. I am not normally like that but it's hard when you have life changing moments in your life and homeschooling.

Too Mr. Senior 2013 will be leaving us here in Ecuador to go to New York soon to start a new volunteer project in the states. 

Will I survive being on a different continent than he is on? A part of my heart will be left in the states when he moves, but he has had this goal for a long time and I am so over the top happy for him.

Homeschool has been a welcomed break to my day when things seem to happen so quickly in life.

We will keep on schooling through summer and started our next unit study, Learning American History through the Life of Wyatt Earp and I will be sharing a lapbook on this unit study.

I am still working on my glam it up  package for the 7 Step Homeschool Planner but will be making my planner soon.

I hope you enjoy this round up posts this week as ideas about homeschool co-ops and homeschooling a socially awkward child changed my life.

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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