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{Newsletter summer July, 2015}

What I Have Been Up To

Are you soaking up your summer? Our summer so far has not only been eventful, but emotional. 

We celebrated the graduation of Mr. Awesome 2015 and said goodbye to Mr. Senior 2013 in the same week. 

Check out some of the cute ideas at Mr. Awesome's graduation party that our homeschool friends hosted.

I loved the graduation hat made for cards and I added a photo collage of the homeschool journey of Mr. Awesome 2015 for that table.

I especially love the idea of the jar for the favorite memory of Mr. Awesome.

The photo frame reads: Every yesterday is a memory of dreams, Every tomorrow is a vision of hope. Write down your favorite memory and put in the jar.

Mr. Awesome received a lot of nice gifts, but our homeschool friends sharing their memories of friendship through the years were priceless and treasured.

The candy table had absolutely the cutest sayings I have seen for a homeschool graduation, but of course I admit my obvious bias. Check out the sayings.

Ha, ha love the class rings.

Drink to success was a thoughtful twist on the drink Mr. Awesome loved growing up, cream soda.

Overall, the candy buffet was a fun idea that kids of all ages loved at the party.

My favorite part though was that Mr. Senior 2013 didn't have to miss it.  We were able to have it before Mr. Senior 2013 left for his adventure to New York.

(forgive the blurry lens, I had tears in my eyes)

He is off on his own and my heart won't be the same. I could only watch him as far as the security check in line at the airport and then I had to go before I did the ugly cry.

You know that the time will eventually come in your homeschool journey when your babies go off on their own to pursue their dreams and goals, but I don't think you ever are ready for it.

I look forward to homeschooling an only now and to giving Tiny a 100 percent of my time. Too, I am giddy about having more time for you.

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7 Step Homeschool Planner

I have the new forms for the 7 Step Homeschool Planner loaded to my site but forgive me because the newest glam it up form was delayed with all the wonderful events going on in my life.

It was just so hard to concentrate on my planner when one son graduates and I tell the other son goodbye in the same week.  But this month I plan to release it and bind my planner for the new year.

Just Plain Fun Links for Summer

Check out the life size free human skeleton printable. Such a cool tool if you will be working on a human body unit study.

Check out the palindromes activity, which is a fun way to sneak in some writing during summer.

Check out the history of money to add in some math too and there are a ton of great links.

Grab my 31 Day Free Boot Camp for New Homeschoolers if you are new to homeschooling.

I am enjoying a few more lazy days of summer before I get my mind wrapped around homeschooling one child this next year. I think putting together my new homeschool planner will give me the umphh I need to get back on track.

What have you been up to?

Hugs and you know I love ya,

Ultimate Homeschool Planner – It’s HERE! Glam It Up Package

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