6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschooled High School Teen and more...

I am so EXCITED, I can't stand it, I can't stand it. My new blog redesign is here and I will tell you about that in a minute.

Too, you know I normally don't send out an update so soon without a good reason.  I need to give you a heads up about two important things.

1. I have a history book giveaway that started today. 

I have to give these babies to SOMEBDODY. Please scoot by and enter.

I LOVE doing these giveaways!

2. Like I mentioned, my new blog redesign is ready to be put on my blog. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

Real quick, I wanted you to know that if you are in the middle of creating your free curriculum planner or want to purchase something and if my store is not working, email me at tina@tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com and I will get your 'pretties' to you as fast as I can.

I don't want to stifle your creativity if you plan on working on your planner this week.

Too, we started our unit study on Ancient Egypt, give that a look and my blog posts will be delayed just for a short time until I get my brand new beautiful look on my blog.

If you get a second after you do school tomorrow, give my site a look!

Hugs and you know I love ya,

P.S. Don't forget to scoot by for a chance to win history books I love.

6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschooled High School Teen

Organization is not something we should just learn our self, but it’s a blessing we need to pass on to our homeschooled high school teen. Look at these 6 ways to organize your homeschooled high school teen. 1. Dedicated space. Source: PBteen There is nothing more important to helping your teen stay organized than having […]

Titanic Sank April 15 – Free History Cards

Titanic sank April 15, 1912 and I thought today I would share a few printable history cards for some easy memory work. Titanic Sank April 15 The sinking of the Titanic makes for a fantastic unit study to do during spring. I have a lapbook that we did back in the 100th anniversary but there […]

4 Benefits to Planning Early for the Next Homeschool Year

Whether you are a plan-a-holic or prefer to wait until your children cover most of the curriculum you got the year before, planning for the next homeschool year is one of the most thrilling things about homeschooling. Homeschool Planning Year Around? Besides being just plain fun to do, there are at least 4 benefits to […]

Finding Joy In Homeschooling When You are Not Really Feeling It

Finding joy in homeschooling when you are not really feeling it is not easy when you don’t know the secret to keeping to it. First, it really is important to think of the blessings we have received and progress we have made to this point. We need to be thankful for them. Discontentment is about […]

20 Awesome History Books for Kids + Pssssst It’s a Giveaway

Giveaway is closed. History isn’t just stuff that has happened in the past, it is the key to the future. Understanding what has happened long ago will help children navigate current events. That’s why these history books for kids are so awesome! Kids don’t even realize they are learning because they’re so fun to read! […]

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