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Great Prices on Stylish Back To School Shoes From Shoe Carnival


This post is sponsored by Shoe Carnival.

One of my favorite parts of back to school is back to school shopping. Who doesn’t love new supplies, clothing and shoes? Every year I buy my girls a few pairs of shoes for back to school. We usually get one pair of athletic shoes for gym and sports and another pair of more casual tennis shoes that can be worn with all kinds of outfits.


When I was a kid, my mom would take me to get a pair of back to school athletic shoes. I remember that there were just a few choices and I could choose between the red and the blue pair. My girls have many many more choices. There are so many types of athletic shoes and they come in all kinds of colors and patterns.


I wanted to go to a store that had a great selection and great prices so we headed to Shoe Carnival. I LOVE the Buy One Get One 50% offer that they are running for back to school. That means each girl get one pair of shoes for 50% off!!! High quality brand name shoes are not inexpensive so this offer really helps my money go farther. For example if you buy two pair of $45 shoes, you save $22.50! Not too shabby.


We visited the new Shoe Carnival in Shelby Township, Michigan. It is located in the Shelby Town Center at 14115 Hall Road next to Marshall’s/ Homegoods. This is a HUGE store with tons of inventory and shoe selection. This store will be celebrating their grand opening on August 2nd with lots of giveaways including a $10 Rewards certificate for the first 100 customers and a $100 shopping spree every hour.



We headed to the back to the children’s shoe section and browsed the many brands and styles.

Shoe Carnival carries

You can check out the selection of each brand by clicking the link of the brand name.

Neon is very in fashion with kids’ athletic shoes this year and my girls both were drawn to these shoes. There also were so many patterns from which to choose. Here are a few pictures that show just some of the selection.

\"bobsshoecarnival\" \"neonathlecticshoes\" \"newbalance\"


If you need help with sizing, a Shoe Carnival employee will measure your child’s feet. While we were looking at shoes, numerous employees came buy and asked if we needed any help. We didn’t need any help because the shoes were very well organized by type and size. We had no trouble finding the shoes we wanted to try on. When you are a busy mom, it is nice to find the shoes quickly and not have to wait for an employee to bring your size from the back room.


It didn’t take long before both girls found two pairs they liked. Actually they liked many more but I made them each choose just two pairs. I am nice but not that nice. They love them so much that they both have already started wearing them. I did put my foot down and say the new shoes couldn’t go to camp. I want them to still look great for the first day of school. Do you let your kids wear their back to school shoes before the first day of school?




Wondering what shoes we picked? Come back and visit next week on July 29 when I will be sharing pictures of our new shoes and how they match with some back to school outfits. We will preview some elementary school and middle school looks with our new shoes from Shoe Carnival.




Here is a fun  Shoe Carnival commercial that highlights some of their many back to school shoes.

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Brand New American Girl Isabelle Movie on DVD Just $12.99, plus Isabelle book at 37% Off


This brand new, American Girl of the year, Isabelle movie was just released on DVD this week. An American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight\"\" is currently down to just $12.99 for the DVD version. The pre-order price was a few dollars higher than the price now. This movie is only available on video as of right now. If your kids are interested in reading the Isabelle Book\"\" first, it\’s currently 37% off and just $5.05. If your order totals $35 or more, it will ship for free.




An American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight\"\" on DVD – Just $12.99

Isabelle (American Girl Today) Paperback book\"\" - Just $5.05




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Back to School Savings Tips and Sale Information

This post is sponsored by Valpak. All opinions are mine.


Back to School Savings Tips


Did you know that families with school age children will spend an average of $669.28 on school supplies and apparel in 2014?  Here is some great information and back to school savings tips to help you save some cash.

Take inventory 

  • Shop at home before heading out to the store. You’re bound to discover all sorts of school supplies in perfectly good condition. I found  binders, clipboards, scissors and rulers at home that we can reuse this year.
  • When you do buy new, splurge on items that are high-quality and durable — you’ll end up saving money in the long run, even if the items are expensive up front. read about some of my favorite Back To School Backpacks & Coupon Codes to Save on Them. (This post includes last year\’s backpacks but will be updated soon.)


Save on School Supplies

  • Let kids pick one splurge item. It is easier to stay to the list and budget when they get to pick out one fun item. – For example a pencil box, folder, etc.
  • Shop sales weekly.  As you are doing your regular shopping each week pick up the items that are on sale. Stores assume you will buy everything at once and then you only get some items at a discount. Here  on,  I  list the Weekly Best School Supply Sales and Best Prices with coupon matchups. You can also find the best Back To school sales on your smartphone with the Favado App.
  • Buy enough to last all year and for home office and art supplies. These are the best prices you will will see the whole year.
  •  Use price matching  so you don\’t have to run all around town to get the best prices. Here are all the details.  How to Save on School Supplies by Price Matching.
  • Check out the prices on larger vs smaller packs. Do you need 8 glue sticks between your children?  You can split a multi pack. Be sure to check the sale prices though since sometimes it is actually cheaper to buy the smaller packs.
  • Buy sure to use mobile coupons including those found on Target Cartwheel.  Learn more about How to Save at Target here.


Use Coupons on School Supplies and Clothing

  • Before you ever shop online be sure to search for  Online Coupon Codes
  • There are printable, mobile and newspaper coupons for school supplies and you can search for Printable and Newspaper Coupons
  • Check out for more coupons for your favorite things and more coupon codes for your favorite stores. In addition to back to school savings, you have a chance to win a Backpack Prize Pack worth $1,000! Valpak can help you out with clothes, shoes, backpacks, haircuts and even physicals! Plus, top tips for packing lunches and homework help to make a smooth transition back-to-school.    Enter to win the Backpack Prize Pack below. 




Save on Back To School Clothing


Get Social

  • Like and follow your favorite brands on Facebook. Old Navy and Gap are two that share exclusive coupons on their social media pages often that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Sign up for the FREE Everyday Savvy daily email newsletter to learn about all the best sales and savings tips.
  • Follow Everyday Savvy on Facebook or Tweet with me on Twitter.


Hope these tips help you save this year on back to school items!

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Boredom Busters From Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.



Did you that July is Anti-Boredom Month? Once mid summer starts it is only a matter of time before you hear the dreaded … “Mom …I am Bored”. It is a great idea to have some items on hand to battle boredom. I took my girls and nieces to Dollar General to see what we could find to help make our July an Anti-Boredom month.


Armed with $35 we wanted to see how many boredom busters we could find at Dollar General, which is a great place for summer savings.  First stop was the aisle with small notebooks and word search and Sudoku books. Each book was just $1 and we decided the girls could use the small notebooks as summer journals. I may just be trying to sneak in a little education with the journals because everyone needs to keep up their writing skills over the summer. They don’t mind though and are all excited with our first purchases. We also bought a pack of mechanical pencils for $1 too.  For some reason mechanical pencils are much more fun that plain old pencils.



We also bought some duct tape, lot of stickers, pens and school boxes for some arts and crafts fun.  The girls made the pens into fancy duct tape flower pens  (pictured above) plus they each decorated a fun pencil box which could be used for back to school or to keep small items organized at home.  Plus we still have duct tape and stickers that can be used for more projects throughout the summer.

There was a ton of selection in the arts and crafts section and everything was just $1 or $2. This helped our budget go farther.




In addition to the books and arts and crafts projects, we needed some items that would promote outside physical fun.  We picked up two jump ropes that were each just $1 and a set of 4 water guns for just $6.  What is summer without a water gun fight?  They had a great time playing with both items. They are lots and lots of outdoor fun toys to choose from at Dollar General.




So the next time you here the dreaded \”I’m Bored”, I hope you will remember a few of our items and have some boredom busting fun.

Want to learn more about Dollar General and their products?  Be sure to like Dollar General on Facebook and follow @DollarGeneral on Twitter.


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