Feds Dismantle A Global Cybercrime Shop and more...

Feds Dismantle A Global Cybercrime Shop

Intel Analyst-FBI public domain courtesy FBI

FBI Intelligence Analyst (image courtesy FBI)

On July 12, with the help of my content manager-webmaster (writer-PI Colleen Collins), I posted “Can a Hacker Take Over Your Computer? Short Answer: Yes.” The article covered the true story of a writer whose computer was taken over by hackers who, via an untraceable email, demanded a...

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Can a Hacker Take Over Your Computer? Short Answer: Yes

white collar criminal

Recently, my wife (who’s a PI and a writer) told me about a friend of hers, a writer who’s written several dozen novels, who had her personal computer hacked into, and then…

Hackers Demanded a Ransom

They informed her via an untraceable email that if she wanted her computer files back, she had to pay x amount of dollars by a...

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Fourth of July DUI Checkpoints: Enjoy Your Drinks, Just Don’t Drive Afterward

This weekend is a holiday, which means there’ll be barbeques, parties, fun, beer…and DUI checkpoints.

What Are DUI Checkpoints?

A DUI checkpoint is a station where law enforcement will pull over every vehicle on the road. The officers speak with each driver, and if the driver smells like drugs or alcohol, that individual is...

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Cyberstalkers: You Can Type, But You Can’t Always Hide

What Is Cyberstalking?computer user silhouette pub domain

Cyberstalking is an online, or electronic, attack on another person that is intended to exact control or revenge, harass, humiliate, and/or frighten that person, and sometimes his/her loved ones as well.

Often cyberstalking is repetitive, such as when the cyberstalker anonymously posts multiple harassing messages. It can...

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Copyright Trolling: Don’t Be a Victim

Troll butting tree, illustration by John Bauer (image is in public domain in the U.S.)

What Is a “Copyright Troll”?

It’s a pejorative term for a party (for example, a company that buys or owns copyrights) who aggressively enforces its owned copyrights through threat of litigation. These companies use frivolous litigation...

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