Litigation Stress Syndrome: Symptoms, Aftereffects and Helping Your Client and more...

Litigation Stress Syndrome: Symptoms, Aftereffects and Helping Your Client

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The term litigation stress syndrome describes what some people experience after prolonged, intense litigation.

Litigation Stress and the 5 Stages of Grief

The psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, whose specialization was working with the dying, outlined the five stages when someone learns they are dying, which also applies to anyone...

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Surveillances: From Pre-Surveillance to Staying Legal


For 10+ years, I co-owned a private investigations agency with my wife, during which time we conducted many surveillances. My wife was especially good at it, a skill she swore came from her years of writing novels as she had lots of practice sitting and staring (at the computer screen) for hours.

Two Articles on Conducting Surveillances


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Feds Dismantle A Global Cybercrime Shop

Intel Analyst-FBI public domain courtesy FBI

FBI Intelligence Analyst (image courtesy FBI)

On July 12, with the help of my content manager-webmaster (writer-PI Colleen Collins), I posted “Can a Hacker Take Over Your Computer? Short Answer: Yes.” The article covered the true story of a writer whose computer was taken over by hackers who, via an untraceable email, demanded a...

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Can a Hacker Take Over Your Computer? Short Answer: Yes

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Recently, my wife (who’s a PI and a writer) told me about a friend of hers, a writer who’s written several dozen novels, who had her personal computer hacked into, and then…

Hackers Demanded a Ransom

They informed her via an untraceable email that if she wanted her computer files back, she had to pay x amount of dollars by a...

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Fourth of July DUI Checkpoints: Enjoy Your Drinks, Just Don’t Drive Afterward

This weekend is a holiday, which means there’ll be barbeques, parties, fun, beer…and DUI checkpoints.

What Are DUI Checkpoints?

A DUI checkpoint is a station where law enforcement will pull over every vehicle on the road. The officers speak with each driver, and if the driver smells like drugs or alcohol, that individual is...

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