Use the Savings Analysis to See the Benefits of Choosing Ceramic Coatings

saving money with ceramic coatings


Everyone likes to have a little extra money in their pocket. When it comes to saving money with ceramic coatings, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

For starters, ceramic coatings help protect a structure from both heat gain and heat loss. This reduces energy bills considerably while also helping to keep you more comfortable within your home or business.

Additionally, repainting a building is an expensive proposition that can cost between $2,500 to $3,000 per 1,000 sq. feet with labor, materials, and taxes, included. That adds up quickly and the total cost of painting a home can easily approach $10,000.

While a ceramic coating does cost a few dollars more per gallon to purchase than traditional paint, it lasts 25 years or longer. Thus, while your neighbors are shelling out dough to repaint their homes, you and your family will be saving money with the ceramic coatings you purchased and had applied to your home decades before.

Saving money with ceramic coatings begins by contacting us at Rhino Shield of New York. Our team will be happy to help direct you to the products and coatings that are ideal for protecting your building.

Our Rhino Shield Coatings are Perfect for T1-11 Exteriors

T1-11 exterior paint coating

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T1-11 exterior paint coating is one of the most popular sidings on the market these days. Strong and durable, it’s designed to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Less expensive than cedar siding, it exudes plenty of charm and gives any home a rustic appearance.

T1-11 siding is plywood that has been laminated to create a strong and practically impregnable surface. Made from natural woods, the grain found within T1-11 siding is visually stunning and gives your home a truly beautiful exterior. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, vinyl, and other siding options.

However, because it is a wood product, it is still susceptible to moisture penetration, shrinkage, and other issues inherent to wood based products. Because of this, it’s necessary to protect it using a ceramic coating. This seals the wood and prevents mold, fungus, and insects from damaging or warping the underlying wood structure.

Our team would be glad to tell you more about the T1-11 Exterior Paint Coating we offer. We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield and see the ways our products can help protect your home siding so that it stands the test of time.

Why Rhino Shield is Better than Vinyl Siding

why ceramic coating is better than vinyl siding

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For years, vinyl siding has been the “go to” product people have chosen to protect the exterior of their homes. Cheap, easy to install, and long-lasting, vinyl siding was the best product available. However, times have changed, technology has advanced, and there are plenty of reasons why ceramic coating is better than vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding actually collects heat and doesn’t reflect UV radiation. This causes the home to heat up and raises the utility bills every month. Conversely, ceramic coatings reflect the heat and reduce heat gain in the process. Further, ceramic coatings create a solid layer of protection that reduces heat loss, insulating the home and reducing your utility bills in the process.

Further, vinyl color options are limited. With a ceramic coating, your options are limitless and allow you to custom paint your home whatever color you’d like. This gives you plenty of flexibility and protection you can bank on.

We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield to discover more about the reasons why ceramic coating is better than vinyl siding. We’ll be happy to tell you the many reasons our clients have switched to using Rhino Shield products to protect their home.

5 Important Things to Know about Painting a Block Wall Exterior

painting a block wall exterior

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Block walls are beautiful, and when fit together just right they provide a stunning visual effect that is intriguing and awe inspiring. Even though they are often made of concrete or natural stone, painting a block wall exterior is essential to protecting them and keep them looking beautiful. To that end, there are five important things to do before painting a block wall exterior:

  • Clean the wall first. Get all the dirt and grime off; otherwise it could seep through the coating.
  • Repair broken mortar. This will help protect structural integrity and prevent moisture intrusion.
  • Prime the wall. Use an acrylic block fill to coat the surface and make it easier for your ceramic coating to adhere to the blocks.
  • Seal and caulk the blocks. Any gaps caused by settling or shifting should be sealed. This is just as important as repairing the mortar.
  • Coat it with ceramics. Use an elastomeric coating to protect your home throughout the years.

Our team would be delighted to help you with painting a block wall exterior on your property. Please contact us at Rhino Shield today to learn more about our services and the long-lasting ceramic coatings we recommend using.

How to Properly Maintain Your Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating maintenance

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One of the greatest benefits of ceramic coatings is that they look brand new even years after they’ve been applied. They are highly resistant to UV rays which means the coating won’t fade easily, and they are impervious to water penetration. Combined, this means they won’t peel, crack, or chip like traditional paint.

It’s this durability that makes ceramic coating maintenance a breeze. All you have to do is keep the surface clean and give your home a good power washing every few years. It’s that simple, and it takes just a few hours to complete the chore.

The frequency you’ll want to wash will depend on a few factors. If you live in an area where the dust blows or soot/smog are a problem, you should plan to clean your home every year. You will also want to inspect the surface for any issues that may be developing; catching potential problems early is always better than being surprised.

We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield for more information regarding our coatings and the ceramic coating maintenance we recommend to our clients. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss maintenance needs and options with you.