Reasons to Pick Rhino Shield Over Exterior Paint

Like any recipe, the quality of the ingredients determine the quality of the finished product. When it comes to Rhino Shield vs. paint, we’re pleased to say the proof is in the pudding.



Traditional house paint is composed of more than 60% water as opposed to 21% for Rhino Shield. Further paint is made up of 17% plasticizers, 12% pigments, and 11% fillers. Thus, when you purchase paint, you’re buying a lot of things that simply don’t do anything but make the paint look good.

Conversely, Rhino Shield is composed of 46% elastomeric resin, 17% pigments, and 16% ceramic microspheres and mildewcides. Each of these ingredients protect your home and ensure that a solid layer of protection covers your home throughout the seasons.

Our formula not only ensures a superior quality product, it ensures that you’ll be able to save money on utility bills and maintenance expenses. And, in the end, that’s a sweet treat every homeowner will appreciate and savor year after year.

Do you have questions about the ways Rhino Shield stands up to paint in laboratory tests and real world applications? Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you all the details.


3 Reasons Why Rhino Shield is a Superior Exterior Paint

Rhino Shield home exterior coatings are the most reliable ceramic coatings on the market. From formula to finishing touch-up, we guarantee our clients a solid layer of protection. We make this guarantee because we know…



  1. Ceramic microspheres within our formulas create an abrasion resistant, thermo insulating barrier of protection. Whatever Mother Nature throws at your home, we’re confident our formulas are up to the task.
  2. Rhino Shield has proven capability. The tensile strength, viscosity, breathability, and tear resistance of Rhino Shield have been tested by BASF and other entities. This testing has shown that our products can stand up to the harshest of environmental conditions without failing or decreases in protective qualities.
  3. We offer an unprecedented warranty. Our 25-year, fully transferable warranty is our promise that Rhino Shield will protect your home long into the future. When your neighbors are replacing their trim and painting their homes 5, 10, 20 years from now…you’ll enjoy the view from your seat on the porch.

For more about Rhino Shield home exterior coatings, contact us at 516-287-0592. We will be delighted to answer your questions and tell you more about our products and thorough installation process.


Picking the Ideal Exterior House Color from Rhino Shield's Catalog

Picking an exterior house color from the thousands of colors within the Rhino Shield Catalog is a lot of fun. With so many options to choose from, you can find one, or two, or ten that suit your personality and will show your home off in the best light.



Start by keeping the color in line with the neighborhood. You might like bubblegum pink, but if it is the only one in the neighborhood, then it will stand out like a sore thumb. Your home should blend in and complement other homes within the immediate vicinity.

Once you have your primary color chosen, select trim colors to complement. You trim colors should accentuate architectural features without clashing with the primary color. Also, remember that the color you choose can make your home seem larger, or smaller. Lighter colors on a large home in a small lot can make the home appear larger and the lot smaller. Conversely, dark colors almost always make a large home feel smaller, but more substantive.

Do you need help picking an exterior house color for your home in New York? Contact Rhino Shield at 516-287-0592 and we will be happy to assist you.


Why Rhino Shield Uses Ceramic in Their Exterior Coating

Using Rhino Shield ceramic exterior coating is an investment in the life of your home. Not only does it protect against insect infestations and moisture penetration, but it also protects against against heat gain and VOC emissions.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Once dried, ceramic coatings create an impenetrable layer of protection you can trust and rely upon. With a low-breakage rate, and low-thermoconductivity, ceramics are tough and durable throughout all weather conditions. Rain, shine, snow, or sleet, they’ll provide the same level of protection year after year.

Furthermore, ceramic coatings are not packed with fillers. This means fewer irregularly shaped particulates that can weaken protection levels. This also has an impact on sound insulation, and ceramic coatings provide a measurable level of peace and quiet our clients genuinely appreciate. 

With a ceramic coating, you can expect 20-25 years before you’ll need to replace it; as opposed to 5-10 for paints. Thus, ceramic coatings also save you money on maintenance and replacement over the long run.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is the most reliable method you can use to protect your home from the elements. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our products and the reasons our clients rely upon them.


Did You Know That Rhino Shield Coatings are Eco-Friendly?

Rhino Shield was founded with the commitment to providing the highest quality products to our customers while minimizing the impact our production processes and finished products posted to the environment. We’re proud to say that our eco-friendly Rhino Shield ceramic coatings are among the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

With less than 100 grams of VOC’s per liter, and a low-odor, non-toxic formula, our products are ideal for indoor use. They will not negatively impact the indoor air quality, nor will they pose a health and safety hazard.

They are also non-flammable and resist mold and mildew growth, further enhancing their safety benefits. Coupled with the fact that our ceramic coatings are a low-e product that helps insulate our client’s homes, Rhino Shield is helping lead the way towards a cleaner, greener future. Moreover, we’re making it easy for homeowners and businesses around the world to save money on utility bills while helping to protect the environment.

We encourage you to contact us at 516-287-0592 for more information about Rhino Shield’s eco-friendly ceramic coatings. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the ways they protect your home without causing harm to the environment.