Take Advantage of Our Adhesive Stain Blocker Product

Preparation is the key to achieving a finished result that looks great and stands the test of time. At Rhino Shield, our detailed installation process includes the use of Rhino Shield Adhesive Stain Blocker. This helps ensure that our finished coatings look beautiful regardless of what may be spilled on them.

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Our ASB has a high permeability rate, which creates a solid layer of protection for wood surfaces. It is a primer that has the ability to block the majority of surface stains as well as oils that may collect on the surface. Our signature sticky finish creates a tight seal that our ceramic coatings easily adhere to.

While primarily used for wood surfaces, it is also highly effective when applied to vinyl and metal surfaces. Thus, you can use it to protect every surface on your home’s exterior without any loss in quality or protection. Simply apply, recoat, and within seven days curing time your home will be fully-protected.

Rhino Shield Adhesive Stain Blocker is one of our most popular products. We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield of New York to discover the ways we use it to protect our client’s homes and businesses.


Explore Our Customers' Favorite Exterior Color Choices

Your home is one big canvas that you adorn and decorate to highlight your personality and design tastes. To that end, the following are some Rhino Shield exterior paint colors our client’s have used to turn their home into the belle of their neighborhood:

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Kettledrum, Softness, and Kendall Rose – These colors create a charming and blissfully relaxed exterior that gives your home a fairy tale appearance.

Jet Gray, Dark Cloud, and Irish Coffee – The perfect balance of light, medium, and dark shades, this combination is ideal for highlighting architectural elements, such as dormers and multiple roof lines that you want to stand out.

Blue Beard, Smoke Signal, Royal Burgundy – Are you looking to show that you have a serious personality? This no-nonsense combination immediately signals to passerby that you mean business when you adorn your home.

Concrete, Berber Beige, Nantucket – Ideal for beach lovers, this combination is gentle and inviting. It’s the perfect way for you to highlight the more adventurous aspects of your personality.

We hope this information helps you explore our wide selection of Rhino Shield exterior paint colors. Contact us today and see the effects of  Rhino Shield permanent paint coatings.


Know the Dangers of VOC Content in Traditional Paints

Pollution that you see is easy to take care of and remove. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous pollutants are those that you can’t see. It’s only been relatively recently that the dangers of VOC’s in paint are something that scientists and health professionals have begun to understand.

VOCs in paint

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Paint has traditionally contained large numbers of chemicals and additives that have been used to stabilize the paint, make it shine brighter, and help it adhere better to the surfaces the paint is applied to. Ingredients mixed into paints such as benzene, mehylene chloride, lead, and many others can cause respiratory diseases and even cancer with prolonged exposure.

What makes VOC’s so dangerous is that tracking exposure levels and the amounts that are seeping from the paint is very difficult to do. Thus, the best solutions are to remove the paint entirely, or seal it in behind a durable ceramic coating designed to block VOC’s from circulating through the air. Doing either of these will help you breathe easier now and long into the future.

Do you have questions about the dangers of VOC’s in paint? Contact Rhino Shield and we’ll be glad to give you the answers you’ve been searching for.


Rhino Shield is Committed to Providing Eco-Friendly Coatings

Rhino Shield eco-friendly ceramic coatings are durable and designed to last. That’s why homeowners and business owners use our products to protect their properties. Over the past decade, we’ve continued to improve our formulas and enhance their protective capabilities.

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That’s what any good business does. However, we’ve taken it a step further and we’re proud to say that our company has always been equally focused on protecting the environment and our client’s health. To that end, our products contain less than 100 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds. Indeed, our ceramic coatings won’t pollute the air and will actually prevent VOC’s from seeping through into your home’s airflow.

Additionally, our non-toxic products are designed to reduce thermal conductivity. This helps you conserve energy and reduces our monthly utility bills. That’s a promise and a guarantee you can bank on, and it’s a promise we’re proud to stand behind.

Rhino Shield eco-friendly ceramic coatings are designed to protect your home without damaging the environment. To learn more about the steps we take to create environmentally-friendly ceramic coatings, we invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield of Long Island and we’ll be glad to tell you more about our company.


Own a Coastal Vacation Home? Rhino Shield can Protect it From Salt Water

After a long winter of working and being cooped up, it’s time to take a break and head to the shore. If you’re planning to spend a little time at your beachside getaway, remember to think about our ceramic coating protection against salt water damage while you’re resting by the sea.

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The ocean is beautiful and relaxing, but it is also extremely damaging to structures. The salt spray that blows off the waves can stick to your structure and lead to both unsightly damage to the surface, as well as expensive damage to wood and underlying metal structures.

The best way to prevent this is to use a ceramic coating that’s capable of blocking salt penetration. That’s precisely what Rhino Shield does, and since our ceramic coatings dry smooth, they’re easy to wash off with a simple garden hose. This makes it easy to keep your home looking beautiful while you enjoy taking a break from the big city.

Rhino Shield offers superior ceramic coating protection against salt water damage. We invite you to contact us at 516-287-0592 to learn how our products can help protect your home against the salty spray of the sea for decades to come.