Learn About the Ceramic Coating Market's Continued Growth

The materials people use to protect their homes are constantly evolving. Where stains and paints once led the way, these have been replaced by a far more durable option. When it comes to protecting homes and businesses, ceramic coating market growth shows the trend towards ceramic products are the way of the future.

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There are many reasons for this. Industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing have discovered the benefits of using ceramic coatings to protect their products. Additionally, consumers have discovered the benefits of having their property protected by coatings that are designed to stand up to Mother Nature without flinching.

Furthermore, the growth in the market is leading to advancements and investments that are further increasing the market share of ceramic coatings. While already solid, the technology is improving considerably, which will result in further market penetration and enhanced quality.

Our team is proud to be leading the way in ceramic coatings market growth. Our quality products and detailed installation process are second to none and we invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield of Long Island to learn more about the reasons homeowners throughout New York are choosing our products to protect their homes.

Begin Preparing Your Home Exteriors for Spring Weather Elements

Spring is here and that means that the rains and winds are about to pick up. If you haven’t already started preparing your home’s exterior for spring weather, now is a good time to start. To keep your home in condition throughout the season, make sure you do the following as soon as possible.

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  • Clean the exterior. Make sure to powerwash the outside of your home so that you can spot any dents, dings, or cracks in the siding. Removing the dirt is essential for discovering problems that may need attention.
  • Check the shingles. Make sure everything is right where it should be and that shingles haven’t come loose or blown away over the winter.
  • Paint the Trim. Remove any flaked paint from trim and patch it up with a fresh coat. This will not only make it look prettier, it will help protect it from water and insect infiltration.
  • Inspect Flashing and Seals. Make sure the flashing around gutters is intact, and that windows/doors seal properly.

Searching for more ways to go about preparing your home’s exterior for spring weather? Simply contact Rhino Shield and we’ll be happy to give you more tips and suggestions.

How to Prevent Unwanted Termites from Entering Your Home This Spring

It’s important to take steps now for preventing termite infestations this spring. This is the time of year when termites are starting to get hungry and the sooner you take steps to keep them out of your home, the better off you will be.

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Start by keeping your crawl spaces and attics well ventilated and as dry as possible. You should also make sure that your AC unit and other water sources aren’t leaking and creating conditions suitable for termite colonization.

It’s also advisable to repair roofing, siding, and other potential access points into your home. This includes making sure windows/doors are properly sealed and that there aren’t any cracks or damage to masonry.

Lastly, avoid using timber and wood chips in your landscaping. This removes a potential food source from your property. And, if you have a woodpile for a fireplace, make sure this is stored off the ground and at least 20 feet from your home or other structures on your property.

Rhino Shield can help you with preventing termite infestations this spring. We invite you to contact us and we’ll be glad to to tell you more about the ways our products can protect your home.

See the Effects of Our Rhino Shield Permanent Paint Coating

There are plenty of benefits that Rhino Shield permanent paint coating has to offer for our clients. Among them, the following are benefits that are well worth taking the time to consider. In fact, each of these is worth the cost of investing in products that will protect your home:

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    Lowers your energy bills. Rhino Shield is specifically formulated to help reflect UV rays to prevent heat gain; further, the ceramic microspheres within the formula create a solid layer of insulation that also prevents heat loss in the cooler months.

  • It’s eco-friendly. Not only is the formula non-toxic, but the fact that it lasts 25 years means fewer paint jobs which results in considerably less waste.
  • Adds value to the property. No more chipped paint, rotten wood, or rusty gutters. Rhino Shield exterior coatings are designed to protect your home and keep it looking magnificent.

Please contact us at Rhino Shield for more details about our Rhino Shield permanent paint coating and the ways it will protect your home for the next 25 years or longer. We will be glad to give you the details and discuss the colors and options that are best suited for your property.

Industry Experts Forecast Further Growth in the Ceramic Coatings Market

Even as the homes we’re coating are cooling down, the ceramics coatings market growth is heating up. That’s because all over the world, businesses, homeowners, and builders are discovering the remarkable benefits ceramic coatings have to offer.

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Ceramic coatings offer solid protection for a wide variety of industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. This means that the potential number of applications for products such as those we manufacture at Rhino Shield are practically unlimited.

Further, ceramic coatings are becoming more sophisticated and the technologies used to create them is increasing at a remarkable rate. The result is even higher quality products that provide even greater protection. Coupled with the environmentally friendly benefits ceramic coatings provide, and it is a recipe for long-term sustainable growth within the industry.

Growth is expected to be driven globally, with countries such as the United States, China, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, and India being the largest consumers; and in turn, the largest beneficiaries of this fabulous trend in ceramic coating popularity and application.

For more information about ceramic coatings market growth and the steps Rhino Shield is taking and gearing up production to meet the demand, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.