Preserve Your Building's Value with Our Metal Paint Coating

Rhino Shield metal paint coating

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Barns, sheds, even patio coverings are often constructed with metal parts and pieces that, while durable, arer subject to rust and considerable heat gain during the summer months. One way to mitigate the heat and prevent rust is to coat them with Rhino Shield metal paint coating.

Mother Nature wins every time against uncoated metal roofing and structural elements. In time, these can rust and become structurally unsound as the panels expand and contract in the summer sun. By coating them with Rhino Shield metal paint coating, you will create an impenetrable barrier that will help keep your buildings from tumbling down.

Rhino Shield products are designed to bond with and seal metal structures. Once applied, they’ll keep the temperature inside from climbing and prevent rust from developing for up to 25 years. So, if you ever wonder why the chicken crossed the road, it was because she was moving to a barn painted with our specially formulated coatings.

Please contact us at Rhino Shield of New York for more information about Rhino Shield metal paint coating. We will be happy to tell you more about the ways our products can keep your metal structures from rusting and falling apart.

Protect Redwood Structures with Our Rhino Shield Coating

Redwood exterior paint coating

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Redwood looks beautiful throughout the year. Whether used as decking or as siding, it enhances the quality and beauty of your home. While an inherently durable wood selection, over time it will begin to show the effects of wind, rain, and sun exposure.

It is a wise idea to apply a Redwood exterior paint coating to protect it and keep your Redwood in good condition. Indeed, Redwood must be properly maintained otherwise it is prone to expansion/contraction as it absorbs moisture. This can lead to mold growth and structural failure as the screws and nails are worked loose in this process.

At Rhino Shield, our Redwood exterior paint coating is designed to seal the wood so that moisture can’t penetrate the surface. This is the best way to prevent discoloration, mold growth, and wood rot. Once applied, our coatings are guaranteed to keep your Redwood decks, siding, pergola, and furniture looking brand new for up to 25 years after the coating is applied.

Contact us at Rhino Shield of New York for more information about our Redwood exterior paint coating. We will be happy to tell you more about our selection of exterior ceramic coatings.

How Our Exterior Paint Coating is Perfect for Log Cabins

log cabin exterior paint coating

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Log cabins require special care and preparation that goes above and beyond the typical home. Among these, finding a log cabin exterior paint coating that can provide high levels of protection is of the utmost importance.

Log cabins should look rustic and unrefined, but that doesn’t mean they should look old, dingy, and run down. The exterior surface is natural wood, so it’s imperative that it be properly sealed in order to keep bugs and water from penetrating the surface. While traditional paint can accomplish this, it will fade and lose effectiveness within just a few short years which means you’ll need to continue repainting the exterior.

Fortunately, Rhino Shield is designed to permanently seal wooden surfaces by penetrating the surface and creating a permanent bond with the wood. This makes it ideal for sealing cracks and providing solid protection from the elements. With a 25 year transferable warranty, Rhino Shield is designed to last.

We would be happy to help you select the right log cabin exterior paint coating for your property. We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield with your questions and to discover the many waterproofing and protective benefits of our ceramic coatings.

Use Our Exterior Paint Coating on Your LP Siding

LP siding exterior paint coating

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LP siding looks beautiful and will last for a long time in the future if it’s properly protected and maintained. This is why finding the right LP siding exterior paint coating is so important.

LP siding is susceptible to warping, curling, cracking, etc. as water seeps into the boards. Therefore, it’s best to protect it with a coating that will deter and prevent any water from penetrating the surface.

Our products are designed to do just that. Using chemistry and our thorough, multi-stage application process, Rhino Shield is designed to create a barrier to moisture, sunlight, and oxygen that will last up to 25 years. Once the surface has been prepared and the coating applied, you will never be concerned with whatever nature throws at the exterior of your home. Rhino Shield protects your investment, and we guarantee that you won’t have to spend your time or money taking care of costly repairs.

Contact us at Rhino Shield for more information about our LP siding exterior paint coating. We will be happy to give you all the details and tell you more about the ways our products can protect your property for decades to come.

Know When it's Time to Coat Your Roof System

coating your roof system

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Are you wondering whether coating your roof system is a good idea? It’s a question many home and business owners ponder as they seek ways to protect their properties from the harsh elements nature can throw at it.

Most roof systems can be coated, but there are some that don’t require it because a protective membrane has already been installed. If you have a protective roof membrane that is waterproof and providing reflection of the sun’s rays, coating this membrane would simply be redundant, Further, if your roof is already coated with an asphalt roofing system, you will want to stick with an asphalt based coating as the oils contained therein can degrade the effectiveness of coatings made from rubber, TPO, and PVC.

Coatings can be applied year round, however, there are certain caveats to this. The weather must be moderately warm and there can be no moisture present or predicted in the near future. These guidelines help ensure the greatest seal on your building’s roof.

Our team would be glad to answer the questions you have related to coating your roof system. Contact us at Rhino Shield for more information about our services and recommendations in this regard.