Embrace Our Low-Maintenance Exterior Coating This Hot Summer

There’s nothing better than hearing the words “low-maintenance” when it comes to your home. That’s why we are pleased to say that our low-maintenance Rhino Shield home exterior coating is precisely that. In fact, it’s so low-maintenance you’ll need to mark it on your calendar to remember to do it.

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Rhino Shield requires a thorough washing not every year, not every other year, but only every three to four years. This makes it one of the lowest-maintenance exterior coatings on the market. Of course, you can wash it every season if you prefer, but there is no need.

Our patented formulas are designed to create an impenetrable shield that protects wood, brick, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and stucco. This means you don’t have to worry about staining, peeling, cracking, or separations that can damage the structure of your home. The end result is that you save both time and money maintaining the exterior of your home as time goes by. 

Do you have questions about the ways our low-maintenance Rhino Shield home exterior coating can protect your home and help you stay cool and comfortable this summer? Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more details.


How Rhino Shield Saves Your Business Money

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings for businesses are designed so that you’ll have one less thing weighing on your bottom line. Once applied, you’ll have up to 25 worry free years where you won’t have to think about repainting your entire building.

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For starters, Rhino Shield is designed to create a solid layer of protection between your business and the elements. Not only will it help prevent moisture intrusion and solar heat gain, it will help prevent damage to your structure. That results in lower heating/cooling costs and fewer structural repairs. Those savings add up quickly and allow you to use revenue in more productive endeavors.

Further, Rhino Shield keeps your business looking sharp. That’s important in today’s image based society where businesses that look presentable and successful are the ones who are successful. And, while your competitors are busy spending their revenue on maintenance and upkeep, you will be spending yours on new equipment, advertising, and expanding your operations. Those are savings and benefits you can take straight to the bank.

Do you have questions about Rhino Shield ceramic coatings for businesses? Contact us and we’ll be glad to provide more details and to draft a quote for you.


The Importance of Priming Before Applying Rhino Shield Coating

Ever wonder why you should prime before painting your house? The answer is simple: primer serves as a bonding agent that when combined with the surface coating creates an impenetrable layer of protection.

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Priming fills in the gaps on the surface of your home. It helps fill in joints and cracks, plus it smooths imperfections in masonry, stone, and steel. It creates an additional layer of protection that makes it practically impossible for moisture, insects, and debris to penetrate. 

At Rhino Shield, our adhesive primer sealer serves as a strong bonding agent that your finish coat attaches to. This eliminates cracking and peeling. The result is a high-quality finish that is designed to last upwards of 25 years. The combination of our thorough preparation process, Nature-Cote primer sealer, and eco-friendly finish coats create protection you can trust and rely on. Once dried and cured, you can rely on it to keep your home looking beautiful and free from the regular maintenance and upkeep lower-quality paint jobs require.  

Wondering why you should prime before painting your house? Contact Rhino Shield and we will be glad to tell you more and to provide a quote for your project.


Protect Your Long Island Home from Rain With Waterproof Coating

Rain and snow can quickly damage your home. All it takes is a minor crack in the surface to lead to home wood rot, rust, and structural failure. Preventing this is as simple as applying Rhino Shield waterproof ceramic coatings to your property before water damage.

Rhino Shield Protective Coating

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These waterproof ceramic coatings are applied to your home using our thorough installation process that involves stripping the surface, correcting any deficiencies, and then priming the surface to accept the ceramic coating. Once the primer is dried, the ceramic finish is carefully applied so that not an inch of surface area is missed.

Once the finish coat has cured, your home will be protected from water penetration for up to 25 years. That’s not just a promise, it’s a guarantee we stand behind and back up with a warranty you can rely on. While your neighbors are worrying about replacing their siding, you’ll be sleeping soundly, grateful that your home is still protected.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our Rhino Shield waterproof ceramic coatings. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the ways our products protect your home from whatever nature has in store.


Important Facts Regarding Our Rhino Shield Product Testing Summary

At Rhino Shield, we are continually seeking ways to improve our products and make them even more effective at protecting our clients home and businesses. To that end, we’re rather proud of our Rhino Shield product testing summary that shows we are doing a fantastic job of ensuring our products are the most effective in the market.

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We rely on ASTM laboratories to test our products. As such, we know that we are subjecting our materials to the highest quality testing around. These labs give no quarter so we know that we can rely on our results, and that our clients can rely on our products.

Our products are rated Class A for fires, have a tensile strength of 377 lb/sq. in., and have a tear resistance of 133 lbf/in. Rhino Shield ceramic coatings also have a solar reflectance index of 106, and show absolutely no growth of either algae or fungi.

Do you have questions about the Rhino Shield product testing summary? We invite you to contact us at Long Island Coatings today and we will be glad to help you seek the best way to protect your property.