Enjoy the Benefits of Our Industrial Rhino Urethane Coating

Protecting businesses requires more than simple house paint. From stains and spills, to scratches and scuffs, industrial areas need to be able to stand up to the wear and tear that takes place within the workplace.

Source: morgueFile

Source: morgueFile

Rhino Urethane is designed to do just that. It can be used on steel, concrete, and other surfaces without any problem whatsoever. This makes it ideal for coating storage tanks, stairs, steel beams, and interior walls. This product provides superior protection against everything you’d expect to find within a harsh environment.

Rhino Urethane also provides excellent protection against acids, stains, and chemicals. Thus, you will never have to worry about spills or accidents damaging the finish and seeping into the structure. If a budding graffiti artist decides to share their artwork with the world by placing it on your structure, it can be easily removed by using a Ketone solvent that won’t damage the building’s finish.

Rhino Urethane is designed to protect your business from the passage of time and the heavy duty work you’re busy doing. We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield of New York to learn more about this product and discover the benefits it offers to your business.

Reap the Benefits of Our Commercial Stucco Painting

Rhino Shield commercial stucco painting

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One of the biggest burdens of owning a business is making sure the building looks its best. Businesses coated in stucco can present an added challenge, and while stucco is far cheaper than siding, the upkeep can add up as the year’s pass by.

That is why Rhino Shield commercial stucco painting is designed to make sure your stucco walls don’t peel and crack beneath the pressures of time. This is a concern with stucco because traditional paints have difficulty penetrating the surface and sealing it effectively.

However, Rhino Shield stucco paint is designed to protect these surfaces. Our patented formula can penetrate into areas traditional paints fail to protect. As it dries, the coating provides an impenetrable barrier that protects against decomposition, peeling, rotting, insect infestation, and mold growth. This protects the surface and keeps it looking beautiful so it will continue to attract customers through your doors. It also ensures that you won’t ever have to worry about damage to the structure.

Rhino Shield commercial stucco painting is guaranteed to keep your business looking bright and beautiful for decades to come. We invite you to contact us at Rhino Shield to learn more about our products and process.

Rhino Shield Offers Wood Painting for Commercial Areas

Main Street U.S.A. is where the entrepreneurial spirit of America thrives. From coast to coast, this area is where businesses drive our economy and keep us going forward. To that end, Rhino Shield commercial wood painting is a solid choice many businesses are turning to to protect their businesses from the sun, rain, wind, and snow.

Rhino Shield commercial wood painting

Check out Rhino Shield’s commercial wood painting to keep the exterior of your business looking sharp.
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Rhino Shield’s unique properties protect your business from the elements. This helps keep the wood in your business safe from splintering, rotting, and mold/mildew/fungus. In turn, this means you won’t have to spend nearly as much money repairing it year after year.

The finished product will look beautiful and last far longer than traditional paints. This ensures that your business will always have an appealing look that will help draw customers in to see what you have to sell or offer. As they say, image is everything, and customers will most certainly notice how your business’s luster doesn’t fade.

Our Rhino Shield commercial wood painting is a reliable and cost-effective choice for protecting your business from the elements outside. We invite you to contact us today at Rhino Shield to learn more about our protective coatings and our business process.

Great Benefits of Our Residential Cement Painting

Cement is one of the most durable building materials on the market. It’s used to build everything from foundations to sidewalks, and in recent years cement board siding has become a popular choice to replace traditional siding. Whether on the ground or on the home, Rhino Shield residential cement painting is something that can be applied to protect cement and keep it looking beautiful for decades to come.

Rhino Shield residential cement painting

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While cement is durable, it is expensive to install; especially when it comes to cement board siding. It can also be expensive to maintain as cement is vulnerable to moisture absorption which can lead to cracking, peeling, and chipping. In fact, without protection cement board siding can begin to fall apart in as little as 3-5 years after installation.

However, this won’t happen if you apply Rhino Shield to the surface. Our proprietary 11-step installation process and Rhino Shield’s patented formula ensure that your home will be protected from the sun, rain, and wind for decades to come.

For more information about Rhino Shield residential cement painting, contact us by calling 516-287-0592. We’ll be happy to tell you all about our services and the ways we can help you protect your home.

Rhino Shield Can Protect Your Home from the Dangers of Mildew

The dangers of mildew and mold go far beyond simple discoloration and unpleasant smells. That’s because mold and mildew can be toxic and you may not even notice their presence until it has begun to affect your health.

protective coatings for the home

Protect your home from mildew and other issues caused by water damage with Rhino Shield.
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That’s because mildew and mold are microscopic fungi that flourish anywhere conditions allow. Leave them alone with a little light and a little moisture, and pretty soon the air in your home will be filled with mold and mildew spores. Since we spend up to 60% of our time within the house, that means you could be breathing toxic air.

For that reason, we include a mildewcide within Rhino Shield’s proprietary formula. This mildewcide inhibits and prevents mold from growing on your walls and ceilings. This makes it ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements where mold and mildew are most commonly found.

Rhino Shield can help protect your home from the dangers of mildew and other types of water damage. To learn more, contact us by calling 516-287-0592. We will be happy to speak with you about our products and the 11-step process we use to keep your home safe from mold, mildew, and whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


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