[Knowledge Jolt] 5 new entries

Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated

Interesting video description of a simplified Current Reality Tree that Bill Dettmer calls an Executive Summary Tree.


Knowledge doesn't equal Understanding

The interesting comment that just because you know something, it doesn't mean you understand it.


Is it or isn't it - Multitasking

So, is multitasking bad or good. This author talks about both sides and then decides he wants to continue multitasking anyway.


More about uncertainty in TOC

Dealing with uncertainty / variability in operations is an important aspect of the TOC way of thinking and in the TOC applications.


The problems with “Common and Expected Uncertainty” | Eli Schragenheim

Eli Schragenheim, author of a number of Theory of Constraints books and an active participant in ongoing TOC thinking has started writing his own blog.



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