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Game to demonstrate CCPM #TOCICO

Dee Jacob (author of Velocity - my review) provided a workshop of a game she has been developing over many years of practice in critical chain project management. I have looked around for games or simulations to help highlight the critical pieces of critical chain, and this is the best I've seen.

Dee Jacob CCPM game board

Dee Jacob CCPM game board

Often, CCPM education includes games about multitasking (paper tearing, ABC-123, or the bead game), but they don't give you a good sense of how to plan or...

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Naturally motivating environments #TOCICO16

Henry Camp told a parable about his own experience in trying to motivate people, in particular his sales staff. I cannot do the story justice, so I won't. Henry is a great storyteller, and he's always given off a warm, humble-but-understanding vibe. Maybe that's his Louisville roots.

What he found has been repeated in many stories and business books over the years, but Henry learned it the hard way. People are motivated by money ... until they aren't. He's seen pretty strong evidence that even...

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Change management's hidden secret #TOCICO16

Kevin Kohls had an entertaining talk on the topic of The "Bad Luck" Obstacle - Management Churn. Essentially, he is asking the question of how people who do TOC (or any other) implementations deal with the fact of life in organization: management moves around.

Kevin drew a couple threads together that seemed to be percolating arond the conference. One is the "consultant's conflict" that swings between optimizing for me (make money) vs optimizing for the customer (make them successful). It's a...

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Updating the Projects S&T Tree #TOCICO16

Another talk on Strategy & Tactics Trees at the conference came from Michael Hannan of Fortezza Consulting. In this discussion he suggested updating the current "projects" S&T Tree to be more universal to any project-delivery organization.

The standard projects S&T was built under the assumption that the company applying the tree is engaged primarily in selling the projects. They get paid to execute projects for their customers. But what if this is not the case? There have been...

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Dynamic Strategy and Tactics Trees at #TOCICO16

TOC has an approach to implementing changes called the Strategy and Tactics tree. I like the way the TOC community have approached these. They are "trees" because they explicitly acknowledge that at each level there is a strategy or approach and tactics required to reach that strategy. Said another way, one person's tactic is another's strategy. Most S&T trees I have seen also have common sections related to Building a capability (to reach the to strategy), Capitalizing on that capability,...

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