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TOC Articles in India

I've come across several recent articles in the press from India that talk about Theory of Constraints and the application at a number of companies.



Pride and Joy

"Pride and Joy" by Alex Knight is a Theory of Constraints business novel about a hospital in chaos and a way of thinking that can help move beyond the chaos to a truly patient-centric, high quality environment.



KM Challenge: Capturing Institutional Memory and Knowledge

There is an InnoCentive challenge to describe a KM approach to "Capturing Institutional Memory and Knowledge." Open through 14 October 2014.



Business Exposed

Freek Vermeulen's "Business Exposed" is a great read that debunk a lot of common practice and common beliefs within business. He brings in a variety of business research to back up his sometimes surprising observations.



Scope: What problem are you trying to solve

Rather than describe the solution - a description that is always going to be lacking - understand what problem the customer is trying to solve. What limitation or barrier do they need to overcome? And why do they want to do that?




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