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Grit is not just the stuff that tears apart your bike chain

Many people have talked about Angela Duckworth' Grit: the power of passion and perseverance. I was happy to find a high-level summary from Inc. Magazine that describes the "11 signs of grit."


All about the policies, really?

What are the real ways to revitalize manufacturing? Will changing governmental policies and regulations do the trick? I suspect not.


End of the year syndrome

I've seen many examples of end-of-the-month syndrome, but this example from Airbus is a great example of the same effect happening at the end of the year.


Never say "I know"

Don't block yourself because you think you know. There is always something to learn.


Clarity over Coffee, what?

If you find yourself dragging, and the coffee is merely a delicious distraction, maybe the problem is a little more interesting: lack of clarity!



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