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Flow is everywhere - even downhill

In my work the idea of "flow" is all about ensuring the right work gets started - work that will create value for the organization. And, once it has started, that it doesn't get stuck or stopped or held up until the value is created. Ideally: customer buys the results; savings are truly achieved.


Are you busy? Really?

The latest HBR Ideacast interview with Erin Reid talks about Why We Pretend to be Workaholics (based on a related HBR article). I enjoyed the discussion, but what really got to me is this idea of "pretending to be busy."


The Simpsons First-Impression Matrix

First impressions depend on our assessment of the person's warmth and their likelihood to do us harm. Science of Us provides a nice way to think about this in The Simpsons First-Impression Matrix.


Navel gazing - responsibility is the point

Besides finding some extra lint in there, why do people get into navel gazing? When does it help? When not? Some interesting thoughts on the topic from Megan and Euan in Shift episode 35.


Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated

Interesting video description of a simplified Current Reality Tree that Bill Dettmer calls an Executive Summary Tree.



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