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Cushing interview looking at TOC and ERP

One of the many people I follow on Twitter, Richard Cushing, has been interviewed and the results posted as "Where Does Your ERP Selection Fit with Your Continuous Improvement Efforts?"



Offtopic: Windows 7 password settings

Off topic for this blog, but if you get annoyed by trying to find administrative tools in Windows 7, this is inforamtion on setting password policies. The trick is to "run as administrator" - yes, even if your profile has you as administrator.



TOC Thinking - neatly summarized

Yishai Ashlag's new book, TOC Thinking: Removing Constraints for Business Growth, is a good overview of the Theory of Constraints approach to thinking about running organizations.



Power of Habit - can't just stop

Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business has a lot of familiar material in it. Duhigg puts it together in a compelling story that talks about why we get stuck in ruts - in personal life and in business life - and the paths to breaking out of the rut.



Less Is More

Jason Jennings' book Less is More: The main idea: focus. Focus on one thing - one thing for the long term, not one thing this quarter. And that one thing is the big idea of the organization - why is the organization on the planet? That big idea sets the direction and the yardstick by which everything is measured.




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