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More about uncertainty in TOC

Dealing with uncertainty / variability in operations is an important aspect of the TOC way of thinking and in the TOC applications.



The problems with “Common and Expected Uncertainty” | Eli Schragenheim

Eli Schragenheim, author of a number of Theory of Constraints books and an active participant in ongoing TOC thinking has started writing his own blog.



Fun with job descriptions

There are plenty of job descriptions that make you scratch your head, wondering what they are really looking to hire. The classic is the job requirements for "good at multitasking" when that can be exactly the wrong trait. I came across one that throws Theory of Constraints and cost reductions into the same set of requirements.



10 life lessons from Navy Seal training

I came across the video from the University of Texas 2014 Commencement address by Admiral William H McRaven in which he describes his training and draws ten life lessons. The story is engaging, and while the lessons out of context sound odd, they make sense in the way he puts it together.



The CIO's Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

"The CIO's Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance: Applying the Best of Critical Chain, Agile, and Lean" by Michael Hannan, Wolfram Muller, and Hilbert Robinson is a good, short description of how to take ideas from several disciplines and apply them to an overall portfolio management approach.




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