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Cue The Theme From "Jaws"

Here comes the IRS. Today is Tax Day. You have until midnight to file your federal and state income taxes. The IRS can apparently target conservatives in a punitive way and tolerate vast numbers of its own not paying THEIR OWN taxes, but if you try to pull that, the IRS will come get you in the scariest of ways. Jail, anyone? And oh yeah: the IRS is also starting to enforce your healthcare. So bend over, and pay MORE taxes! The IRS Commissioner will now be doing your colonoscopy.

If you can stomach seeing how your hard-earned 2013 dollars were spent by this ravenous beast of government, check this out from

"Major entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) gobbled up 49 percent, while more federal benefits took another 20 percent. These additional “income security” benefits include federal employee retirement and disability, unemployment benefits, and welfare programs such as food and housing assistance. Obamacare spending didn’t really kick in until 2014, so that will show up in next year’s breakdown.

"See how this compares to last year’s breakdown: National defense has been cut, while the major entitlements picked up an even larger percentage." (See it all here: )

You might want to work a little harder.

And if you can stomach seeing even more government spending and taxing insanity, check out what tax hikes Democrats (including some vulnerable ones up for re-election this year) voted for:

As I said, you might want to work a little harder.

Nixon, Now More Than Ever

Newsmax magazine was kind enough to ask me to write a piece reflecting on my former boss, President Richard Nixon, on the 20th anniversary of his passing this month. I was honored to serve as a Foreign Policy Assistant to the President during the last four years of his life, from 1990 until his death in 1994. It was my very first "real" job, and what an adventure it was! What an extraordinary man he was. Far from the dark caricature painted by the Left and the media, Nixon was a brilliant, visionary, kind, generous, warm, and funny man. He was also an American patriot. I was deeply honored to have served him during those final years, and I believe everyone should know the Nixon I came to know. With that in mind, please take a look at my Newsmax article below. He was a true American original, and oh, how the country could use his wisdom today.


This Weekend's Radio Show

We're going to have a terrific time on the radio show this weekend! We'll discuss the many abuses of power by the Obama administration and the overall breakdown of respect for authority, from the latest revelations in the IRS scandal to Attorney General Eric Holder's spectacle of an appearance before Congress, and his later playing of the race card. We'll also break down Jeb Bush's possible candidacy for president and how his comments about illegal immigration being an "act of love" may effect his chances.

Plus, we’ll talk with FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe about his terrific new book, "Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff," and we'll also speak with a very unique voice in the conservative movement, Sonnie Johnson, who is taking on the culture in powerful and important ways. She is amazing---you will love hearing what she has to say.

Please be sure to tune in for all of the analysis and fun. You can hear the show live and live-streamed on Saturday at noon ET on stations and websites across the nation, including the great KFAQ 1170. Just go to the station's website and click on "Listen Live" : . Or visit 1320 WILS and click on "Listen Live:"

Please check the affiliate list on this website to see where and when it airs near you and join us.


The Dangerous Cowardice of Brandeis University

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an accomplished, brilliant, fearless woman. I am honored to call her a friend. She is also an outspoken critic of Islam and its treatment of women, having grown up in and around Islam in her native Africa, and having survived genital mutilation, civil war, and a brutal arranged marriage. From there, she renounced Islam, fled to Europe where she believed she could more openly speak her mind and have that speech and her safety protected, and was elected to the Dutch parliament. For her courage and honesty in speaking about her own experience, she was to be awarded an honorary degree at Brandeis University. A campus uproar ensued, and Brandeis is now withdrawing her degree. (Read it here: )

On the heels of the forced exit of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for having made a contribution to pro-traditional marriage in 2008, this move is yet another example of leftist tyranny. It's all about the silencing of opinions deemed "offensive" by the leftist fascists. They bray about "tolerance," but they are only tolerant of those in their sick, leftist cult. Anybody else with any other opinion needs to be shut down. Mocked. Humiliated. Forced from their job. Shut up.

It is disgraceful. It is shameful. It is totalitarianism.

And it's here.


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