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  1. The Stranger in the White House
  2. Obama, Orwell and Alinsky Do The Jihad
  3. The Storm is Here
  4. "Flavor Flav Schools Obama"
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The Stranger in the White House

The REAL point of Rudy Giuliani's comment was NOT whether President Obama loves America or whether he's a patriot.

The REAL point was something else entirely.

My Washington Times column will knock your socks off:


Obama, Orwell and Alinsky Do The Jihad

The Storm is Here

For years now, Christians across the Middle East have been brutalized, tortured, crucified and slaughtered by Muslims----simply because they follow Jesus Christ. They are infidels, after all, and therefore must be given a choice: convert to Islam, submit to Islamic rule, or die. Pick one.

Over the weekend, ISIS beheaded twenty-one Christians in Libya, proclaiming, "A MESSAGE SIGNED WITH BLOOD TO THE NATION OF THE CROSS." They were murdered in cold blood for their Christianity. No other reason. And yet the president and his team referred to them simply as "Egyptian citizens." The word "Christian" was nowhere to be found.

Since the president won't tell the truth about our Islamic enemy, Rev. Franklin Graham stepped up and spoke that truth. Please see his powerful statement, below. Pope Francis made a similar statement on behalf of Christians.

You would think a president who says he's a Christian would be more outraged over the unspeakable atrocities being committed against his fellow believers. Instead: crickets.

Rev. Graham is right: the storm is coming. Actually, he's wrong. The storm is already here.


"Flavor Flav Schools Obama"

The rapper offers more common sense than does the current president.

How did we get here?

My column in The Washington Times:


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