Into the ring they go. My advice to the Republican nominee:

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  1. How Trump can knock out Hillary in the first debate
  2. Fox News Sunday
  3. "Never forget" September 11---by voting on it
  4. Trump's Nixon-goes-to-China moment

How Trump can knock out Hillary in the first debate

Fox News Sunday

I'm thrilled to be joining "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace tomorrow morning (Sept 18). We'll cover the latest on the 2016 race.

Please check your local listings for the Fox broadcast network channel and airtime near you.


"Never forget" September 11---by voting on it

Fifteen years after the September 11 attack, the American people get the threat. But our current leadership can't or won't. Neither does Mrs. Clinton.

If you only vote on one issue on November 8, make it 9/11.

My Washington Times column:


Trump's Nixon-goes-to-China moment

Richard Nixon was the only one who could go to China in 1972, a decision that shook the world.

Donald Trump went to Mexico with a very different message for them--and for us. And the result may be the same as it was after Nixon's famous visit so many years ago.

My Washington Times column:


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