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  2. Obama, Ebola, and The Collapse of Credibility
  3. How Obama and Hillary Gave Human Rights The Heave-Ho
  4. Men Seeking Women: Must Love Jihad
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Meet Me in Illinois!

Tired of tyranny? Need a shot of freedom? Well, you're in luck.

The great free market group Americans for Prosperity ( is hard at work in that bluest of blue states, Illinois! And I'm going to join them in Springfield and in Metro East this Wednesday, October 22, to celebrate individual freedom and economic liberty---and to call out the high taxes driving folks out of the Land of Lincoln. Join us to help save America.


Join me in Springfield or Metro East

See you there!


Obama, Ebola, and The Collapse of Credibility

The crisis of confidence in government has now reached epidemic levels, just in time for the government to bungle a possible actual epidemic.

Please check out my column in the Washington Times:


How Obama and Hillary Gave Human Rights The Heave-Ho

As I watched hundreds of thousands of residents of Hong Kong pour into the streets to resist Chinese communist oppression over the past few weeks, I got thinking: President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made Beijing's crackdown on democracy there not only possible but inevitable. Their disgraceful abandonment of human rights signaled to the Chinese communists that they would have a free hand in such matters---and they do. President Obama has still not commented on the crisis, or offered those brave folks a word of moral support.

As I write in my column for "The Washington Times", this is nothing new:


Men Seeking Women: Must Love Jihad

The Islamic State is recruiting so many Western women that it reads like a Craigslist ad.

My column in The Washington Times:


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