Your Face is a Conversation Station #Thoughtography and more...

Your Face is a Conversation Station #Thoughtography

I was blessed to see a Hospice Social Worker talking with a family recently. Her listening style was what I would call Full Face Listening, and the empathy she has for this family was communicated as much in her facial expressions as she listened, than while she was talking.

It reminded me that our face, our eyes and brows, the movements of our lips and cheeks, all are part of our conversation.

It also reminds me of the opening of an Earth, Wind, and Fire song, On Your Face (listen here):

Ain’t it funny that the way you feel,
shows on your face- and no matter,how you try to hide it’ll state your case…

Your face is very much, a conversation station. Even when you’re not the person talking.

A Man Surprised at a Station

Photo on Flickr by Thomas Leuthard

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Pictures and Images and Words: A Thoughtography Assignment

Words + Images = ThoughtographsPictures and Images are more important to your content delivery than ever before. Everyone is taking pictures, sharing pictures, and posting pictures. Your friends, your customers, your prospects.

Your turn.

Sites like Pixabay and MorgueFile are making quality photography more readily available for you to use with proper attribution. Tools like PicMonkey and Canva are making it easier to create your own images with text overlays.

By adding words to images (we call it Thoughtography), you can deliver your message for multiple types of readers and learning styles. Re-purposing content also becomes easier across platforms and networks.

You can find resources and tips in a previous piece: Using Images and Photos You Find.

Here is your four-step assignment (do it in one sitting or one step each day):

  1. Choose a short saying you repeat often
  2. Go to or and find a photo (and download it)
  3. Go to PicMonkey  or Canva and place your saying as a text overlay
  4. Save the image and use it somehow (blog, Facebook, Email, etc)
  5. When you post it on your blog or a social network, use the Hashtag #Thoughtography.

If you were to do this once a week, you’d have a bunch of Pinterest images to post, right?

For some other samples, here’s a mini-ebook we recently sent to subscribers of Whistle Stops Weekly:  Thoughtography Ebook (Subscribers get a mini-ebook each month)

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Save Your Research Work on the Cloud – With TabCloud

Tabcloud screenshotThere are often times I’m doing research or looking for photos for a project, and I’ll get a call or message that trumps the project in priority or urgency.

If I have lots of tabs open in the browser, I don’t want to lose that work – so I click on a nifty tool called TabCloud, a Chrome browser extension (there is also a Firefox add-on in beta)

Recently, that scenario played out just before a road trip. I was at my desktop putting together some a photo library for a client (including a spreadsheet with attributions) when a call came in. I immediately clicked on the TabCloud icon in my browser and save the tabs (and thereby have the pages and attributions for each image).

Once on the road, I was able to load those tabs in my browser on my laptop (different computer than what I had saved the work on) and continue the work.

Time saved. Work Saved. Different Computers.

TabCloud saves me time and again when I’m doing research work using multiple tabs.

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Week in Review July 12 – 19, 2014: Posts and Podcasts

Week in Review July 12 - 19: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts

The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare.

You can catch a complete review, in addition to top links to give your small business a L.I.F.T by subscribing to Whistle Stops Weekly email newsletter.

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Profitability Isn’t an Event; It’s a Habit (Thoughtography)

A financially healthy company is a result of a series of small daily financial wins, not one big moment. Profitability isn’t an event; it’s a habit.

- Mike Michalowicz in Profit First

Profit First Quote

Profitability Isn’t an Event; It’s a Habit (Thoughtography) is a post from: ConverStations

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