Finding Focus Begets Finer Flow and more...

Finding Focus Begets Finer Flow

father shows son how to focus cameraCreating and finding a flow is important for many business owners. But is it really flow they seek?

Finding flow as a business owner can be difficult. Phone calls, employee situations, scheduling changes, delivery delays … the tyranny of the urgent seems to beset many owners in their search for “flow”.

Stop searching for flow – you already have it. It might not be the flow you desire, but if you’re breathing, you’re flowing.

In order to find flow, one must first find focus.

Multitasking is a Myth.

If you put in a load of laundry and go do something else while the laundry is going, that’s pretty close to multitasking. On the way to the bank, if you stop by the post office, that’s close to multitasking. Doing two different things with or in flow simultaneously is hadr to do without a sacrifice of (here’s the keyword…) focus. If you want better flow, work on finding focus.

In order to find flow, one must first find focus.

Procrastination is a Focus Killer

Do what you like least first. This practice will make it easier to focus and find your best flow. If you put things off continually, your thoughts and actions will be out of focus. Consider the next thing when time allows. Focus on the present thing. After all, now is where your flow lives. Poor flow? Lack of focus.

In order to find flow, one must first find focus.

And maybe … your focus needs more focus.

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Get Better at Getting Better

If you believe that, even as experienced business owners, we should still Always Be Learning, then you probably also are wise to opportunities to get better at getting better.

In a similar vein to the practice of Go Get One More, getting better at getting better isn’t as much a practice of perfectionism, as it is a steady stream of improvement, measuring yourself today against yourself prior to today.

Being your best is not necessarily a destination, but a continual journey. It takes concentration, clarity, and discipline.

Get better at getting better.

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Get Better at Getting Better is a post from: ConverStations

Showing Off the Benefits of Your Work

two steps to front doorMany small business owners, especially those in small towns, don’t like to show off. When I say things like, Show Off Your Backstory or Show Off Your Customer Testimonials, the hesitation is recognizable. A sensible amount of modesty and humility is admirable. However, in business, putting your best under a spotlight is part of the process of doing business.

Your front window displays your best merchandise. Your display case spotlights the best you offer, whether it’s baked goods or jewelry. The phone number on the said of your vehicle shows off the best way to contact you (and sometimes a tag line to remember you).

There is a difference between being a show off and putting your best work under a spotlight.

When it’s time to show off your work, it’s important to know the difference between showing off the features of what you do (what and how your efforts work), and showing off the benefits of your work (how your work improves the lives of your customers).

As an example, a mortgage company might have a workflow involving (features):

  • Researching the best rates
  • Organizing paperwork in a simple manner
  • Coordinating involved parties in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that signatures and titles are completed properly and legally

Continuing with the example, a mortgage company provides (benefits):

  • Savings of time to the homeowner or borrower
  • Peace of Mind that the paperwork is in order and filed
  • Affordable payments based on qualifications by lender
  • Comfortable living and pride of ownership

In short, a mortgage company can show off interest rates, points, and paper – or it can show off keys in the hands of the home owner and family around the dinner table. Which do you think best resonates with their customer?

What are the benefits of your work? If you don’t know, ask your customers how being a customer of yours has helped them or improved their lives.

By showing off the benefits, it’s easier for words and images to resonate with customers and prospects of your company. Showing off features often puts a lot of industry-only jargon in your content. Showing off benefits presents recognizable scenarios into the minds and hearts of your reader.

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Always Going Back to School

Apple Chalkboard TextbooksMany parents are experiencing (rejoicing?) the special time of year called “Back to School.” For students, teachers, and parents this time of year can be special memory makers. For business owners, going “Back to School” should be an ongoing event for themselves and their team.

Barbara Sher said,

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.”

To stay relevant in business, a learning mindset is imperative to keep up with changes and find ways to create additional revenue streams. There are many ways to learn new things to help you in business:

Having a learning mindset opens your mind to new possibilities, new strategies, and new collaborative opportunities. In most cases, the clients I work with that have a learning mindset, succeed quicker and better. Those without a learning mindset, often give up too soon and chalk it up to (insert crutch excuse here).

Without a learning mindset, the sign post at the end of this road may read: Danger! Don’t Get Stuck in the Mire.

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Turn Obstacles into Opportunities (Thoughtography)

Tree in the Roadway with Quote

Change is often an obstacle for business owners. As new tools, new rules, or new behaviors presents itself on the road to success, many owners fall prey to the test. History shows us that the greater the test, the greater the testimony.

I’ve just begun reading The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. Its beginnings are fast-paced, truth-telling, actionable steps to flip the tables on your trials and turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Turn Obstacles into Opportunities (Thoughtography) is a post from: ConverStations


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