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Cassis During the Winter



A Cassis sign on the Route de Crete.





The Mistral, bringing chill to a blue sky day.








cassis View-of-sea


The view from the cliff or the Cap.



Cap Canaille



Cassis village


Do you see our place?






Pastel colored facades at nightfall.




Plane trees waiting for Spring's crown.





Kir Royal.





Favorite restaurants:

-Chez Gilbert

-Le Grand Bleu


-Le 7

-La Vieille Auberge

-Pastis Bar

-La Villa Madie

-Chez Moi xx








The sound of the sea and a place,






to watch a little girl play with her dog.





and then cast our goodbyes into the blue.


As Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Number 21


In a perfect world everything is perfect. Everyone is happy. Life offers geniune kindness and plenty to eat. Nobody suffers or dies, children grow up with only good memories of their families. Everyone has what they need. There isn't any waste. And if I wanted long legs and a little nose I would have it. But in a perfect world it wouldn't matter because nobody would see imperfections, nor judge one another. Futhermore, we would not judge ourselves, we would be perfect.





While in Paris, I told French Husband I was going to take photos of numbers. He quickly jumped in calculating, "Send me the photos and I will put them in order for you. I know how you are with numbers."

"Oh, that's nice, but I don't want them in order."

"Why not?"

"Because it isn't how I see it."



Number 6 and 4


We looked at each other knowingly.

We don't think alike and yet we do.

When it comes to facts and figures ask him, when it comes to maps and floor plans ask me. When it comes to being on time forget it, because I have to wait for him. When it comes to driving ask him unless you like the excitement of driving with someone who falls asleep at the wheel. When it comes to caring for a friend, or giving of ourselves, or walking the extra mile to help someone, we are hand in hand.

In a perfect world we are not perfect, but we are good for one another.



Number 57



Number 8


Number 9

Number 55


The above photos are in order. French Husband knows I am not kidding.

One through ten.

"Where is the ten?" He asked.

I answered, "Fifty five, is five plus five, which equals ten." 

We so don't see it the same way. Or I should say I see it both ways.



Number sixteen


"Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it... 

Various thinkers discuss the role that luck can play in science. One aspect of Walpole's original definition of serendipity, often missed in modern discussions of the word, is the need for an individual to be "sagacious" enough to link together apparently innocuous facts in order to come to a valuable conclusion. Indeed, the scientific method, and the scientists themselves, can be prepared in many other ways to harness luck and make discoveries."

 Via Wikipedia

I am a scientist?



Number 22


Do you see the reflection of my shoes between the number twenty-two?

Two shoes.

French Husband asked if that should be four shoes? He thinks he is so funny. I had to tell him it was the number two, then in the middle of the twos, are my two shoes, then the number two again. A balance of sort.

He was confused. Or am I confusing? It doesn't matter. I was having fun taking photos of numbers.



Number 26


Number 126.

As simply as that.

Posted here for no other reason, excepted I liked the curls on the plaque. 



Paris Old Sign


No number.

The old painted iron sign next to the red iron gate was calling for a photo. 

Anyway, we were driving down a boulevard and I saw the old painted iron sign. Fortunately, French Husband stops on call, and I leaned out the window and took the picture.



Parisian Clock Face



At the end of Passage Jouffroy, a covered alley between two buildings, this clock face is above *Chopin Hotel.

"Always crowded and fun, this place gives a feeling for how the passages were in their mid 19th century heyday. Grévin (, Paris's version of Madame Tussauds, is always packed, Pain D'épices ( is a wonderful old-fashioned toyshop and Segas ( specialises in antique walking sticks. At the end of the main passageway is Hotel Chopin (, with rooms from €96, if you book in advance. Turn the corner by the hotel and the boutiques become more intellectual with cutting-edge photography exhibited in Photo Verdeau ( and sumptuous art books in the Librairie du Passage.
• 10 boulevard Montmartre, 9th, metro Richelieu-Drouot" 

*Inexpensive Hotel in Paris, Hotel Chopin.

Aren't those enamelware numeral amazing.



Blue door in Paris

What is your lucky number? Place it in the shield above the door.

My lucky number is 53. Or I should say it is my favorite number. Because it appears often when I am looking for something, or needing something... hard to explain, but I am sure you know what I mean.



4 bis number


When in France if you see a number and then the word "BIS" next to it, it means that the number is repeated twice. Usually, the second number "bis" is inside the building or down an alley. Similar to: 4 a and 4 b.




Number nine

In a perfect world nine would not be an upside down six.

What would be in your perfect world? (given love, health, peace, fortune and food for everyone...etc. was already in place.) 





An Elephant and a Donkey

An elephant and a donkey


An elephant and a donkey (1900s) that I found at the brocante, part of the French "creche" = a nativity set. 

 Aren't they adorable?


Oh symbolism:

"An artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind." Via the Dictionary.


Will they, or do they, ever get along? Both from another world of  opinion. Who stands in between the two, a snake, a rabbit, a rat, a saint?


Where did the symbol of the elephant and the donkey come from?



An elephant and a donkey



Did they ever see eye to eye? 

Have they ever disagreed more?

They want the same thing, don't they? Is it that they follow different paths to reach the same point? I use to believe that, or at least hoped that were true, that we sought love, peace, courage, understanding and acceptance, and much more. Maybe I was naive, or a snowflake as I have heard. 


How hard it is for me to accept that, "love is love", is not love to some.




An elephant and a donkey


And so they stand,


on the same ground and sing,

"...This land is your land, this land is my land..."




An elephant and a donkey


All this because two nativity pieces, an elephant and a donkey, were found at a brocante. I plan on putting them on my online shop, I cannot separate the two because they do belong together.


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