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What if I told you that your meals can really cost $5.83? - $5 Dinners

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New Meal Plan - Coming Soon

I mentioned the other day that the meal plans were changing. In the past, I’ve shared meal plans with you to pull together 20 meals that will cost you $150 in ingredients from a warehouse store.

Now, I’m bringing you a new meal plan that will bring your overall meal cost down to $5.83 (for 4 servings)…using ingredients from Aldi.

(Note: You can absolutely use this new meal plan at any grocery store and can definitely get your total way below $70 if you hit a great chicken sale! More on that soon…)

I’ve worked together with my assistant, Dana, to bring you this amazing new meal plan using ingredients from Aldi. It will be ready for you on Monday morning!

And there’s one more change that you’ll have to wait to see on Monday…



P.S. We will continue to do the meal plans using ingredients from Costco. Expect a new one in August and possibly a special one in October!

P.P.S. Happy Independence Day! *fireworks*

P.P.P.S. I’m crazy giddy about sharing this new plan with you! Hurry up Monday!


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