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Subscription Forms

Reach the Largest Possible Audience

FeedBlitz's subscriber sign-up forms allow subscribers to follow your content using any of FeedBlitz's distribution methods.

Self maintaining, our forms offer the ability to subscribe via email, Twitter, Facebook and four different instant messsengers.

Branded and Embeddable

All the forms and pages we serve on your behalf are branded with your design template. Or, you can embed the form on any page of your site with a single line of JavaScript.

Custom Fields and Lead Capture

If you define custom fields (name, city, state, gender etc.) you can choose which appear on the form, and which are required.

You can use a FeedBlitz form to start a mailing list subscription, or act as a lead capture form to send a coupon, white paper or other incentive content to the submitter via an autoresponder.


FeedBlitz forms are served in one of our supported languages, based on the language of the visitor's browser (which the user can override).


Finally, FeedBlitz requires a CAPTCHA verification test to be passed by new online subscribers to prove that they are human and not a bot. This is visual, but we have a clear audio alternative for the visually impaired.