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Vedic Verses

A daily collection of verses from the Vedas, Hinduism's revealed scripture

Vedic Verses for 7/31/15

Now cold, now burning, you rack with a cough. Terrible are your features, O Fever. Pray spare us the sight of your face!

Atharva Veda V, 22, 10

Do not bring in your train either languor or cough or rasping of breath. Return never more to the place you have quit.

Atharva Veda V, 22, 11

Go away, Fever, and take along with you your brother Consumption, your sister Cough, and your cousin Herpes. Into strangers depart!

Atharva Veda V, 22, 12

I adjure you, O Fevers of every sort, whether rife in the autumn or monsoon or summer, intermittent or continuous, shivering or burning, depart and vanish!

Atharva Veda V, 22, 13

With Indra's great millstone, of all worms the crusher, I mince up these worms like grains on a grinder!

Atharva Veda II, 31, 1


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These daily verses are drawn from the Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas, Hinduism's revealed scriptures, which are 6,000 to 8,000 years old. Many of the verses are from the book The Vedic Experience, by Raimundo Panikkar, available at our Minimela online store.

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