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Vedic Verses

A daily collection of verses from the Vedas, Hinduism's revealed scripture

Vedic Verses for 12/20/14

One man they call morose, unbending in friendship; him they do not send forward to competitions. He goes on his way deluded, his endeavors sterile. Void both of fruit and flowers was the word he heard.

Rig Veda X, 71,5

No longer does the man who has abandoned a congenial friend possess a share in the Word. Vain is his hearing, whatsoever he hears. He does not recognize the path of goodness.

Rig Veda X, 71,6

Friends, though endowed alike with sight and hearing, may yet in quickness of mind be quite unequal. Some are like ponds that reach to mouth or shoulder, while others resemble lakes deep enough for bathing.

Rig Veda X, 71,7

When Brahmins sacrifice together in friendship, forming within their hearts inspirations of the spirit, their wise resolves may leave one man behind, while others, though reckoned as Brahmins, stray away.

Rig Veda X, 71,8

Those who advance not in this direction or that, who are not knowers of Brahman or Soma-pressers, they have obtained the Word in sinful fashion. Being ignorant, they weave a faulty thread.

Rig Veda X, 71,9


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These daily verses are drawn from the Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas, Hinduism's revealed scriptures, which are 6,000 to 8,000 years old. Many of the verses are from the book The Vedic Experience, by Raimundo Panikkar, available at our Minimela online store.

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