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A daily chapter from South Indian saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, 'Holy Couplets.'

Chapter 92: Wanton Women

Kural 911

The sweet words of beautifully bangled women who desire
a man's wealth and not his love decree his fall into disgrace.

Kural 912

Weigh the worth and abandon the company of wanton women
who, weighing their profit, prattle about their virtues.

Kural 913

A mercenary woman pretends intimate embrace,
but in the darkened room, she caresses a stranger's carcass.

Kural 914

Men seeking spiritual treasures are too worldly wise
to touch tawdry women who treasure only material riches.

Kural 915

Men of innate good sense and acquired wisdom
never touch tramps who shamelessly share their beauty with all.

Kural 916

Desiring to maintain their jubilant goodness, men will not
embrace enticing women who proffer lewd charms to all.

Kural 917

Only men of unchaste mind will lie in the arms of women
whose hearts chase after other things as they embrace.

Kural 918

It is said that men devoid of discerning wisdom
succumb to a deceiving damsel's embrace as to a siren's song.

Kural 919

The soft arms of the elegantly bejeweled harlot
are a murky mire that engulfs wicked, stupid men.

Kural 920

Two-faced females, besotting brew and addictive dice
befriend the men whom fortune has forsaken.

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These daily couplets are drawn from Saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, an ethical masterpiece written over 2,200 years ago in South India. This American English translation, known as Weaver's Wisdom, is available at our Minimela online store.


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