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A daily chapter from South Indian saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, 'Holy Couplets.'

Appendix The Qualities of People

Chapter 96: Nobility

Kural 951

An innate sense of right and shying away from wrong
are found together only in the nobly born.

Kural 952

Men of noble birth will never fall away from these three:
correct conduct, truthfulness and modesty.

Kural 953

Four traits define the true gentleman: a smiling face,
a generous hand, a courteous demeanor and kindly words.

Kural 954

Though millions upon millions could be gained by it,
men nobly born would never commit a demeaning deed.

Kural 955

Though their means of charitableness may be cut off,
venerable families will never be severed from propriety.

Kural 956

Those committed to their family's flawless fame
dare not commit deceitful, dishonorable deeds.

Kural 957

In high-born men, blemishes are clearly seen,
just as the moon's elevation makes it more visible.

Kural 958

When a man with good background lacks loving affection,
doubts arise whether he arose from that family.

Kural 959

The nature of a soil is known by the seedlings it sprouts.
The nature of a man's family is known by the words he speaks.

Kural 960

Those desiring greatness must desire modesty. Those seeking
their family's honor must seek to be respectful to all.

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These daily couplets are drawn from Saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, an ethical masterpiece written over 2,200 years ago in South India. This American English translation, known as Weaver's Wisdom, is available at our Minimela online store.


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