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September 25, 2015

Note: Though the print edition of the October-November-December 2015 issue is already available, its various digital counterparts are not yet. They will be soon and we will inform you when they are.

In the meantime we review here the outstanding Varanasi article of the previous issue and inform you of that issue's being available NOW as our very first and already historic Hinduism Today App. Read on.

July issue cover beautiful Varanasi
Hinduism Today's
July-August-September 2015 issue:
Wonderful Varanasi

Among Hinduism's countless holy places, Varanasi stands unique. Probably nowhere else is the human drama of life, death, destiny and ultimate liberation so much out in the open for all to see and be affected by.

Our July-August-September issue's feature article, Varanasi, cracks open diverse doors onto the wonders, mysteries and depths of this magical place. More.

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portrait smiling rishi
three young yogis
Teaching Hinduism:
all you need is love.

To share Hinduism's treasures, "You only need love, and then everything else comes," declares Rishi Thondunatha, Hindu teacher extraordinaire.

"Some people want to teach, but hesitate thinking they may not have the talent. But I believe that if the subject inspires you, it is the only talent you really need. If you love the subject, I'd advise to just go out there and be yourself. It'll work. It'll come to you how to succeed. I found this to be true. I've proved it to myself." More (and lots of photos).

garlanded, smiling satguru in front of 

Satguru travels

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, publisher of Hinduism Today and head of Himalayan Academy, will be offering darshan, satsang and lots of practical wisdom at the locations below.
For details and ongoing updates:
website or email
About Satguru
Invite Satguru to visit your area.

tanzi's-award announcement
Satguru with Tanzi

Our featured
consciousness scientist receives recognition

The scientist featured in our previous newsletter, Harvard professor Rudolph Tanzi, has been selected by Time Magazine as one of the world's 100 Most Influential People.

The newsletter article, How science came to agree: the spiritual world-view is correct, is a review of Tanzi's book, Super Brain. In this work, the author, a top expert on the brain, pulls together the vast quantity of data and discoveries about the brain made in the last few decades—many of which are astounding and defy ordinary thinking—into a one coherent whole. He credits the teaching of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, More.

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Gurudeva's trilogy

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Dancing with Siva , Volume 1, is a thorough overview of Hinduism's most basic teachings.
Living with Siva , Volume 2, is Gurudeva's guide on how to live—inwardly as well as outwardly—to create a fulfilling future.
Merging with Siva , Volume 3. Emphasis is on Hindu metaphysics: the inner bodies of man, the evolution of the soul, meditation, God-Realization and much more.

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