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February 14, 2013


"Brothers and sisters
of America..."

Swami Vivekananda had just spoken these first five words of his great speech of 1893 when he was interrupted with a thunderous standing ovation that lasted two minutes! Why this overwhelming acceptance when he'd basically just said hello?

Actually, he'd already said a lot.

Imagine: we are in Chicago in 1893. And here is a man from the colonies, dressed in native garb, representing a heathen faith before mostly white Protestant clergy who considered interfaith dialogue as “preparing the way for... Jesus Christ” (page 33, January-February-March 2013 issue). Brothers and sisters must have seemed bold and daring—and most weighty.


Nonetheless, the words were welcomed with exuberance. "Yes, we ARE brothers," the applause seemed to say, "yes, we ARE ready for a new time of brotherhood!" Was it a historical moment? Probably so. Consider that the speech echoed 'round the world and into India where Swami would become the spark that lit the fire of national pride and yearning for independence. The rest is history. And the halting march toward greater brotherhood continues to this day.

Listen to an excellent simulated recording of the speech (note: it is a simulated recording). You'll be amazed how powerful and relevant it still is today.

The article. We have dwelled, here, on but two minutes of Swami Vivekananda's life. There is a lot more to tell, and it is all compacted into a powerful 17-page article in the January-February-March 2013 issue.

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The Vivekananda-Hinduism Today connection is told on page 51 (or scroll down to Connections... ) Vivekananda's spirit in fearlessly proclaiming Hinduism's greatness, his grasp of its key features and ability to articulate them in clear, modern language, his mystical approach—all deeply impressed the young man who would become founder of Hinduism Today, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva). And many are those who, like Production Fund donor Subhash Choudhary, recognize that same Vivekananda spirit rolling through the magazine's pages.

"If it weren't for the magazine, we wouldn't even know who our heroes are," a reader recently observed.

Hinduism Today is indeed committed to bringing forward Hinduism's great souls, past and present—and does just that at every opportunity. We feel it is vital for Hindus and the world to know them and appreciate the source of their greatness. It is they who show the way and uplift and inspire us—and, here and there, transmit their spirit to a newer generation. Can there be a greater cause?

Read about other Hindu heroes covered by the magazine: search Hindu of the Year at

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Meet our gracious Benefactors
A Benefactor of Hinduism Today is a person or family who has donated $1000 or more to the Production Fund —either as an immediate gift, or as a part of his, her or their estate plan. Meet these inspired Benefactors:

David Wiekrykas: the stuff of life

David Weikrykas was born in the US 53 years ago of Lithuanian parents. "I am a Hindu to the core," he declares, "have been my whole life, and for many lives before that." He feels grateful to have had profound spiritual insights and experiences all through his life, from childhood. At some point, he decided to dedicate his life to God and live as a brahmachari.

Since David was introduced to Hinduism Today by his guru (Roy Eugene Davis) in 1992, he has read every word of every article of every issue. "Because my guru introduced me to it, I feel his presence in it, he speaks to me through the words. There is no difference between us. Hinduism Today is my resource, my guru and my own voice at the same time."

"Hinduism Today not only tells about the Hindu renaissance,
it is helping to bring it about.
The information it contains is the stuff of life,
it is the power of creation,
like everything Hindu."

More from David Wiekrykas.

The Ragade family: reconnecting

"When we found Hinduism Today," explains Dr. Jagdish Ragade, "immediately our lives were enhanced. At work, I find myself banking more confidently on the inner." Mrs. Ragade, also a physician, adds, "The magazine helped us to reconnect with our core beliefs. Once your understanding and faith deepen, you can really help others. This has proved true in our work and at home also."

"We imagine a future where Hinduism Today is financially strong and able to share Hinduism's spiritual treasures with a great many people. And, as inspired people tend to inspire others, the effect should be a wonder to behold."

More from the Ragade family.


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