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a week in the studio and more...

a week in the studio

Well, most days.   The rest of the time I have been packing and getting ready to leave for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters Celebration...Thursday morning and will be home on Monday.  Should be fun!

I've been experimenting (as usual) and playing with some ideas; some have worked, others have not.  But that's how you learn - right?

In the meantime, I found some old photos of quilts I made back in 1997-99 (ha - can I say the last century??)  I no longer have this quilt - have no idea what happened to it.  I have one strip of blocks left..

I scanned in the other photos; it's interesting to see pieces I no longer have and can't find.  This baby quilt went to somebody, but I have no idea who.  Made from my grandmother's scraps.  I think I really didn't understand the value of them.  Wish i had this now.
I was always challenging myself to make ONE block in a few different combinations.  All scraps.  I wonder if I took these apart and still have the blocks.  Shall have to look.

Another baby quilt 1997.  Was I crazy??  Actually, by a couple of years later, I had ditched traditional patterns altogether.  Hmmm...second from right in middle row looks suspiciously like left bottom row above.

Finally, where is THIS one?  I love it! trompe l'oeil.  Same era - mid-to-late '90's.  That wonderful yellow fabric is from Usha - Handloom Batik.  And I see a piece of Kaffe's early stripes.  Oh, my.  Even then, I have to admit I like my color choices.

Enough memory lane stuff.  I opened a trunk and it turned out to be a Pandora's Box full of vintage antique blocks I had forgotten about.  Oh, no!

Time to sleep - have to be up super-early tomorrow to get to the airport.


what is this?

I just ate the entire bowl. Have spent all week cooking for Passover (Friday night is the first seder) and not done yet. The brisket, stuffed breast of veal, and chicken soup are all done. This morning, the potato kugel.  Does this give you a hint?

 Was in the studio all afternoon till 7:pm and barely scratched the surface of my work.  Just got home, poured myself a drink, put my feet up, and am relaxing till I decide what I will REALLY eat for dinner.  This was just an appetizer.  I have to give credit to one of my must-read websites, Do potato peels count as carbs?
Dinner might be avocado toast, which seems to be the next big thing.  Lots of variations, none of which I have tried -- but I have ⅓ of an avocado in the fridge that needs to be enjoyed.

I have been so happy to be in my studio since I've returned from Florida.  Was there almost every day last week and again, today.  I have space and light there, and have been using my little Brother machine which is the clone of the one I bought for Miss Emma. I hated it at first but it has grown on me and it is just fine.  Brought it home today because Emma will be here Friday night and part of Sat, and I want to see her sew.  I also figure I can unload a bunch of fabrics on her, gift her with piles of fabrics, which I will let her select.  I also bought an extra ¼" foot, which I will send her home with.

Those of you who have seen pictures of my sewing room will be happy to know that I have contacted a couple of space organizing consultants to see who can come up with a plan for an organized studio I can live with.This will take some time.  In the interim, I have filled a large trash bag and am thinking layouts.  Unfortunately, this is a very small room.

Tomorrow, I may work at home.  Or not.


past due blog post

What a week! 

Been working on posting my online teaching lessons, which will be available in May for those who signed up for the classes. Made some progress today uploading photos.

A big package of fabrics arrived today and I haven't even had time to open it. Boo,hiss.
Maybe next week.  I'll be home all day next Tuesday because I'm taking my car in for the airbag recall.

In February, I got a letter from Subaru saying that nobody should sit in the front passenger seat because they might die from an exploding airbag (implying, "in the event of an accident"). They also said they were out of replacement air bags (oh,swell) and would send me a letter when they got a new supply.  Did you get a letter from Subaru that my airbags were in?  Because I didn't.  So, faced with the prospect of sudden death from an airbag while we drive home on the lovely Route 95 for 3 days, I called the West Palm Beach Subaru dealer yesterday. 

Yes, they have airbags. Miracle of miracles, I got an appointment this morning, and the woman told me it would take most of the  morning.  So this morning, I showed up with my car (which, it must be noted, I have been driving for seven years without fearing death-by-airbag).  There was only one hitch.  The woman who told me I could have my car late this morning was lying or an idiot.  They have to remove the whole dashboard and it was going to take all day.  Oops.  Non-cancellable afternoon appointment for Phil and the next auto slot is Tuesday morning at 8. Hopefully, they will have a loaner for me on Tuesday, which they did not have today.

On the subject of dashboards, I received another missive from Subaru this week, alerting me about melting dashboards from heat and humidity, and extending my warranty for another year.  MELTING DASHBOARDS?? I had this vision.

So far, no melting. But I did read a comment from someone whose hand stuck to the middle of his steering wheel because of melting. The worst of it was that he wiped his hand off on his pants and couldn't get the plastic off his pants.  Now I know why in the Florida summers, people put those cardboard things on their windows.

Two weeks from now we will be heading home and I am feeling the panic of not finishing what I need to finish -- not to mention cleaning up this place we have been in for 4 months. It needs to be left spotless and I have a terrible cleaning person.  Unfortunately, I can't fire her.  Oh, well. Nothing's perfect.

quickie update with a link

Thanks, Deborah Boschert, for leaving this link to a tutorial on how to link your Blogger profile to your email.  Maybe some people don't even realize they are not linked and don't know how to do this - so I'm passing it on.


a few detours

I've temporarily stopped sewing strips of colors that remind me of Cape Town because I need to shift gears for a few days.  Here are some of the colors I am using, along with others, of course. Color inspiration is everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

On another subject... If you happened to see my Facebook post or looked at, you have already seen this piece of fabric, which I found while going through a pile of STUFF, looking for something else. What you didn't see was the other side of the fabric.

This is the back of that piece. I printed the front as a demo using a torn paper resist on day 1 of a surface design class.

Since demo pieces are not meant to be masterpieces (although, believe it or not, sometimes they are),  I turned it over for the demo on day 2, using a glue resist.  Because the fabric already had a layer of paint on side 1, the yellow and blue and white paint I had used, came through the resist areas.  Accident. Serendipity. Whatever you want to call it -- it was unplanned and came out amazingly well. Just saying.

My final task of the day was to make some ugly blocks to take to class this week.  I didn't have any here in Florida, although I have plenty at home.  So I scrounged around for some not-so-pretty fabric and made a few. My stash of ugly fabric here in the apartment is limited, to say the least.  I brought only lovely fabric with me (a carload), but managed to eke out 3 nine-patches for demos.  I'm posting them here because next week, I may have some beauties in their place.  Or not.

Just set the clocks ahead and am finally tired enough to call it a night.  Presumably, more tomorrow or the next day.  


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