I swore I wasn't going to leave the house today until I finished stitching the piece I am working on. I did go downstairs to the mailbox, but that was IT. And I am almost done, but still at it. This quilt has given me grief the whole time I've been ...

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Almost there and more...

Almost there

I swore I wasn't going to leave the house today until I finished stitching the piece I am working on.  I did go downstairs to the mailbox, but that was IT. And I am almost done, but still at it. This quilt has given me grief the whole time I've been working on it.


1) part of it is fused and the edges keep coming up.

2) the quilt is dark and the batting is white. There is white fuzz all over the front of the quilt, even on the parts I have not yet stitched.

3) I am using 3 different colors of thread, which means I am changing thread every 30 seconds (or so it seems).

4) There is no quilt store nearby, so I had to replenish my thread at Jo-Ann's. It is crappy thread, despite having a brand name. It breaks and leaves a lot of fuzz.  

I am so exhausted from quilting and ranting that I will save rants #2 and #3 for another post.  Going to sleep it off.


busy, busy, busy

I have been quilting a pice in spurts, all month. Still not there.  The problem is that I have to change threads very often, which slows up the process.  In addition, the batting is shedding all over the quilt, which is a dark color. This has never happened to me before and it is not a happy situation.  Mopping up as best I can.  I swore I would finish this week, but I am not so sure.

Art Palm Beach was this weekend and my cousin Mimi and I had passes for the preview evening.  Not sure which was more interesting: the art or the other patrons. There was some really strange stuff and a lot of bad art, along with the good pieces. 

When I go to an exhibit I always play a game with myself: which one would I take if I could get it for free? Most of the time,the answer is "none."  I took pictures of some I liked when we arrived, but after that - meh. Here are a few I liked or thought were interesting.

Liked the use of color in this one.

There were four of these - each in a different palette. This was my favorite.

Loved the figures and the faces here. I think the was the "grab and run" candidate.

Not sure why I took a photo of this one, in retrospect.

These were just two of the giant heads in an installation that is probably meant for outdoors. Really fun!

There is always some art or fine craft exhibit going on in this area.

I am a member of the Palm Beach County MQG and the meeting was on Saturday, so I went. Caught up with my friend Debbie Krajkowski who moved here from New Jersey and is now doing long-arm quilting, and saw my friend Judy, although not really time to chat.  I am going to QuiltCon in Savannah at the end of February and I expect to see a lot of people I know.  I have not been to Savannah, so looking forward to spending some tourist time, too.

Two years ago I did the kitchen here; this year, the bathrooms. I hope to get these done before I leave - and I'm getting the apartment painted, as well.  Finally picked a paint color.
This place hasn't been painted since the '80's. The walls are peach and I am going to do gray.  I have worried that it might be too dark.  I've got splotches painted all over the walls.
Tonight, it occurred to me to take the photo in black and white so I could compare the values of the old paint and the future paint. Surprise!  The gray is actually lighter than the peach.  You really can't go by color--something I emphasize with my students all the time.  At any rate, I feel much better about the gray now. No worries about it being too dark!

With that, I am off to bed.  My sleep pattern has been very strange: ready for bed by 9 and up before sunrise.  I don't care for that, but can't seem to break the cycle for more than one night.  Cheers!


moving right along...

Christmas has passed, the New Year hasn't arrived yet, and Chanukah is on night #4 -- New Year's Eve will be the last night.  I can't remember when there has been such a perfect confluence of holiday dates.

I'm in Florida and I spotted a menorah in the kitchen cabinet.  But it appears to be child-sized-- which mystifies me, since no children ever lived here. I wasn't even sure the candles would fit, but they do -- and the wax drips all over the counter in little blobs.   
I thought the $6.99 candles would burn much longer than the $1.99 candles, but I was wrong. Oh well.

In the meantime, lest you think I have been idle, my guest room has turned into my sewing room. It is just as messy as the one at home, but it didn't take as long to get this way.  I will show you the neat parts:

And no, I haven't cut into that African fabric yet. Maybe in January.

Ok, the candles have burned out, so I can go to bed.  Last night I was so tired I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up well rested -- three hours later.  Good grief! I had to stay up for a few hours so I could go back to sleep. (what is wrong with this picture?)

Hope you are having some sort of vacation this week. I am off to bed - it is now a civilized enough hour for that. xo

Where did the time go??

Ha - it went away.  Have spent most of the last few weeks in my guest room - now temporary sewing room - playing around with some ideas.   Some worked out; others, not at all.  And the one that I should have cut up before I quilted it is sitting on my wall, looking sad.    I can't even show it to you -- it is too embarrassing.

When I left my sewing room, it was for the supermarket or to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy a vacuum.  My mother's old one from the 1970's is great -- except that the retractable cord retracts every time I take a step, so I can only vacuum in one spot.    So, after having read every vacuum review on the Internet, I decided on this one.  It has been lying on the floor for 3 days because I haven't got time to put it together.  I got as far as following the first instruction.

  •   Lay the machine on its back.
The next step requires me to get down on the floor, from which I will never get up.  Phil, my partner and engineer, will not be back until the end of January. So here I am, back in the sewing room, which has a floor that looks like this (and this is not even the worst part).
It is raining.  I have beenup since 4:am.  It is now 6:45 and my NY Times has not
yet arrived - grrrrrr).   There is only one cure for this before I get on with my day.
Happy Holidays, everyone!


Help! I am a prisoner in my sewing room!

This is not exactly a complaint, you understand.  I have lost no time in making my Florida guest room into a mess.  There wasn't enough horizontal space, and there is barely any storage space. The bookcases are now almost devoid of books and have been replaced by piles of - ha - fabric.  I had to buy a folding table, 24" x 48" - and I bought one that lowers so I can actually sew on it without getting a crick in my neck.

I am using up leftover bits from another quilt and was trying to make something modern and restrained - but it wants to be something playful, so I guess I have to go with it.

Honestly, it never pays to have an idea of what you want because you are only disappointed when the piece sticks out its tongue and says "nyah nyah, you can't do that. You are doing it MY way!"  

I've been waking up at pre-dawn hours, so I'm trying to stay up a little later tonight. Maybe I can sleep till a civilized hour and work on that silly piece tomorrow.

On another note, my African batik arrived a day or two ago and I hope to live long enough to use it. Here are two sections of it.  I think the turquoise is a mistake, but it is at intervals so it might be intentional.  In any case, I love the effect.

So that's my story for today. Stay tuned. If I don't have anything interesting to say I will try to invent something for the next blog post.


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