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speechless, but not wordless and more...

speechless, but not wordless


Do you believe this?? Yesterday I had the a/c on in the car and the windows wide open in the bedroom to let in some air. In about 10 hours I am leaving for New England -- by car. Yahoo weather assures me that it will  be sunny and 50F degrees. But not where I am going.



Yesterday (Sunday) I was honored to have been invited by Rachel Ray, author of this gorgeous book, Quilting with a Modern Slant, to be part of a panel at the Art Quilt Gallery in NY, talking a little bit about my work, my process, and to show some of my pieces.  I was so happy to meet Rachel after all the back-and-forth on phone and email over the last couple of years, while the book was being written and designed.   

I have to tell you how wonderful this book is -- and I get nothing but pleasure out of recommending it because I believe it is the most important book on contemporary quilting to come along.  The great thing about this book is that it is inclusive; showcasing a variety of quilts and quilt makers who might not call themselves "modern" quilters but have an aesthetic that has influenced the modern movement.  There are not only gorgeous pictures of quilts, but interviews with the makers, tutorials, and even a few patterns.

Also in the book and on the panel, my friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe, who has become a dynamic force in today's quilt world.  She would not call herself a modern quilter, either -- but like me, she works inprovisationally. Here is the selfie of us. LOL
 The gallery was packed, including two people who had come all the way from Philadelphia for the program, and a visitor from Brisbane on holiday.  City Quilter did a brisk business in books and fabrics and we had a great time meeting people who had come to see us. 

Because it was a Sunday, I drove into the city and - hooray - parked for free on the street.
All in all, a good day.  This morning, I am off to see my dentist, which is always a pleasure.  Really!  Then, supermarket and home to start my Passover cooking for next Monday night.  Let's see...eggs, onions, potatoes...

catching up -- again!

Checking in before the day gets away from me...which it is doing very quickly. It has been too hectic the last couple of days and today, I am not leaving the house. (it's raining - good excuse).  

I'm working on an article and need to take my own photos, since some of them are process pix that can't be done later. But my two digital cameras are ready for the garbage: my beloved 13 year old Canon S40 has too many things that don't function and it doesn't pay to have it fixed.  My little Nikon, almost as old, is hopeless and the photo quality was never as good as the Canon's.  SO - with this camera emergency in mimd, the first thing I did when I got home from my workshop was head out to buy a new one.  Before I left, I had done my research and I bought a Canon S110, which got rave reviews, shoots RAW (a necessity for me) and can use WiFi to upload pix to my computer.  I have charged the battery but haven't had a minute to read the instruction manual or set it up.  Maybe later today.

While the class complained that 3 days wasn't long enough, they managed to do a remarkable amount of work. Here are a few more, finished and ready to quilt.  

If any of you are within driving distance of Burlington, VT, you can take a one-day workshop with me in early May.  The Champlain Valley Quilt Guild's workshops are open to non-members, so if you want a day or two of fun and creativity, you can sign up for one of the still-open spots in Cinderella Quilts or Jump-Starting the Art Quilt.   Check my sidebar and contact Janet Brunet to reserve while you can.

Ok, so now I have to go fiddle with my new camera and play around with it.  Back to work!

Hudson River Valley

Internet has been spotty at best and after a power outage here yesterday, non-existent.  I'm at the beautiful Greenville Arms in upstate New York, teaching a three day Free-Form Design Spa workshop.

I drove up on Saturday and yesterday was the first day of class. It has been cold and rainy, but we are happy campers because we are sewing and designing. 

It is remarkable that in one day, there has been so much accomplished after starting completely from scratch.  I couldn't even pry them away from their machines for mid-afternoon cookie break!! Here are just a few of them on the design walls when class ended yesterday.  They need to be fine-tuned today and then, onward.

It is time for breakfast, so off to start day two.

posting before another day goes by...

Last Thursday I was in New York at lunch with some of my college classmates in the NY metro area.  Took the bus in and walked to the University Club on 54th and Fifth Avenue, taking pictures in my usual way.  I deleted one of them by mistake and when I followed the directions on how to retrieve deleted photos with iTunes - the next thing I knew, I was looking at this screen. Deadsville. No pictures, no anything else, and much aggravation.

Long story short --most was recovered after a session at the Genius Bar on Friday, except for Thursday's pix that had not made it to the cloud and about 8 million text messages still sitting there. Can't say enough about Apple's customer service -- at least at this particular store.

Sunday late afternoon --  airport to pick up Patricia and Stéphane - my two charming and adorable French cousins, who are here to make presentations at conferences in New Haven and New York.  They stayed the night and I took them to the train this morning, but it was a delight to spend a few hours with them.  My French family knows how much I love la moutarde française, and Patricia brought me a treat -- truffle mustard and mortared au piment because she knows how much I love spicy things.  
Today, worked on getting the tax records together to take to my accountant later this week.  I was excessively antsy after a few hours of working on that stuff and took a break to fritter away some time on Facebook.  Good grief!  Working on taxes clearly addled my brain.

If I can get off this computer, I may continue to do some stitching on a whole cloth piece. No straight lines this time: I'm kind of enjoying stitching those circles for a change.  
On the other hand, I am leaving on Saturday to run a three day Free-form Design Spa workshop at Hudson River Valley Workshops in Greenville, NY. and I really need to get my supplies together.  I am driving, so I will be able to bring my very own sewing machine.  I have a basic Viking 210 from sometime in the '90s and it only weighs 14 lbs, so it can travel by car.  It's the only machine I ever bought new.  Its cousin, the Viking 215 (equally basic) is at my Florida apartment.  That one I bought on ebay a few years ago for almost nothing and it seems to be working fine.

Tomorrow, dentist and more taxes. Oh joy.

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