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Hand Carved Black Granite Ganesha

The Mini Mela Gift Shop provides books and booklets published by the Hindu monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery. The gift shop is a source for puja supplies, music, brass, crystal and semi-precious stone Deities, Hinduism Today magazines and subscriptions, Hindu greeting cards, rudraksha beads and malas, bracelets and books for kids.


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Lord of Categories, Remover of Obstacles!

A difficult to find hand carving made possible for us to offer only by our Bangalore carving site. This is a beautifully hand-carved Granite Ganesha carved in India by the same stone carvers that are carving Iraivan Temple.

Once applied with oil and readied for worship the stone will look even more amazing emanating dark tones in contrast to the white detailed lines showing expressions and gestures of blessings.

Standing just over 1 foot high and 6 inches wide, this is a perfect size for a powerful home shrine as well as an exquisite accent to sacred gardens or home decor. Free shipping to anywhere in the USA to your home or temple and blessed with the energy of Kauai's Hindu Monastery.

-Additional shipping payment required for International Delivery.

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Aum Namasivaya Bracelet

A handsome piece of Indian jewelry for men or women, wear the most sacred Saiva mantra, "Aum Namasivaya," all day as a reminder of God's grace at work in your life. Excellent quality 5/8" wide bands, with the mantra in Sanskrit Devanagari script. Made with copper, brass and German silver (white metal.)
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Black Onyx-Mala


These malas are made from beautiful semi-precious and mineral stones. Used for japa yoga or simply a cosmetic look, these malas will make an extraordinary gift for all occasions.

Black Onyx is know for its ability to take one deep within and submerge oneself into the inner spaces where the Devas and Maha Devas rule and hold sway.

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Yoga Swami Poster

This painting of Yogaswami seated in solitary meditation was found in a shrine room in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It makes an excellent addition to one's shrine room or home to resonate serenity and peace.

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