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Malas, Malas, and... More Malas

The Mini Mela Gift Shop provides books and booklets published by the Hindu monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery. The gift shop is a source for puja supplies, music, brass, crystal and semi-precious stone Deities, Hinduism Today magazines and subscriptions, Hindu greeting cards, rudraksha beads and malas, bracelets and books for kids.

Many kinds of malas

are available on Minimela's site to suit your tastes and needs. These malas are especially suited for daily japa yoga, but also can be used for their uplifting spiritual properties as well as for wearing as necklaces. We have a nice selection of various semi-precious gemstone and rudraksha beads to choose from, including:

  • rudraksha

  • black onyx

  • carnelian

  • quartz crystal

  • jade

  • malachite

  • moonstone

  • and


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Vedic Astrology Simply Put

Vedic Astrology Simply Put is all about Jyotish (jyoh'tish) as it is called in India. It is the Science or Knowledge of Time. Its purpose, over several millennia of existence, has been to identify karma, or action, in terms of the past, present and future. Vedic astrology is about understanding how to best perform in time...

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Ganesha Topaz

Lord Ganesha is the God of good fortune and is the remover of obstacles, making our life's decisions flow smoothly and in the proper direction. These pure, beautiful light yellow topaz Ganeshas are brought from India. This is a perfect talisman for any home or to just keep Ganesha with you wherever you go. As these are natural stone; size, color and patterns may vary. Approximately .25 inches tall. The weight of this size stone is 2-5 grams.

Was $20.00
Now Only $15.00!

Quartz Crystal Siva Lingam

Siva lingams represent the aspect of God that is beyond everything, beyond form, beyond time and beyond space. These clear quartz crystal lingams were blessed by our uncut 700 pound crystal Siva lingam. Perfect for any home shrine or just to keep with you wherever you go. About 1" tall. 35-45 grams.

Starting from only $25!

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