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The Mini Mela Gift Shop provides books and booklets published by the Hindu monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery. The gift shop is a source for puja supplies, music, brass, crystal and semi-precious stone Deities, Hinduism Today magazines and subscriptions, Hindu greeting cards, rudraksha beads and malas, bracelets and books for kids.

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With mobile devices becoming more popular and convenient, we now offer our publications on Kindle! Kindle devices offer mobile reading without the classic "screen," it's easy on the eyes and more like reading a paper book than anything else. Of course, you can also download the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone and read the books there. A new way to always have uplifting words and sacred scripture everywhere you go!

Growing Up Hindu: Story book for the Hindu Youth

Growing up Hindu has been in the works since 2010, written by Anuradha Murali and illustrated by Rajeev N.T. with the help of eight consultants among the help of eight Hindu consultants. The stories illustrate Bodhinatha's Nine Parenting Guidelines: Positive Self-Concept, Perceptive Self-Correction, Powerful Self-Control, Profound Self-Confidence, Playful Self-Contentment, Pious Character, Proficiency in Conflict Resolution, Parental Closeness and Prejudice-Free Consciousness. (click here to read more)...

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The Guru Chronicles (Audio Book)

Turn your favorite digital device into your choice spiritual tool, with an 8GB USB drive that contains The Guru Chronicles Audio Book, along with the PDF and other eBook versions (ePub, Mobi/Kindle) and other digital treasures. Authored by the swamis of Kauai's Hindu Monastery.
Unabridged audio book (MP3 files) -- over 23 hours of dramatic reading by Raj Narayan.

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Puja Kit

This complete Brass Puja set is Gold Plated for beauty and shine. Great for the home shrine as well as for learning to perform Puja.

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