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The Mini Mela Gift Shop provides books and booklets published by the Hindu monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery. The gift shop is a source for puja supplies, music, brass, crystal and semi-precious stone Deities, Hinduism Today magazines and subscriptions, Hindu greeting cards, rudraksha beads and malas, bracelets and books for kids.

Hand Carved
& Painted
Rose Quartz Ganesha!

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This is beautiful hand painted Rose Quartz Ganesha that has a stunning presence. It's perfect for the home shrine as well as a striking piece for decoration. Lord Ganesha weighs in at 2843 grams of solid Rose Quartz and is approximately 6 inches tall.

Free shipping to anywhere in the USA to your home or temple and blessed with the energy of Kauai's Hindu Monastery.

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The History of Hindu India

A book for kids, teenagers, parents and teachers, the history of today’s Hindus, one-sixth of our human race, extends back beyond recorded history. In this book, we pick up the threads of Hindu practice evident in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization, which was the largest and in many ways the most advanced of the ancient civilizations. From there we trace the development of Hinduism through the early empires of India, a time of great advances in science, architecture, art and literature—during which Europe was experiencing the Middle Ages. Then came the years of trial by invasion, followed by colonization and finally, in the 20th century, independence from the British Crown. Throughout these periods of history, we highlight the people, philosophical ideas and religious practices that are key to the Hindu religion today. While the text is written for sixth grade social studies classes in US schools, it is also suitable for high school classes. It has even been used in college course work, due to its refreshingly accurate, terse but comprehensive presentation of the world’s most ancient faith.

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Exquisite Hand Carved Jade Muruga

Weighing in at a solid 10,470 grams of beautiful Jade stone, this hand-carved and hand-decorated beauty is no ordinary Muruga. From the fine brushstrokes to the intricate carving this Deity stands like no other. Standing at just under 15 inches tall, this Muruga is sure to make an impactful presence no matter where you place him. Vel Muruga!

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Bracelet - Aum Namasivaya Silver

A handsome piece of Indian jewelry for men or women, wear the most sacred Saiva mantra,

"Aum Namasivaya," all day as a reminder of God's grace at work in your life.

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