Newsletter #7 July 1, 2013
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Announce your Fall events in Hinduism Today! Being a quarterly, we have a long lead time. We are now preparing our next issue, whose shelf life goes from late August to late November--a time which also begins the holiday season.

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Ad tip of the month:
First, focus on your headline


For your ad to be effective (i.e., get results), focus first on your headline. Sometimes ads will have a headline such as Ayurveda or Puja Articles or New Hindu Charity. These are titles; they tell us what category the ad fits into, and that's all. But your headline needs to do more than that. It needs to engage the reader. The headline pictured on the left, as humble and simple at it is, is actually excellent. It does the job.

And remember: we're here to help with your ad's concept, wording and design.


Advertisers of the month:
The art of cultivating contentment

Santosh and Karuna Krinsky have been happy Hinduism Today advertisers since the mid-80s. They are life-long Sri Aurobindo devotees and they love to philosophize. But for them, philosophy is more than just words and concepts. It consists in paying a whole lot of attention to how they live. "Marriage is our sadhana," proclaims Karuna. More...

gurudeva portrait

Founder on contentment

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, founder of Hinduism Today said this of contentment:

To be santosha (content) is to be peaceful in any situation. Santosha is a spiritual power. And it is there, inside you, and needs to be brought out.”


Hinduism Today
goes to Washington

On june 4, publisher of Hinduism Today, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, was invited to give the opening prayer in the House of Representatives. It was only the third time a Hindu had given the opening prayer at a session of congress. Watch here.

Be sure to continue to watch after the prayer and through the pledge of allegiance. Because, right after, Representative Ed Royce gives the assembly a bio of the satguru, his work and the worldwide influence of Hinduism Today.

Yes, your magazine brought forward into the halls of Congress!

Now, there's an ad!
How much time and care should you give to your ad's concept and execution? Normally, we would say give it as much as you can, it'll be worth it. But is there a limit? Here's an extreme example—with magnificent and most delightful result. Take a look.

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