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  1. Chapter 35: Renunciation
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Chapter 35: Renunciation

Kural 341

Whatsoever a man has renounced,
from the sorrow born of that he has freed himself.

Kural 342

The greatest gladness in the world comes after renunciation.
Let men desiring that rapture renounce early in life.

Kural 343

The five senses must be subdued,
and every desire simultaneously surrendered.

Kural 344

The ascetic's austerity permits not a single possession,
for possessions draw him back into delusion.

Kural 345

What are life's petty attachments to the man who seeks severance
from future births, when even his body is a burden?

Kural 346

One who slays the conceit that clamors "I" and "mine"
will reach a realm above the celestials' world.

Kural 347

If one clings to his attachments, refusing to let go,
sorrows will not let go their grip on him.

Kural 348

Those who perfectly renounce attain the highest peak;
the rest remain ensnared in delusion's net.

Kural 349

Birth ceases when all attachments are severed;
until then, one only sees life's impermanence.

Kural 350

Attach yourself to Him who is free from all attachments.
Bind yourself to that bond so all other bonds may be broken.

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