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  1. Chapter 97: Honor
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Chapter 97: Honor

Kural 961

Shun any actions that will diminish honor,
even if they are vital for the preservation of life.

Kural 962

Those who honorably pursue glory never act ingloriously,
even if glorious fame is to be gained.

Kural 963

Cultivate modesty in the midst of good fortune,
but in times of adversity preserve your dignity.

Kural 964

Honorable men fallen from high status
are like useless hair fallen from the head.

Kural 965

Unworthy acts, though mustard-seed small, will bring down
a man, though he towers like a mountain.

Kural 966

It offers neither Earth's renown nor Heaven's refuge,
so why do men run after and stand by those who revile them?

Kural 967

Better to die right where you stand, the saying goes,
than to live running after those who despise you.

Kural 968

Will any medicine preserve the body of the high-born man
whose honor has already perished?

Kural 969

Shorn of its hair, the yak will refuse to live.
Such men do exist who prefer death to the loss of honor.

Kural 970

The world will extol and exalt honorable men
who exult in death rather than endure dishonor.

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