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  1. Chapter 89: Internal Enmity
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Chapter 89: Internal Enmity

Kural 881

Even shade and water are unpleasant if they breed disease.
So, too, may relatives be unpleasant if they cause harm.

Kural 882

Fear not the foe who is like a drawn sword;
rather fear the friendship of an enemy who poses as kin.

Kural 883

Dread hatred from within and defend yourself against it.
In calamitous times it will cut deeper than a potter's knife.

Kural 884

Hidden hatreds may lurk only in the mind,
yet among kin they can manifest many miseries.

Kural 885

Hate hidden in a kinsman's heart will cause
many miseries, and more--it will kill a man.

Kural 886

When hatred arises, dissension destroys unity,
and men fall inescapably toward ever-ready death.

Kural 887

A house that harbors hatred will never be a united whole,
though, like a vessel and its lid, it may appear to be one.

Kural 888

As iron is worn away by frequent filing,
a family's strength is eroded by incessant inner frictions.

Kural 889

Internal dissension may seem as small as a split sesame seed,
yet there is enough power in it to destroy.

Kural 890

Living with those who cannot dwell in harmony
is like living in a hut with a deadly cobra.

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