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  1. Chapter 77: Merits of the Army
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Chapter 77: Merits of the Army

Kural 761

Foremost among a monarch's possessions stands
a conquering army, complete and fearless.

Kural 762

Only seasoned soldiers remain bravely determined
when onslaughts decimate them and threaten defeat.

Kural 763

So what if a legion of rats roars like the raging sea?
The mere hiss of a cobra will deaden their din.

Kural 764

Commanding a long tradition of valor, acquainted
with neither defeat nor desertion--that defines an army.

Kural 765

That indeed is an army which stands together,
even when faced with death's grim fury.

Kural 766

Valor, honor, trustworthiness and a tradition nobly upheld--
these four are an army's protective armor.

Kural 767

Well-trained armed forces will withstand every attack,
then outflank and storm the foe.

Kural 768

Even without a winning offense and defense,
an army of splendid appearance may still win acclaim.

Kural 769

An army will prevail as long as there is
no desertion, no privation and no contention.

Kural 770

Though courageous troops abound,
there can be no army without commanders.

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