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  1. Chapter 37: Eradication of Desire
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Chapter 37: Eradication of Desire

Kural 361

At all times and to all creatures,
the seed of ceaseless births is desire.

Kural 362

If you must desire, desire freedom from birth.
That will only come by desiring desirelessness.

Kural 363

Here no fortune is as dear as desirelessness;
and even there, nothing like it can be found.

Kural 364

Purity is but freedom from desire,
and that comes from thirsting after Truth.

Kural 365

They say only those who have renounced desire are renunciates.
Others, though they have renounced all else, are not.

Kural 366

As it is desire, above all else, which deceives a man,
ascetics rightfully dread it.

Kural 367

Desisting from all desire-driven deeds, a renouncer
finds liberation approaching, just as he desired.

Kural 368

He who has no desires has no sorrow.
But where desire exists, endless sorrows ensue.

Kural 369

When desire, sorrow's sorrow, dies away,
undying bliss prevails here on Earth.

Kural 370

It is the nature of desire never to be fulfilled, but he who utterly
gives it up is eternally fulfilled at that very moment.

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