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  3. Vassie from Abby Winters
  4. Carla and Kirra from Abby Winters
  5. Kaitlin from Abby Winters
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IFeelMyself Weekly Freebie

Here is this week's sampler video from IFeelMyself, the fantastic new site that brings the idea of Beautiful Agony to a whole new level.

While Agony shows only faces, IFeelMyself pulls the camera back, giving you a whole new perspective. Every video on the site is breathtakingly shot. I think that this is the only site that I find myself spending more time enjoying than promoting. I can't recommend it enough, so why don't you go on over to right now and let them recommend themselves.

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Cleo from Abby Winters

Yes! It's another gallery from Abby Winters. This time, it's featuring the lovely Cleo- a smiley, cute girl who is sure to put you in a good mood. Abby Winters shoots tend to do this- in that sense, the site's a bit like a drug. But it's a good drug! No side effects, even... Enjoy this set, and when you start feeling those Abby cravings again, you know where to go for more...

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Vassie from Abby Winters

All I've posted from Abby Winters lately has been girl-girl shoots. I won't say I regret this, as the girl-girl content is some of the best on the web and definitely a highlight of the site. The only problem is that I've been ignoring all the other great content Abby Winters has- especially its solo girl shoots. While the photographs may differ from the status quo of erotic imagery only in that they're done better than average and in a generally more positive context, the videos which accompany each solo shoot are really what sets Abby Winters apart. There's no pretending-to-be-sexy in these matter-of-fact but fascinating videos; the model IS sexy, and her honesty and directness highlights this fact rather than obscures it. There are some sample videos in the free tour, and the video newsletter, but you can't really comprehend the breadth and brilliance of the Abby Winters collection until you join yourself. It's worth it.

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Carla and Kirra from Abby Winters

How about another gallery of one of my all-time favorite Abby Winters models- the lovely Carla? This time she's joined by Kirra in this beautiful girl-girl shoot. In Abby Winters parlance, this is a Tier 3; in layman's terms, that means the girls go much futher than just fooling around or fondling -- those would be Tier 1 and Tier 2, respectively -- a Tier 3 shoot is nothing less than full-on girl-girl sex.

The girl-girl content is one of the things that makes Abby Winters so special; the girls don't perform for the camera- they simply enjoy themselves, seemingly oblivious to the photographer shooting away. Another important point is that the site does not advertise these galleries and videos as 'lesbian sex'. Most of the girls featured (not all, but most) are straight. The girls are just having fun, and that energy translates incredibly from the actual event to the photos and videos. I have yet to see content this effective anywhere else on the internet, and I've looked long and hard.

But remember, I'm not allowed to show you the videos, which means you're missing out on so much of the Abby Winters experience. I can't urge you emphatically enough to purchase a subscription. It's the best site out there doing what it's doing. Sign up to Abby Winters now.

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Kaitlin from Abby Winters

Here is a really lovely gallery from Abby Winters: Kaitlin has a way of looking at the camera with neither discomfort nor theatrics that just makes me happy. The happy modeling medium she achieves is rare, but I'm sure can be found with the greatest prevalence in the Abby Winters collection. Also, she shot a really sexy intimate moment video (if you aren't familiar with the term, Abby uses 'intimate moment' to refer to a video in which a model masturbates to orgasm with no one else in the room). In addition to being available on the website, this video is also featured on one of Abby Winters great DVD releases. You can see the trailer (it's really hot...) here. Enjoy, and don't forget to come back for more...

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