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Tashaun Gipson, Cleveland Browns NFL Player, Caught Taking Nude Selfies, Reveals Huge Cock!


Tashaun Gipson, the 25yo “free safety” from the Cleveland Browns has been caught taking nude selfies and even a couple of close-ups of his HUGE cock completely hard. At the moment it is unknown who was the recipient of these photos but they could be tip of the iceberg as Gipson is married and a father of two and we presume his wife might not be too happy with the popularity of her husband’s manhood.

The San Bernardino born NFL player, who started his career in Wyoming before being signed with the Cleveland Browns, has a massive body. Tashaun is 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 205 lb, his chest is almost completely covered in tattoos but this time it wasn’t necessary to use those very specific tats to track the veracity of the naked photos as there’s no doubt that the leaked photos are indeed his since he took a full body shot in the nude before snapping some more photos of his erected cock which, by the way, is massive! Make the jump to check the naked selfies of NFL player Tashaun Gipson and let us know what you think in the comments!


h/t: OMGblog


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Island Studs: Ryder

Island Studs: Ryder

Ripped Ryder is back, the popular beautiful blue-eyed blond beefy furry muscle surfer returns showing off his always rock hard fantastic uncut cock as he cleans the pool, exercises doing pushups and situps, flexes, poses and pisses, enters the clear pool to jerk his monster meat underwater, before jerking off in the garden shooting loads of cum for the first time on camera in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs!

Island Studs: Ryder

Feast your eyes on every inch of Ryder‘s totally hairy body and thick hard cock from underwater as he pulls on his foreskin and strokes his 8″ dick while skinny dipping in the swimming pool with a FULL erection all caught on video with Island Studs‘ unique Underwater Sports Action Cam!

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Drill Him: Barracks Lock Down


There is nothing this poor Private can do when two of his fellow soldiers hold him down on his bunk and tear his clothes away. He cries out but he can’t fight them off as they
abuse his hole and face fuck him into submission. He’s going to have to muscle through it until they’re ready to unload their nutts into him. See if they can make him cry at Drill Him.


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Helix Studios: Finn Carson and Grayson Lange


It’s a dream first date for Finn Carson & Grayson Lange. Like most fine young men of their age, they look forward to dessert and for this particular pair of randy romeos, the most delicious of dishes was served up back at Chez Grayson.


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Falcon Studios: Sean Zevran and Valentin Petrov


Sean Zevran is on his knees blindfolded and locked in a cage hidden in the shadows of the seedy sex club. Super hung Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Sean’s vulnerability and thrusts his hefty bulge into Sean’s face. Not knowing who’s on the other side of the cage, Sean caresses and appreciates Valentin’s ripped physique before taking his fat uncut cock down his throat. Sean swallows Valentin’s cock whole and gives him a sopping wet hummer.


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