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Island Studs: Franklin


Franklin is a big beautiful, buff black dude from San Francisco with a natural smooth body, beautiful big bubble butt, and a thick Afro-American cock he strokes while working as our nudist house boy, takes a power piss in the garden, flexes and poses proudly with his big cock, before shooting a massive load of jizz in this Exclusive new film from Island Studs.


See more at Island Studs.

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Amateur College Sex: Grant’s Bi 3 Way

Amateur College Sex: Grant's Bi 3 Way

Grant wanted to show Sebastian his stud skills before he made him feel it. He not only fucked Laura in front of him, but also made sure to let him know how good it feels – giving him a taste from the tip of cock!

Jasper didn’t think he’d get so turned on by just watching – but the proof is in the hard cock he sports from the very beginning! Grant brings out the submissive side out of Jasper, making him suck his dick over and over again.

Amateur College Sex: Grant's Bi 3 Way

Grant put on a good show with the coed, but at no moment did he forget about the hot blond he had at his disposal. Bending Jasper over he slides in doggy-style to loosen that tight hole. Then Jasper rides him as Grant drills up from underneath. It was Laura’s turn to get a show and she got it full with a double load finale – as both guys shoot their load at the same time!

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Tim Tales: Esteban and Gaston


“Tree Trunk” Esteban is back with one of his best scenes ever.

He impales Gaston with his gigantic cock and fucks him like a Sex Machine. Gaston is a perfect Bottom and he knows how to take even the biggest of the biggest. Get your pants off and enjoy it.


See more at Tim Tales.

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The Casting Room: Freddie

The Casting Room: Freddie

It’s always the straight boys with the cutest bums that are the most shy about showing them at! Freddie is a fit lad with a well trained body, a long meaty foreskin and an arse to die for. But this big confident fella is only interested in screwing chicks. He always wants to be seen as the dominant man in charge. Here he has to show off his pussy like he’s the sluttiest bitch on the block. Let him keep his anal virginity; for now we’ll just enjoy his tight pucker and long stiff cock!

The Casting Room: Freddie

To see more of Freddie, head over to The Casting Room now!

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Are You A Sucker For “Self-suck” Videos?


We bet if many of you were able to perform this feat you wouldn’t be able to get out of your houses! This guy is so hung that he not only wanks his huge cock but he proceeds to suck it several times… with gusto! This new video is another gem you can find in the Premium section of Sticky and we’re sharing it here with our readers completely for FREE. Make the jump to watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments!


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