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Erotica: Sensory Overload


There we were, sheltered from the wind. I kept you warm with my body heat, you weren't dressed for the weather. Your legs draped over mine, we fit like a puzzle. I think you were a little awkward, maybe a little unexperienced. I made the first move, kissing your lower lip. It connected only for a second as you giggled, looking around nervously for pedestrians on around us. You rubbed my leg, begging me for more.

"Does that feel good?" you said with a grin.

I leaned back in, kissing you. Your tongue entered my mouth with wet tingle. I grabbed your inner thigh, moving it up and down. You grabbed at my package through my baggy jeans. You couldn't quite find it, but I guided your hand. You put your hands under my jeans, feeling me through my boxers. I was hard now, making out with you and slowly thrusting my hips against your hand. I pulled down my pants a bit, exposing my thighs. You moved your hand under my boxers. Your skin on mine felt great. I moaned a bit, muffled by your tongue so deep in my mouth. I felt myself close to cumming as you pumped my cock, now out and exposed to the outside world.

"Let's go to the bathroom, I want to fuck you" I said to you.

Cool, calm, collected: that's what you called me. On the outside, I'm fresh like the first of May. On the inside, my withered insides torn apart from love. My insides tied together with a noose, tight when I breath. I put you to my lips, your sour taste infects my lungs. I breath you in and out, in and out, you hurt me. You're the first thing I think about when I wake up, the last thing I think about before I close my eyes for sleep's silent slumber. The silence you put between us is louder than a gunshot, a gunshot to my head. My brain explodes on impact, slamming against the wall with what is left of the thoughts you gave me. My brain explodes with your touch, a sensory overload. I stumble through this life, looking for you in the crowds of swan songs. I reach out, only to have my arms break off with the tension you put me through. I can't breath without the thoughts of you.

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UK Naked Men: Woody Fox and Mateo Stanford

UKnakedmen Woody Fox & Mateo Stanford

What do you do when you go to Shay's house for a sneakers fetish fuck but he isn't home? :s Have a sneakers fetish fuck with Mateo! I just love Woody Fox's Australian accent when he says "Go Hah-Dah". Mateo Standford is a Spanish top with somewhat an angry face and he seems to be an angry and aggressive fucker too. "Mateo smashes Woody's once tight arse into a sloppy ruin". Sneakers must enable those two with firm grip on the floor because they move around so much you'd think they are gymnasts. Beautiful men fucking in cum soaked sneakers, what a fairytale.

Uknakedmen Woody Fox & Mateo Stanford

Watch the two very dynamic sneakers wearing rabbits hump at!

Previously on QueerClick Johnny Rapid, Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn & Paul Wagner

mencom rapid conrad vaughn wagner

Paul Wagner invites a few sexy friend over for dinner. But before the main course, houseboy Johnny Rapid offers up some tempting appetizers: his dick and his ass. Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and host Paul Wagner get off using all Johnny's tight young holes.

mencom rapid conrad vaughn wagner

See more at

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Extra Big DIcks: Liam Harkmore and Doug Acre

extra big dicks doug liam

This is part two of "The Big Wager," but you didn't have to watch part one to keep up. As we rejoin these well-endowed skater boys, Jacques is on his way out the door with a bounce in his step. Doug comes in to find Liam flopping spread-eagle in bed, with dried up jism all over his chest. (Oh my!) Doug quickly gets rid of his shorts and gives his throbbing cock to Liam to suck on. For, you see, it is Liam who will decide the winner of this big wager. He will judge who the best fuck is and who rammed him the hardest. Doug just might win with the sensational pounding he gives Liam's accommodating mouth. Liam gags on the massive man-meat, taking his job as judge very serious. Determined to prevail as the winner, Doug lubes up and plunges his gargantuan dick deep into Liam's hungry hole.

extra big dicks doug liam

Liam is an insatiable beast who likes it rough -- as hard, deep and fast as humanly possible. The competitive Doug is more than glad to oblige. But Liam wants control, so he mounts Doug and rides his jumbo meat like a rodeo cowboy riding a mad bull. Doug then ravishes Liam in a missionary position, allowing Liam to dump his second load of the day on his chest and stomach. Doug pulls his pulsating cock out to christen Liam with his holy cum, which sprinkles and spews out all over the place. After catching their breathes (and we catch ours), Jacques is summoned back to the room for the final verdict. But Liam is no fool; he tells them that perhaps a three-way might help him decide the winner better. Hmmm... to be continued???

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All American Heroes: JB

all american heroes jb

Nothing is quite as hot as a muscled Army stud in his well worn cammies. Army Specialist JB always dreamed of being in the Army even as a kid. Later, he found himself as a seasoned veteran with four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just as happy to be in the Army. On his last tour, he got medi-vac'd by a hot female corpsman, and unable to keep his cock from standing at attention. Once he slides his hands into his pants, its not long before it's obvious that the corpsman got a real eye full. His hands work underneath the fabric until you can start seeing the outlines of a nice thick tool getting worked stiff.

all american heroes jb

See more at All American Heroes.

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