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Guys In Sweatpants: Brett Beckham Takes Austin RAW


You guys are in for a huge treat this week! Brett is the new kid on the block, and he came over to Guys In Sweatpants to hang out with Austin for the day and then get back to the hotel to get fucked senseless. He definitely succeeded. The sexual chemistry between these two was perfect, especially when Brett knew he’d be taking Austin’s huge cock and load. At the very end, Brett admitted that not only was this the biggest cock he’s ever taken, but the BEST! He definitely took a pounding— all the way up until the end when they blew their loads at the same time. Half of Austin’s load shot onto Brett’s cock, and the other half finished inside him!


See more at Guys In Sweatpants.

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Active Duty: James (3)

Active Duty: James (3)

Active Duty introduces James who stands 5’8 at the ripe age of 22 and is a full time college student that is in his prime of exploration. He likes to keep in shape at the gym and doing fun activities outside like fishing with his friends or hitting the streets on his longboard but that’s not the only thing which is long.

Active Duty: James (3)

It is James‘ first time stroking off for the camera and he’s a very nice mellow individual. He moistens up his long dick with some lube to get the full friction when he’s stroking his cock up and down. He is somewhat timid but as he warms up he bends that sweet milky ass over for all to see as he keeps one hand on his cock. Watch James stroke his cock as he unleashes a built up load.

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ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn – Serviced

ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn - Serviced

Bjorn is very passive and it goes with his diminutive size. He sure looks tiny compared to Glenn. Glenn‘s cock seems even bigger these days. The boy has turned into a man!

Bjorn is a lot more interested in Glenn. He pretty much ends up servicing him most of this video. You see a glimmer of the bottom boy he is, obedient, subservient and eager to please. Bryan thinks Bjorn needs to be TagTeamed by a couple dudes!

ChaosMen: Bjorn and Glenn - Serviced

Both guys can cum volumes and Bjorn knew that having Glenn dump his load in his mouth and coating him would get him over the top. Glenn does a great job aiming for his mouth, hitting his tongue perfectly, and then the rest shoots out over Bjorn’s body.

Bjorn nurses the last bits of cum from Glenn’s cock, then starts to shoot his own load. He gets a lot of distances, not only coating his body and face, but also hitting Glenn a few times!

See more of Bjorn and Glenn on ChaosMen!

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 Nicoli Cole and Roman Todd


Nicoli Cole has ran away from his old life hoping to build a new identity. On day one in a new city he meets Roman Todd, and decides that he likes what he sees. Nicoli calls Roman over and without hesitation Roman knows exactly what to do. The two suck and fuck each other until Nicoli is left dripping in cum.


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Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn and Jamie Durrell


As a little relief from the scorching heat of Bel Ami‘s Summer of Love daytime scenes, they have brought in Jaime and Andre during the evening to film this encounter. It must have been one hot session as both boys cum twice during the scene. The boys were filmed here by Marty in our Prague studio and will be featured in the movie Evening Rituals 3 coming out later this year.


See more at Bel Ami.

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