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Mr. Man


It's Easter weekend and Mr, Man and Michael Fassbender naked. MIchael's hung and he's on full display at Mr Man. And for a limited time you can take advantage of their $1.00 weekend special. Check it out!!


Dominic Ford: Tommy Defendi and Bryce Evans

dominic ford tommy bryce

This week, the contestants have to compete in a relay race that will test their strength, speed and silliness. The need to swap clothes, look funny with things stuck between their legs and in their mouths, and get wet. It's old-fashioned camp week at SYTYCF!

Then, a highly anticipated pairing: Tommy Defendi bottoming for Bryce Evans. Tommy is jerking off in the outdoor amphitheater. Bryce hears something while he's hiking in the area and goes into the secluded amphitheater to explore. There he finds Tommy with his huge rock-hard c*ck throbbing. Of course Bryce can't resist. The two have HUGE cumsh*ts that shoot at the camera (be sure to watch this one in 3D). The judges love it, and so will you!

dominic ford tommy bryce

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5 Reasons Why You Should Love The "Trolls" At All Australian Boys


We all love the hot guys at All Australian Boys — they're lean, clean-cut and handsome with beautiful dicks. And we especially love it when we get to see them get them in a glory hole. It's so nice watching them moan, squirm and cum hard. Wow!

But you know who some QueerClickers don't love? The guys in the glory holes doing the actual sucking. In fact, some QCommenters even call them "trolls"! As in:

"I know I wish they cropped that troll's head out of the limp dick seeing that scary thing."
just blur that troll's head - makes me shiver with revulsion.


Please, can we have more revealing shots of the cute guy & LESS - make that NONE - of the troll? This is really degrading stuff. Both for the model concerned & the viewer alike... it's really off-putting to watch this sort of thing. One can only hope the remuneration for the model is well worth it. Now please excuse me whilst I throw up...

What??!! Why all the hate? Look, we know they may not be your cup of tea — especially compared to the slender, big-dicked hotties getting serviced. But without those so-called "trolls," these hot Aussie boys wouldn't be getting blown at all!

So we've decided to take back the ageist insult of "troll" and reclaim it by celebrating everything we love about these cock-hungry heroes of the glory hole realm!


Here's the top five reasons you should love these selfless trolls:

1. They're not old, they're experienced - There are tons of porn sites devoted to older guys. Do you know why? It's because they really know how to suck a dong. Sure, you could have a younger cockhound inside of All Australian Boys's glory holes, but those young guys might not know what they're doing — these older trolls, they're real pros!

2. They're great at suckin' dick - Trolls just love slobbering and stroking and deep throating a nice cock, working the shaft all slippery with their hands and then sucking them balls deep. They work the head, pull on the balls and get hungrier whenever they taste pre-cum. That's right! Trolls are positively starving for cock — they can't get enough, and they certainly appreciate a good bone when one comes poking into their caves.

3. A hole is just a hole, but some holes are better than others - Sure, All Australian Boys could have just put any type of pocket-pussy in their glory holes. They could have used a twink, a Fleshjack, some dude's butthole or even (gasp!) a vagina! But none of those things could provide the sort of non-stop, slobbery pleasure of a bonafide troll mouth. No siree! Such a responsive tongue and lips. Plus, most of the All Australian Boys don't even see the troll in the box, so that hole can be whoever they imagine — what fun! Heck, if All Australian Boys actually sold Troll-In-A-Box, they'd make millions!

4. Trolls are always NSA and DTF - Let's face it. Twinks get attached, young men wanna party, and older dudes just want someone to cuddle with on the couch. Trolls on the other hand want NONE OF THAT CRAP. They're always no strings attached (NSA) and down to fuck (DTF), full stop. Trolls make the perfect anonymous hook-up. Just pump, dump and go! No messy clean up, no fuss, and no dramatic "why don't you love me" texts at three in the morning.

5. You'll be one some day too - Oh, you may be young and strapping now, but you just wait. One day, you'll have furry man-pies hanging over your gut, flabby limbs and a face that looks like the poor man's Alec Baldwin. Never fear though, because trolls remind all of us that even when you're older, you can still have a great sex life with lots of young dudes wanting to force their wieners into your mouth! Sure, you might have to join a sex club or work for a porn site to get them, but still — the hot guys at All Australian Boys don't seem to mind one bit!

So instead of hating on the trolls, won't you give them the love and kudos they deserve? After all, if it was your dick in their glory hole, they'd gladly service you to the very last drop!


Bentley Race: Chris and Diego

bentley race chris diego

Bentley knew this was going to be a fun shoot when Diego told him that he was returning from New Zealand and wanted to meet some more of Benley's mates. Well Diego sent a long list of the guys he'd love to hook up on camera with. At the top of the list was Chris Wyld. Chris loves getting fucked and jumped at the chance to be hammered by Diego and that thick uncut dick. He got to work on it during the photoshoot, so Diego was up and ready to go by the time Bentley grabbed the video camera

bentley race chris diego

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All American Heroes: Eddy and Paolo

all-american heroes paolo eddy

Eddy has always been kind of an acrobat. Today he's showing Paolo how to do handstands from a sitting position. Paolo says there's no way he can match that feat. So Eddy gives him a few easier tasks. As he works his way through the exercises, Paolo is becoming more exhausted and hot. He strips off his shirts to prepare for the next round. When Eddy does the same, his rippled abs and uber developed musculature is unveiled. Paolo ends up on his knees, eye to eye with Eddy's crotch, which he's checking out whenever he comes up for air.

all american heroes paolo eddy

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