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Sean Cody: Ben (4)

Sean Cody: Ben (4)
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

Ben has been playing soccer for about 10 years since he was a kid. The 21 year old chap is defender. When the clothes are off, we are loving the beautiful pink cock of this handsome lad! Definitely looking forward to a good pairing of the other Sean Cody men, as Ben’s cock can really fire off some awesome loads of white sticky cum! DAYUM!

Sean Cody has taken the unprecedented step of offering a $1 trial and yearly memberships for only $10 per month.

Sean Cody: Ben (4)

Sean Cody: Ben (4)

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Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

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ChaosMen: Vin

ChaosMen: Vin

Vin is Italian and has done some solo and cam work before. To Bryan he looks like actor Eric Balfour and is SUPER sexy. They could be cousins!

He has a lot more experience in front of a cam, and his ChaosMen Solo shows how comfortable he is. Previously he was not keen on doing guy-guy work, but now thinks he can get past his limits. We shall see.

ChaosMen: Vin

Vin will be back next week to get some oral. His energy is amazing, and we love his sexy body!

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The Casting Room: Stefon

The Casting Room: Stefon

Stefon is a good-looking quiet and sensitive straight guy. He likes having nice romantic sex with nice ladies. The difficulty is that The Casting Room doesn’t have any roses or candlelit sets. Only nasty men that want to get down and dirty with some raunchy fucking using hot straight boys like Stefon.

The Casting Room: Stefon

Stefon says he’s auditioning to make some good money but he’ll have to flex his limits if he’s going to be cast in big productions. For the time being the casting director enjoys getting this hetero lad to timidly show off his asshole.

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Gayhoopla: Jerry Cabrera


Jerry Cabrera is our newest beef cake with a huge uncut cock. His tree trunk legs and big booty will have you wanting to pipe! His charming eyes and smile will have you looking at solely him. Turn all your other porn off now. Jerry wants to attend a University and per-sue a computer science degree


See more at Gayhoopla.

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Bel Ami: Rene Ferri


Bel Ami’s blond and big dicked model of the week is Rene Ferri. Those of you with a keen memory may remember him from a training scene on KinkyAngels with Adam Archuleta earlier this year.


See more at Bel Ami.

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