Are High Frequency Traders Playing Fast and Loose With the Rules? and more...

Are High Frequency Traders Playing Fast and Loose With the Rules?

Friday, Apr 18, 2014

When high frequency trading (HFT) first crept into the public consciousness, it related to primarily to the question of whether rapid, computer driven trading posed risks to the safety and stability of the trading markets.  Now it appears that HFT may have also been a means for some traders to gain a possible illegal advantage. […]


Offshore Accounts? IRS is Watching

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

If you have unreported income from offshore accounts, now may be the best time to come forward and report those earnings; otherwise, you may be susceptible to criminal prosecution. The IRS initially began this open-ended Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) in 2009 and later renewed it in 2011. Due to strong interest from previous years, […]


My, What Long Arms You Have, Uncle

Friday, Apr 04, 2014

Here’s a visual: Uncle Sam extending his arms around the world, reaching out for his citizens, wherever they may be. He may resemble a candy-striped Gumby, with disproportionately long rubbery arms spanning the globe. The visual is not an endearing one to many Americans abroad. They do not see Uncle Sam’s reach as an embrace, […]


Real-Money Online Gambling Industry Young, but Could Class Action Lawsuits be Brewing?

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014

The return of online poker to the United States in state-regulated environments poses attractive opportunities for operators.  But, at the same time, operators need to look to the experience of brick and mortar casinos to anticipate the potential risk of class action and similar lawsuits. For example, one gambler recently made headlines by suing a […]


Employers Seeking to Curb Employee Mobile Phone Use at Work? Don’t Use Illegal Signal Jammer – FCC is “Listening”

Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Some employers, particularly those in manufacturing, health care, and other situations where mobile phone use could interfere with employee safety, have come up with novel approaches to curbing employees’ uses of mobile phones.  While a policy restricting personal phone calls and texting may be acceptable, installation of a signal jammer to prevent employees from accessing […]


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