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We are the reliable RSS distribution service trusted to deliver over 2.7 million blog posts each day.

Every blogger needs to deliver posts to subscribers “ reliably, every day.
If you’ve had frustrations with FeedBurner, let us serve you.

You know how important your feed is to the smooth running of your blog. FeedBlitz offers you a distribution service like FeedBurner “ with the important addition of support and reliability.

Free your feed from stress.

  • Yes, I want to have reliable delivery to all my subscribers
  • Yes, I want the freedom to access knowledge and expert, human technical support
  • Yes, I want the freedom to integrate with Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+ in a single service
  • Yes, I want my subscribers to be able to share on modern services like Pinterest and Google+
  • Yes, I need certainty of delivery
  • Yes, I want the flexibility to choose my RSS delivery schedules
  • Yes, I want the ability to grow my business with list automation, shopping cart integration and auto-responders
  • Yes, I want to move the feed without losing subscribers
  • Yes, I want the freedom to emphasis my brand on my emails
  • Yes, I want reliable metrics
  • Yes, I want to free my feed now

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See Who Else Trusts FeedBlitz

@JimConnolly We’re now with FeedBlitz. Our feed is too important to trust to a free, unsupported service from Google.copyblogger | Brian Clark

Many bloggers had issues with Feedburner during a critical time this past weekend. Might be time to switch to #Feedblitz #SavvybloggingCrystalECollins | Crystal Collins

@phollows Very happy with FeedBlitz & thank you for the personal help getting it set up. It’s a world of difference from feedburner! TheTwinCoach | Gina Osher

Why do top websites like Copyblogger use FeedBlitz?

There are two things all bloggers do.

  1. Write great content.
  2. Share that content.

FeedBlitz helps you to share your content easily, effortlessly and continuously.

RSS feed serving is our day job.

The FeedBlitz migration wizard will help you migrate your existing blog feed. And if you have
any issues, our support team is here to help with email and phone support (USA Eastern timezone).

Get reliable RSS serving, subscriber statistics, splices and flares for social media and sophisticated subscriber email list management. This is the FeedBlitz basic service.

But there’s more! FeedBlitz has features un-matched by FeedBurner.
If you are ready to take your blog to the next level and start to drive email marketing, affiliate marketing, e commerce, social media integration and advanced list segmentation – this is the service that can take your blog to a higher place.

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Save yourself RSS headaches AND grow your blog subscribers and revenues with FeedBlitz

Knowing your blog has a supported RSS distribution is only the start. Many of our users are industry leaders in email marketing and affiliate marketing working to monetize their blog content and build a large subscriber audience. Join them and make your blog earn.

Start growing your blog readership using our advanced tools like multiple feeds, social media distribution, multiple list subscription forms, auto-responder emails in a series – you can. Teach yourself how to use all FeedBlitz tools using our extensive Knowledge Base of articles and our FeedBlitz blog.

The fee for advanced features is the same as basic features. The FeedBlitz service is priced by list size.

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Compare FeedBlitz functionality with FeedBurner

We created a detailed list of features offered by FeedBlitz so you can directly compare us with FeedBurner. Under the following headings you can see what you can get from FeedBlitz.

  • RSS feeds
  • Email subscriptions and list management
  • Subscriber management
  • Subscriber emails
  • Corporate commitment and support


After the free 30 day trial, you will be moved to a monthly subscription. What you pay depends on how many unique email subscribers your blog has. Prices start at $1.49 per month.

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Need to know more? Check out our Knowledge Base Articles on:

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Did we mention that our customer service is widely acknowledged to be awesome?
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