FeedBlitz: Rewind the Week

FeedBlitzIt’s time again here at FeedBlitz to Rewind the Week, and bring you some of the tech and business news you might have missed while you were busy taking over the world (that’s what you’ve been doing, right?).

This week, headlines were dominated by tech news, and not all of it was bad. Maybe it’s best to start with the good news??well, it’s good news for Dropbox, anyway ?á

Is Dropbox Having the Best Week Ever?

This was a big week for Dropbox. In one well-covered press event, the cloud storage company, which now has 275 million users (a growth of 75 million from last November) announced it’s launching a new video and photo archive and sharing platform, updates to its Mailbox app, and an update to its business users that will allow users to more easily switch between work and personal Dropbox accounts.

Plus, they landed a very well-known new board member: Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. And all this big news follows on the heels of Dropbox raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment after being valued at $10 billion. Not bad.

Sayonara, Windows XP

Would you believe that 28% of the world’s PCs run on Windows XP? Or that about 95% of the worlds ATMs are supported by Windows XP? But despite massive numbers of XP holdouts, this week the bells tolled for the 13-year-old operating system.

That means no more bug fixes, no more security patches, no more technical support. If you’re still running XP, you’re on your own.

Massive OpenSSL Bug Revealed

The Internet is abuzz this week over Heartbleed, a data encryption bug that has left an untold number of passwords, bank accounts, usernames, and even credit card numbers at risk.

The worst part about the bug: Websites that have been breached likely won’t know they’ve been hit. The good news is that there is a fix out there, but we don’t yet know how widely it’s being implemented.

If you’d like more information about what to do in the wake of Heartbleed (which, amazingly, already has its own logo), Lifehacker has published a good Heartbleed Q&A for consumers, and NPR also did a decent roundup.

That’s it for this week! Feel free to share your thoughts on these stories in the comments, or add to the list with stories we’ve missed, or your thoughts on the biggest tech and business news of the week.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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