Feedblitz: Rewind the Week

FeedblitzBy Phil Hollows

Welcome to another edition of Feedblitz: Rewind the Week, our weekly roundup and look back at the top news, blog posts, and articles from the worlds of tech, digital marketing, and all things cool and geeky.

I’ll tell you what — each week, this job gets a bit more difficult.

There’s just so much spectacularly provocative and insightful content being published every day from every corner of the web, that choosing just four to profile makes me a bit anxious.

It’s a lot of responsibility!

As always, if we missed a post that you think shouldn’t be missed, let us know in the comments below.

How Will the Internet of Things Change Digital Marketing as We Know It?

Thanks to CES, the Internet of Things has become part of the mainstream conversation. We’re not just talking about smartphones and tablets hooking into the web. Household appliances, our cars, even our thermostats. (Thanks, Google!) Melanie White, editor at ClickZ, asks a panel of agency folk how these interconnected devices and sensors will transform digital marketing.

Klout Evolves Into a Content Creation Platform

Oh, Klout. The controversial influence measurement product that people love to hate is back in the news, evolving into a bonafide content creation platform. You can expect to see more shortened Klout links to start popping up in your social streams as users start experimenting.

The Remarkable Consistency of Coke

Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercial lit up the blogosphere, but this post by Tom Webster really stands out as he looks at the almost unwavering brand narrative of childhood innocence across its long advertising history. There’s a lesson here about how committing to a focused vision doesn’t mean you can’t roll with the punches and adapt.

Seven Ways to Awe Your Audience With the Element of Surprise

In this MarketingProfs post, contributor Sadie Cornelius lends her expertise in helping anyone with an audience — bloggers and brands alike — shake things up a little. After all, with so many voices online, it can be hard to stand out and get the attention you need and deserve. Shock and awe your audience by trying something new and unexpected.

And that’s that. Enjoy your weekend, and as always, stay safe.


  1. bobnfallon says:

    It’s interesting that Klout is really centric around
    Facebook and Twitter as they only use these two authentication methods,
    omitting G+ and others. Additionally it
    appears that they will then only publish original content out to Facebook and

    The internet has evolved and
    there are other players besides Facebook and Twitter.

    Interestingly enough you gave me 6 options/authentication method
    to post this comment.

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