FeedBlitz Wins Digiday Digital Publication Award

Along with our partners, LiveIntent, last week we at FeedBlitz won a 2011 Digital Publishing Award from digital media, marketing and advertising firm Digiday. We’re excited and grateful to Digiday for the honor, and to our team LiveIntent, a partner and platform it is a pleasure to work with.

17 winners were announced at the Digiday Gala Dinner in New York last week, and the company we kept was like a who’s who of the online social media, marketing and advertising worlds. Winners included BlogHer, BuzzFeed and AOL amongst others.

Now at this point, I know, your eyes are glazing over, just a little. An award is alway fun for us to get but for you, Dear Reader, it begs a simple question: “So What?”

The “So What” for FeedBlitz publishers is this. Remember that an award is a trailing indicator. Awards honor work and progress that has already been finished and proven in the real world. As it happens, we have been continuing to work with LiveIntent, our co-winners. What we’re working on is the next step: Bringing this award-winning (sorry, couldn’t resist!) solution to premium FeedBlitz publishers as an income generator for you later this year. Watch this space!

Meet Phil Hollows

Phil Hollows is the founder and CEO of FeedBlitz, the email marketing and social media automation service, and premium FeedBurner alternative. After graduating from Oxford University in 1987, Phil built on his high tech, consulting, and marketing leadership experience, and by 2005 the seeds of FeedBlitz were germinating. Private equity investment followed shortly thereafter, and the rest - as they say - is history. He also authored "List Building for Bloggers" {ListBuildingForBloggers.com}, outlining proven email strategies to build your audience, increase engagement, and grow your income. Pre-FeedBlitz, Phil was vice president of product marketing for enterprise network security management company OpenService (now LogMatrix), and vice president of technology at the web testing company RadView Software.