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Following our post a few weeks ago with real world examples of bloggers switching to FeedBlitz from FeedBurner, more have made the leap and blogged about their experiences. Even before the recent FeedBurner stats outage and the announcement of the end of AdSense for Feeds, savvy bloggers were reading the tea leaves and making the switch. Here are some further examples for you to review as you consider making a switch.

Jack B – TheJackB.com

Around 3 weeks ago Jack started researching the alternatives to FeedBurner for his blog, TheJackB – he had read the online discussions about FeedBurner’s issues and was clear that he needed to make a rational, considered decision about switching. Like many others, he understand that his blog is a business tool and it needs investment to grow – that investment is both time, money and features.

What I like about FeedBlitz is that it is easy to use and that it makes it simple to distribute my content in a number of ways that FeedBurner did not do. It provides more tools and resources and I see an opportunity to help grow this blog.

He didn’t rush his choice, but researched our case studies as well as reading what other bloggers he knew said; Jack moved his RSS feed to FeedBlitz and is currently in the 30 day free trial.

I spent time reading posts and some of the transition stories and that helped to push me over the top. I should add that I know a bunch of the bloggers who are linked in that transition post and that helps.

Jens Petter-Berget – Sly Marketing.com

A Norwegian solopreneur, marketer and writer, Jens also took his time making a switch decision for Sly Marketing. Like Jack he moved his RSS feed, leaving his email subscribers with another service he was already using.

I wrote a post about the feedburner alternatives about 2 years ago, that shows that a switch has been on my mind.

Jens chose to use the free 30 day trial enables new users to take advantage of testing out the FeedBlitz service and the advanced features without any financial outlay.

I have been testing FeedBlitz for a few days, and three features I really like are that I now have a mobile version of my feeds. This means that FeedBlitz creates a small mobile version of my feeds, and Feedburner didn’t. And, FeedBlitz also integrates the comments inside the feeds, and that’s something that might help encourage interactions with my readers.

And, I have more stats (internal click tracking) and I’m able to brand my feeds in a better way, and my feeds are now SEO friendly.

Elan Morgan – Schmutzie.com

Elan had a slightly different scenario for her readers at Schmutzie – she has five separate feeds for her work including an All-in-one option and separate feeds for Phoneography and Five Star Friday. Her readers choose which feeds they want to get. She offers both RSS and Email subscriptions for each feed.

Feedburner, a popular Google tool for sharing weblog updates, is going down the tubes.

I’m not bitter about this at all. FeedBlitz Saves the Day!

She uses a great marketing communications tactic in her blog post advising her readers about the switchover. Giving a clear list of all her feeds in the blog post including prominent buttons for RSS or Email for each. She also makes it clear that it’s only readers using an RSS Reader service (like Google Reader) who need to re-subscribe, everyone else has been migrated automatically to FeedBlitz.

In response, I have migrated all my feeds over to FeedBlitz, which is a paid service that comes with stability, great stats and newsletter tools, and excellent customer support.

Jason Konopinski

Jason’s main reason for switching the Jason Konopinski blog to FeedBlitz was seeing his subscriber statistics fluctuating wildly. Like all professional bloggers he knows that regular checking of his readership stats and analytics is an important part of validating his services and growing his audience.

FeedBlitz is the only third party service to match FeedBurner with both RSS feed services (feeds, analytics, metrics and so on) and a much richer array of email and social media subscription services for your blog “ and making the switch was straight forward and uncomplicated.

Blog syndication (sending your message out through a range of channels and distribution services) was also important to Jason – his readers can now choose where and how they get notifications of new blog posts.

Nothing was lost and I even picked up some very cool new social features for the blog syndication. If you’d like to subscribe to this blog via Twitter, for example, Feedblitz will generate an @mention to you whenever a new post goes live.

Neville Hobson

Neville is a well known public relations communication specialist and commentator. He’s run the Neville Hobson.com blog for over ten years and has a very large subscriber list. His post about FeedBurner’s state is top of his most-shared posts list – that’s how important his readers think feed management is. Neville writes:

RSS is the “delivery backbone” for creating and delivering much of the content that people use the internet for. You would have thought that turning off the flow of content that’s used by so many people and businesses is a pretty big deal, one that would warrant some communication from Google. I can find none.

Like others, Neville took advantage of the FeedBurner Migration Guide to help him understand the process of switching. And his switch-over of both email and RSS subscribers went well as a result.

So I followed Feedblitz’ excellent migration guide and I’m now set up to serve content to subscribers to this blog via RSS and email using Feedblitz’ services.

I’m especially impressed with the seamless way in which Feedblitz carried out its migration, pulling in all the RSS and email details it needed from Feedburner to replicate everything at FeedBlitz in a way that’s transparent to current subscribers “ you should not experience any interruption in your subscription.

For now, I’m pleased that I have enabled a service in which I have much greater confidence will be around for a long time.

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