FeedBurner Transition Case Studies

The questions bloggers often have when considering a switch to FeedBlitz from FeedBurner because of ongoing uncertainty in FeedBurner’s future relates to their subscribers:

  • Will they lose any subscribers?
  • Will subscribers have to resubscribe?

Unhelpfully, the answer is “it depends” – it depends on your current set up, whether you have access to your FeedBurner account, and other technical details. We can certainly help you on a case-by-case basis if you have questions here at FeedBlitz tech support (support@feedblitz.com).

Some even wonder whether a third party RSS service is even necessary in this day and age. (Yes!)

But such assurances from a vendor only go so far. What have other people’s experiences been? Fortunately, we’re now starting to see some posts from people who’ve made the transition; I’m going to highlight them here.

Jay Baer – Convince and Convert

@JayBaer brought his well-known blog, “Convince and Convert” over to FeedBlitz for both RSS and Email subscriptions. It was an interesting migration, because we also had to integrate FeedBlitz with another of Jay’s services, from InfusionSoft. Writing about the transition, one of Jay’s editors, Jess Ostroff, gets down to nitty gritty right away. She writes:

Without a feed delivery service, there’s no way for you to see who has subscribed to your RSS feed and where they came from [...] If you can’t view statistics, you can’t measure your progress, and if you can’t measure your progress, you can’t monetize your results.

So let’s be crystal clear: You can simply use your blog’s raw RSS feed if you want to. What you lose is the ability to collect feed metrics because native blog feeds and their associated analytics packages can’t do it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. If you can’t manage it, you can’t monetize it. If you want to boost your income or generate revenue, you need to have this insight, and a feed service – FeedBlitz – is the only way to get that vital information.

Jess goes on to describe why moving from (free) FeedBurner to (paid) FeedBlitz was a win for Jay’s business and his community:

When we learned about Feedblitz’s capabilities as they relate to our valuable feed, we were intrigued. In short, Feedblitz is a business (it’s not free like Feedburner) but it also operates like a business, and that’s a worthy trade-off for us.

What Jess is saying is that it isn’t about the price, or the cost, or the money. They chose FeedBlitz because of FeedBlitz’s value, attitude and commitment. And when looking at that value, attitude and commitment in real life, Jess says more in the section entitled Paid Service = Awesome Support:

Not only can the Feedblitz team guide you on any technology issues (deactivating your Feedburner account is a scary thing, we know), their team is able to advise based on best marketing practices, not just best feed practices.

Thank you, Jess! Click here to read the the whole article on the Convince and Convert.

Now, despite the challenges that were involved in linking to InfusionSoft, the actual migration of the RSS feed from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz was about as easy as it gets. Once set up here at FeedBlitz, all that had to happen was a simple change in redirect on the Convince and Convert site. Once we had imported the email subscribers, pulling the trigger on the RSS feed changeover consisted of disabling the FeedBurner RSS plugin and enabling the FeedBlitz RSS plugin in its stead. Easy!

Danny Brown – Blogging Tips Online

Danny’s a well-known blogger who runs a number of different sites, many of which he’s migrated to FeedBlitz. He wrote about his FeedBurner to FeedBlitz transition in this post.

Again, Danny had it easy – a redirect was pretty much all that was needed:

RSS was even simpler “ a straightforward feed redirect from Feedburner for the next 15 days, and then this blog should all be on the Feedblitz platform.

Swell, right? Well that post was written on August 15th, about a month ago. What’s Danny’s experience been since? This is what he tweeted a little over a week later in reply to a question about the migration:

That’s right. FeedBlitz had found 8,000 more readers to Danny’s feed than FeedBurner in less than a week. If you monetize via ads or sponsorships that’s an awful lot of eyeballs you’re not promoting in your media kit. Accuracy matters, and speaks not only to the benefits of switching to a supported, managed, premium service; but also to why measuring RSS statistics is critical to successful blog monetization.

Cecily Kellogg – Uppercase Woman

Cecily Kellogg is a successful and unforgettable on and offline presence. She has over 60,000 followers on Twitter and was finally spooked enough by the goings on at FeedBurner to switch her blog, Uppercase Woman, over to us. She blogged about her decision making and the process at the MomCrunch blog, where she also contributes.

Now Cecily’s case was more challenging from a migration standpoint. Although she did have her FeedBurner login, her site had been inviting people to subscribe directly to her FeedBurner feed (at the FeedBurner URL) for years. YEARS. So we couldn’t use the simple redirect option to bring her RSS readers over. Instead, it was much more daunting. Once we imported her email subscribers, all her other RSS readers were going to have to resubscribe.

From a risk of subscriber loss perspective, this is every blogger’s nightmare scenario. Because inwardly we’re all secretly afraid that not everyone will bother to resubscribe, and we will “lose” subscribers as a result of the change (notwithstanding the thousands we actually found for Danny!)

Here’s what Cecily wrote on her post:

After much research, I’ve decided to switch to Feedblitz. I chose Feedblitz because I’ve met the CEO Phil Hollows several times at conferences and I’ve heard great things about the amazing customer service. But what really sold me was the ability to alter how the feed looks; I can customize and make it pretty and add things like my logo or site banner into the feed (something Feedburner doesn’t offer) as well as get far more information about WHO my subscribers are.

But it’s not a simple process to transfer the feed over. First I had to change my email subscribers over, create a new feed, switch my blog’s links to the feed, and turn off Feedburner’s email feed. Honestly, it would have taken a considerable amount of time if Phil hadn’t taken the time to guide me through the process via Skype.

Couple of points here. Firstly, yes we here at FeedBlitz can and will hand-hold you, using technologies like Skype. Secondly, transferring feeds this way is harder – that’s why we have the FeedBurner Migration Guide to help – but it’s really good to know that we can help you in person and all you have to do is ask.

So in her post, Cecily is obviously a little apprehensive about moving. How did it go in the end? Well, check this tweet out in reply to a broader conversation about switching:

When was the last time a service you use was so good you called it a “godsend“? Thank you, Cecily!

How did we do it? Well, one of the options FeedBlitz has is the ability to change what we serve to FeedBurner. It’s described in the Migration Guide, but basically what we set up is a message to all FeedBurner subscribers inviting them to change their subscriptions. The RSS subscribers open up your message in their readers, and see that they need to make the change. Easy – our assertion is that anyone with a pulse who wants to hear from you will switch.

That’s the story we tell. What actually happened in real life?

Well, after a week the majority (90%) of Cecily’s subscribers (per FeedBurner’s last stats report) had resubscribed. Everyone with a pulse and who still cared had basically switched themselves, thanks to FeedBlitz’s migration tools, in only a few days.

Jayme Soulati “ Soulati Media

The three case studies I’ve highlighted so far are all relatively well-known bloggers with thousands or tens of thousands of followers and subscribers. What about, though, a regular blogger with a more modest following, and a less well-known profile?

Jayme Soulati writes on her blog for her firm, Soulati Media. A few days ago she wrote a post: “8 Tips To Migrate From Feedburner to Feedblitz.” Like many bloggers, her FeedBurner RSS feed had become “stuck” – it was no longer updating – and she wasn’t able to fix it. There being no help or support at FeedBurner, she was up the creek … until she decided to switch to FeedBlitz.

Now, Jayme is regular blogger, just like most small business professionals. Not a tech guru, nor an IT wizard, nor a natural-born RSS feed wrangler. Here’s what she says in her post:

I am proud to say that all by my lonesome I migrated Feedburner to Feedblitz with one simple ebook that appeared miraculously in my email box and I downloaded immediately “ The Feedburner Migration Guide.

Proof: You don’t have to be an A-lister to be successful – or to benefit from our support. Jayme continues:

If your blog has hundreds of well-earned subscribers, you’re probably going to want to ensure you interact with Feedblitz tech support, and they are very helpful. I emailed a question to a general email box, and they got back to me after fixing my mistake and even looking at my blog.

So there you have it – a successful, fully supported transition, which works for regular folks as well as larger, better-known names. If you want to discover Jayme’s eight tips for a successful FeedBurner to FeedBlitz transition, read them here.

You Can Switch From FeedBurner to FeedBlitz Too

Whether you’re an A-lister with tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, or a solopreneur promoting your business, you deserve professional care and accurate metrics for your RSS feed. These examples all show that it can be done, safely and reliably.

Join us! Download the Migration Guide – it’s free and will show you, step-by-step, what you need to do.

P.S Still not convinced? Here are some more recent tweets from others about making the switch:

P.S. Don’t forget – Click here to download the free, 30-page, FeedBurner Migration Guide e-book!

P.P.S. Click here to know why you should consider leaving FeedBurner. Click here to see what the features and benefits are. And click here to download the FeedBurner Migration Guide to see how you can make the change successfully.


  1. I make no bones about not ever wanting to be an A-lister, Phil! Suffice it to say, I do this to walk the talk for my clients and my community, yet I’m a professional blogger of 2.5 years in the PR, social media and marketing space.

    As a solo, I am IT, I am biz dev, I am accounting, I am chief cook and bottle washer and I am Mom.

    If I had more time, I’d master RSS and SEO — those acronyms I love to hate. For now, I’ll take my nearly 30 years in this evolving space and keep on learning!

    Thanks for including me here; my little blog post has already influenced some new subscribers to your product!

    • Phil Hollows says:

      Hi Jayme:

      Thank you so much for being part of the FeedBlitz family and for writing about your experiences with the transition. Welcome!


      • You’ll find when I’m passionate about a topic I will become a natural marketer and educate others about the merits of the product, place or thing. I have only tapped the tip of the iceberg with your services and products; so many others of my peers are in the same position as me.

        If I can share my experiences sticking my neck out, that’s how people know me. So, if you want to reach the mid-tier blogger, that’s moi; happy to test language, and clarity whenever you need that kind of help.

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