FeedBurner Podcast Migration

How to safely migrate your FeedBurner podcast to FeedBlitz without having to resubmit to the iTunes Apple Store or lose any of your audience.

There are two parts to this job firstly, setting up on FeedBlitz with a new account and secondly stopping using FeedBurner.

Get started here by signing up for a new FeedBlitz account (or log in if you’ve already done this step).

  1. Sign up at FeedBlitz, fund the trial.
  2. Click “Add Site” “ Use the FeedBurner migration option
  3. Provide your FeedBurner login
  4. ick the podcast feed
  5. Run through the steps
  6. When you’re done you should have a shiny, new FeedBlitz feed with AutoCast enabled. (check via the feed’s settings button). It should have grabbed your FeedBurner podcast settings. Do NOT enable the “New podcast feed URL” option

Test the new FeedBlitz feed

Assuming your feed is like: feeds.feedblitz.com/yourextension

  1. Open up the iTunes app on your desktop
  2. Subscribe directly via the file menu to http://feeds.feedblitz.com/yourextension
  3. Verify that the iTunes app likes the feed, grabs the eps, d/l’s the artwork, lists author name etc correctly. Once that works OK, update feedBurner. Change the original feed from the one on your domain to http://feeds.feedblitz.com/yourextension. This will force FeedBurner to update, your new episodes should appear in the FeedBurner feed (verify by refreshing the FeedBurner feed in your browser, Shift+Ctrl F5 to ignore local browser caches). Once *that* happens, the iTunes store / service should pick the new eps up. Once iTunes (via the store) has updated, you can then go to moving permanently. You want iTunes to be following your podcast feed on your site, even though we (or anyone else) might be serving it. If your podcast source feed is a category feed URL, you can use the production version of our FeedSmart plugin. Else you’ll need the beta, which has been designed to better reflect podcaster needs.

Integrate FeedBlitz with yourdomain.com

  1. Install the FeedBlitz FeedSmart plugin. Configure it to send the podcast feed to FeedBlitz.
  2. Test: go to the feed URL in your browser. It should redirect to the feedblitz version of your feed. When that’s OK, anything other than FeedBlitz fetching your source feed URL will be sent to the FeedBlitz version of your feed. So now we’re ready to tell iTunes that the feed has moved. If other services allow you to update the feed source, you can do that at this point.

Tell iTunes to not use FeedBurner any more

  1. Go into FeedBlitz, navigate to the podcast feed, click the settings button
  2. Expand the AutoCast section, scroll to the “new podcast feed” option, set it to be the source feed at blogcastfm.com
  3. Save That inserts an XML tag into the feed, which will be picked up by FeedBurner and then by iTunes, telling the iTunes store to forget about FeedBurner and instead to update the podcast from the URL specified in the tag (the one at yourdomain.com). It will do so “ eventually – and then be redirected to FeedBlitz for the actual feed. When that happens you can disable the “new podcast feed” option in FeedBlitz if you like.

Migrate other feed users

FeedBurner will be directly checking FeedBlitz at this stage, and iTunes will be going to your site and 302’d to us. Now we can get everyone else on FeedBurner to switch by enabling the FeedBurner Message in the FeedBlitz feed’s settings. This will encourage standalone users to resubscribe.

And you’re done.

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