Decisions, Decisions! Help Me Choose My Plan

Do You Want to Send Email to Followers, Subscribers or a Mailing List?

YES – Give Me That Inbox Action

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Unlimited email blog updates, send newsletters, create autoresponders and email marketing campaigns, e-commerce integration, smart forms, power templating.

Add all the custom fields you can handle, and then generate revenue with our email ad network … and much, much more.

This package also includes ALL of FeedBlitz’s RSS-only services as part of the deal. Sweet.

NO – No Email For Me

Okay – RSS Only

Create beautiful RSS feeds. Track feed statistics. Throw your podcast onto iTunes. Integrate the conversation with the post. Drive relevance and engagement. Split your feed apart — or merge others into it.

Throw in some RSS monetization. Give it a branding makeover. Interact with our expert live support on chat, email, phone, or Twitter.

We’re just not emailing anyone here. And you’re fine with that.