Increasing Video Click Through in Email

Watching Video on a Table

Video is an incredible tool to have on your site as well as use with your email marketing. If your email is set to send automatic RSS-to-email notifications and your post contains a video, our system will show the video’s placement in the post, linked to the embedded post on your site.

However, if you are sending a Newsflash email there is a simple and highly effective technique to increase video click throughs to your site or to the video on a platform like YouTube. As opposed  to sharing a “See the video now!” link, insert a screenshot image of your video with a faux play button added to the center.

Screenshot of a video showing the play button.

If interested, your reader will attempt to press the play button on instinct. With this image hyperlinked correctly – be it to the post on your site, a different site or video sharing channel – your subscriber will have completed the action you desired for them to take. You’ve just created a visual, video-specific call to action for your Newsflash emails.

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  1. Patsy Waggoner says:

    I have had issue with some people leaving comments via my feedblitz feed. So wanted to test it on your post.

  2. ramy george morcos says:

    Video streaming and playbacks ,are often not well set up to be pitching higher resolution for image and sound performance,that is why i am glad to be leaving you a fair comment on what and how most of the movies and digital soundtracks need to be focusing on more software technologies to be connected and set on screens and better media pitching facilities.

    Thank you ,

    ramy george

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