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With FeedBlitz, your RSS feed is more dynamic, bringing the conversation into the feed itself. Increase engagement with your subscribers with FeedBlitz’s unique integrated comments, smart summary and related post capabilities.

Got DNS? Easily serve and brand your feed at so your RSS subscribers belong to you and your brand.

RSS reporting

See the whole picture of your feed’s circulation. Track the apps using your feed, click-throughs and shares.

No-hassle FeedBurner migration

Join Copyblogger, Jay Baer and thousands of others. Take control of your RSS feed without losing the audience you’ve worked hard to build. Our unique support, services, experience and technologies makes FeedBlitz the leading premium FeedBurner alternative for serious publishers.

Podcasting and iTunes

Sidestep the nightmare of moving a feed within iTunes by letting FeedBlitz handle the details with our unique “AutoCast” capabilities. Easy to set up, and works with all podcast apps, tools and plugins.


Stop leaving money on the table. Earn from your existing audience with FeedBlitz’s unique, RSS feed-friendly ad network. Want more? Yes! Go ahead, make that sale! FeedBlitz is unabashedly affiliate marketer friendly.

Outstanding customer service

The FeedBlitz Customer Support team is renowned for going the extra mile. They’re bloggers just like you. Some have published books. They know you, what you’re trying to achieve and how to get you there “ because they are doing it themselves.

Want more than help doing it yourself? We offer our own service packages, or are happy to refer you to a knowledgeable partner instead.

Enterprise Ready

Contact us for information about our SLAs, round the clock support services and escalation plans for your critical email marketing and RSS feed needs.

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