You’re All About That Feed, ’Bout That Feed, No Mailing

Confirming You Want RSS Only, No Subscriber Emails

On Second Thoughts, Email is Good

One Service, All Your Subscribers

This is awkward, but we have to ask.

We know you want your feed sending out! But, if by “sending out” you mean “FeedBlitz sending email updates” then — no harm, no foul, happens to the best of us — you took a wrong turn earlier. You need our email services, even if those emails are RSS-powered. Been there, done that.

We don’t want you to get frustrated by picking RSS-only and then having to delay what you want to do. Email includes all our RSS goodies anyway. Click the button up top to switch.

Feed me, FeedBlitz

RSS Only, No Email, Honest

All our RSS plans provide feed metrics, usage analysis, reporting, filtering, comment inclusion, related post features, iTunes / podcast capabilities, branding, monetization, feed merging, social media updates, and more.

RSS-only plan billing is ANNUAL, based on the number of RSS feeds you plan on running with us. This plan does NOT email, but you may use a FeedBlitz feed (including RSS feed monetization) with other services.

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