See FeedBlitz’s Founder in this Video Interview

OK, so now you all can know what I really look like :-)

I’m interviewed by David Siteman Garland, the genius behind The Rise to the Top which he modestly (*cough*) describes as “The #1 Non-Boring Resource for Building Your Business” (and, you know what? He’s right). David and I cover many topics, including my giving some hints on FeedBlitz and email marketing best practice. We also talk about the contest we’re running.

So, what are you waiting for! Click through and enjoy…

Meet Phil Hollows

Phil Hollows is the Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz, the email marketing, RSS feed and social media automation service, and premium FeedBurner alternative. He is also the author of “List Building for Bloggers,” - - highlighting proven email strategies that build your audience, increase engagement and grow your income “ without the geek speak. Phil started what became FeedBlitz in 2005, raising private equity investment in 2006. Before that, he’s held a variety of high technology, consulting and marketing positions in both the US and the UK since graduating from Oxford University in 1987. Phil’s lived in the US for nearly 22 years. The father of two teenagers and currently living in greater Boston, MA, Phil enjoys hearing from folks stateside how much they love his accent, and from friends and family back in England how American he sounds