SEO: Three Things you must do NOW with Google Instant

It’s all about the SEO, SEO and the SEO (search engine optimization). Google’s new Instant update enables everyone to quickly grab actionable intelligence about search terms people are using, and highlights places you can instantly improve your SEO and lead generation.  It is, in many ways, all of the search term goodness buried inside Google WebMaster Tools made public, for any site, for anyone to see.

Excited? You should be! Here’s how to use this data to benefit you right now.

Step 1 – Disable Search Personalization

Personalization is great – but it’s going to corrupt the results from Google Instant. So you need to sign out of Google if you’re logged in (links top right at, or - if you want to stay signed in – do the following steps to clear your search history and turn off personalization:

1) Sign in to your google account
2) Click Settings - Account Settings, upper right.
3) Chose Web History from the products section (you may have to log in again here)
4) Clear all web history – this will also pause it.

OK, now when you use Google Instant you’re seeing “pristine” results untainted by what you yourself have searched on in the past.

Step 2 – Search for your company / product / service

For each term offered, note it down (because these are popular search terms you can optimize pages on your site for later). Then view the results.

For each result on the page, if it’s not a page you control, visit it and comment. Get the last word in on the top pages on Google for terms people are using to find you. Make sure your comment is relevant and links back to a resource on your site.

Repeat for each of the other terms. If other terms don’t appear, try adding a space at the end – you’ll get them then!

At the end of this process you should have a presence and link on all of the top pages returned for the top five search terms about your business.

Step 3 – Repeat for competing companies, terms and products.

Same process, different search. Now if people are looking for those other guys, you have a presence there too.

And, the bonus action item:

Step 4 – Start a quick-hit SEO project

Tune your site for these terms, add pages where you need to and comment and link away.

We noted the pages that were returned – now you need to get your pages into the top slots organically.  This is a longer haul and may take weeks or months to bear fruit, but start anyway. Consider hiring a reputable SEO consultant to help. This isn’t a quick hit and isn’t free, but if you’re not where you want to be on those search results it’s a great investment.

So why are you still here, reading? Go do it!