How to Change the Language of Your Emails

Working with Language in the ATE

The language of your mailings is ultimately determined by the browser settings of your viewers, however, should you wish to manually set the language of your mailings you can do so using the Advanced Template Editor.

Select your mailing list – choose I want to… Change… Template Design and ensure you have switched your template to the Advanced Template Editor.
From here you will be able to easily change the language of your newsletter as well as whether the text reads Left to Right or Right to Left by working with the below buttons:
Screenshot of Advanced Template Editor and Icons to change Language
If you have any questions, simply send an email to, or you can chat or give us a call 1.877.692.5489 Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. We also have plenty of great support available 24/7 in our online Help Forum and YouTube channel!

Featured Images, Thumbnails for your Blog Mailings

Images are a powerful form of communication. The phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words” exists for a reason, after all, and many of you use images to great effect in your blogs.

Sometimes images in mailings can pose something of a challenge, however. Large images on your blog can be resized by your blog’s software, or theme, or a plugin — but when that image shows up in your RSS feed or mailing, the components necessary for that resizing aren’t always there. Or, sometimes the email app will get the image resized incorrectly (I’m looking at you, Outlook). Result: Ugly emails.

Images also come in unpredictable sizes, varying heights and widths, which can look OK in a blog, but in a multi-post mailing, can also yield aesthetically displeasing results (or: Ugly emails).

Or perhaps you only want one image in your mailing, not all of them.

Enter FeedBlitz’s Advanced Template Editor (a.k.a. the ATE) and three new tags designed to help you, or your email graphic designer, deliver consistently sized and located images in your mailings. If you’re impatient, you can see these tags at work in this image here (and click through to the current, live preview of the Krazy Coupon Lady’s latest finds). [Read more...]