If You Have a Blog, Do You Really Need an Email Newsletter?

newsletterBy Bob Dunn

Developing rich, useful online content is hard work.

If you are a solopreneur or small business owner, often that task falls squarely on your shoulders.

But, you say, I only have so much time.

You may have decided you can manage a blog or a newsletter, but not both.

Let’s look closer at these two options. [Read more...]

Three Goals Every Blogger Must Have

A few months ago, I decided to spend some time inside the Spin Sucks analytics to see if we could track and measure things other than the typical visitor and unique visitor increases.

What I found was something surprising. Not only can we track the normal stats, we can also pay attention to how engaged the readers are (even if they don’t comment), whether or not they’re big readers, and increases in subscribers (hi Feedblitz!).

The way to track those things are to set up goals in your analytics by time spent on site, pages visited by engaged users (in other words, not everyone, which is what Google gives you automatically), and a destination URL for your RSS and email feed. [Read more...]