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Is Gmail About to Wreck your Email Marketing?

What you need to know Google has announced that, starting next month, they will reject email that purports to come from Gmail, but isn’t sent by a Gmail server. How this might affect you If you use a third party email service, like FeedBlitz, to send your email updates, AND your from address is a…

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AOL Follows Yahoo with DMARC Changes

Earlier this month, Yahoo changed what’s called a DMARC record in an attempt to limit spoofing of Yahoo email addresses. The bottom line was that small businesses and bloggers who used their own yahoo email addresses saw undeliverable rates skyrocket. We at FeedBlitz quickly built a workaround to enable our publisher’s email to be delivered…

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Authenticating your Emails with SPF

Following up on last week’s post about Yahoo’s DMARC policy change, here’s how to authenticate mailings that (a) you send, and (b) we send on your behalf. Before going into this, I want to make this point abundantly clear: FeedBlitz automatically authenticates email we send; you don’t HAVE to do anything. And for the vast…

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