Email Marketing: A Street Level Analysis

email marketingBy Clay Morgan

When I served as publisher of a newspaper, we used email marketing, in the form of newsletters, to help highlight key stories and drive traffic.

The “top 5 stories” newsletter was our most popular.

It was sent out daily and contained the five most popular links of the day.

We also had email newsletters for sports, lifestyles, real estate, food, and a number of other topics. [Read more...]

Five Tips for Developing a Successful Email Newsletter

emailBy Jess Ostroff

Despite the advent of the “always-on” mentality that social media has instilled in us, email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience, especially for small business.

The reasons in favor of using email newsletters as part of your marketing mix far outweigh the reasons not to, however many businesses are worried that their email marketing won’t be up to snuff.

Here are five simple ways to ensure your emails will be opened, read, and, most importantly, convert into web visits or sales. [Read more...]

Advanced Email Marketing: Landing Page Monetization, Pt.2

email marketingIn last Thursday’s post, we went over landing pages and how to easily monetize them.

Before I wrap up with the FeedBlitz “how-to” however, one point I didn’t emphasize last week is this: You should monetize the landing pages, true, but not the interactions that lead up to them.

By which I mean, don’t bling up the subscription form with lots of offers and competing links. You want to draw the subscriber in closer, so make it clear what you want them to do. Don’t distract them before they even start the process.

Similarly, you should keep the activation email down to one call to action: Activate your subscription. By all means brand it, but, again, don’t add other competing links, distractions and bright shiny objects. You want them to finish the play, so make that’s the first, obvious, and only choice they have. [Read more...]

Advanced Email Marketing: Landing Page Monetization

email marketingTuesday, you saw a great example of one organization’s email marketing campaign, and how it succeeded in snaring a trial.

Today, let’s dig further, and talk about monetizing your landing pages.

There are three landing pages on everyone’s web site that are typically ignored or forgotten about from a monetization perspective.

They are the landing pages that appear in an email list’s dual opt-in transaction cycle:

  • The “Check your inbox now” landing page
  • The “Thank you for joining the list” landing page
  • The “You have been unsubscribed” landing page

Here’s what you can do to help boost earnings without messing up each page’s core purpose. [Read more...]

How to Nail an Email Campaign in Five Easy Steps

Email CampaignToday, I want to share an example of a really great email campaign, interesting enough and pitched in such a way that I actually clicked on it.

I say “really great” for a number of reasons:

1. It was a blind send – that is, I had never (to the best of my knowledge, anyhow) signed up to receive email or any other type of contact from this company. But I still opened it.

2. It was beautifully designed, with an eye catching visual at the top. It was Christmas themed – brave, in this politically correct time where most corporations stick with the generic “Holiday” mentions – and they used a corresponding bold red font right off the top.

3. The writing was brilliant. Very human. Very casual. And while I knew it was a mass email that went out to thousands of people, I felt as if the writer was speaking directly to me.

4. And they used the magic word: FREE! [Read more...]

By Popular Demand: Scheduled Email Blasts

The majority of the FeedBlitz mailings are driven via blogs – so the simplest way to schedule a mailing is to set the list’s mailing schedule to Express, and simply schedule your posts. Done and done, works great.

The scheduling, though, has always been just for blog posts and not for any email outside of that. Which is great if all you’re doing is blogging, but not so great if you want to do some sophisticated drip campaigns to your subscribers.

To that end, we are often asked to allow newsflashes – a traditional email blast to just the list – to be schedulable too.

So (drum roll, please…) now they are!

When you set up a Newsflash – a non-blog mailing (a.k.a. an “email blast”) sent to your list – you now have the option to send it immediately or at some future date. Scheduled mailings appear on each list’s dashboard in the “Mailing Activity” tile, where you can change the email content and schedule it…as long as it hasn’t started yet.

When a scheduled subscriber mailing begins, FeedBlitz will let you know with (what else?) an email. You can schedule multiple mailings for a single list, or for any list you are managing at FeedBlitz for any of your sites. All our standard newsflash email marketing capabilities – segmentation, personalization, and suppression lists – are available on scheduled mailings as well.

Scheduled email blasts are perfect for email marketing campaigns targeting the subscribers you want to set up in advance.

Give it a whirl, why don’t you?

It is available from your list’s dashboard, via the honking great green “Send a Mailing” button, upper right. Let me know in the comments if you can’t find it or are having trouble getting emails scheduled.

And let us know what you think. We’ll be interested to hear how this works for each of you.

Making the Most of Feedblitz: Creating a Basic Autoresponder

Email AutorespondersSo, you’ve taken the time – and possibly spent the money – to create an ebook that knocks the competition out of the park. The marketing and social sharing of the ebook was a success.

Hundreds of people (fingers crossed!) have downloaded your free ebook – or even better – have also signed up to your blog, and in doing so, have provided their email addresses, as is the norm in the digital marketing and blogging space.

What do you do now?

Enter, the autoresponder. The FeedBlitz autoresponder ensures you’re keeping your audience interested, yet not ‘over spamming’ them. It allows you to touch base with your audience with targeted emails, and keep them interested. And it allows you to do this without adding a ton of extra work to your plate. [Read more...]

How FeedBlitz Can Replace Traditional Email Service Providers

JessToday’s guest post is by Jess Ostroff.

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools out there, and we don’t take its impact lightly at Convince & Convert.

With a daily newsletter of over 20,000 subscribers, and a blog editorial calendar that includes new posts at least five days a week, it’s important we deliver quality, timely information to our subscribers.

Our decision to move from Feedburner to FeedBlitz several months ago was driven by the needs of our subscribers.

As you’ll see, our latest migration and redesign mirrors this process. [Read more...]

Content to Cash: SEO, Email and the Sales Funnel

SEO – search engine optimization – is the name for the tips, tricks and techniques used by web sites to get themselves listed higher up the search engine results pages (a.k.a. SERPs). Many people, themes and plugins put a great deal of effort into SEO, building on their blogs and content sites to entice online searchers to their sites.

Email list building is the flip side of SEO. Once the visitor arrives at your site, you need to keep them there as long as possible, and ideally capture them as a subscriber to your list. Without the subscriber or other lead capture elements on your site, all your SEO is doing is generating drive-by traffic that’s not working for you. [Read more...]