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Guest Post: Getting Smart with SmartForms

Creating products and features to help our publishers thrive is our mission here at FeedBlitz HQ. After being contacted by today’s guest blogger and told of her great success using our SmartForms, we were more than happy to feature her on the FeedBlitz Blog. Read on for how this publisher used our SmartForm Subscription Forms…

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The Dating Game of Online Content

By Karen Wilson Do you remember what it’s like to be mutually “in like” for the first time? You click with the person so well that you want to see and talk to each other all the time. The connection is so strong that you feel like you’ve found THE ONE! Fast forward a few…

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Branding: Your Name is Not Enough

Today’s guest post is by FeedBlitz user, Erin Feldman. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely. – Henri Ducard Today I’d like to share a poor example of branding and reputation, and pose some questions to help us reflect on the…

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How I Created a Listbuilding Machine, by Jeff Nickles

For the first three years I operated my blog, I only had 800 email subscribers to show for it. That’s just a little over 250 per year. Now, my list grows by that amount every month. Here’s the graph to prove my listbuilding machine is working: FeedBlitz Helped Me Create a Listbuilding Machine I’ll be…

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